‘Why I Lost My Gay Membership.’ Bisexual Porn Star Logan McCree Wants Us To Know

loganThoroughly-inked German porn stud Logan McCree, who mostly disappeared from American porn in the last few years and shacked up with a woman in Scotland, is legitimately bisexual — as he detailed in this interview from 2011.

Back in 2009, when he was a popular Raging Stallion model, McCree was briefly in a monogamous relationship with fellow porn stud Vinnie D’Angelo. Later, he says, he craved the comfort of a woman and then ended up falling in love with a makeup artist.

Lately he appears to be single again, referring to himself and his two dogs as a “pack of three”, touting his health at age 37, and he was recently in an unfortunate car accident from which he survived with minor scrapes and a broken rib.

Perhaps in a bid to gain some Twitter attention (he currently works as a massage therapist, DJ, and actor in the UK, and has this defunct porn site), he’s been detailing the reasons why he “lost his gay membership,” which you can see below. Among them, he’s never been to a Madonna concert (neither have I!), and he likes to lick pussy. Continue reading