That Piece About The Shag-fish

man-before-and-after-roux-en-y-gastric-bypass-procedureI read the following write-up originally published on, and I laughed so hard, even as I realized afresh that the gay community worldwide is basically just the same, with the same dynamics and plagued by the same afflictions. The non-fictional piece was penned by the Nigerian owner of the blog, keredim. You’d love it as I did, and you’d remember – as I did – your own examples. Do share with us in the comments section when you recall them. 🙂


Catfish.  A guy named Nev starts an online relationship with an attractive lady called Megan on Facebook. Feelings begin to develop between Nev and Megan. As a token of affection, Megan sends Nev mp3 song covers, which Nev subsequently discovers are performances from YouTube. This is just one of the many distortions from Megan which Nev discovers that prompts him to seek her out. Nev travels to Michigan from New York to meet Megan and confront her on these irregularities. It turns out when Nev arrives at her front door, she looks nothing like she does on her Facebook page. Nev is devastated.   After unpicking the tangled web of untruths, we discover “Megan” may or may not exist and the real name of the person behind the Facebook page is Angela – or is it? All the drama is filmed on camera by Nev’s brother and his buddy and made into a documentary.  This was aired and it became a critical and commercial success. Continue reading

Let’s Discuss . . . About Marriage And Living The Lie

image_thumb2Society. Family. Peer group. These are the defining factors of any individual’s life. And very important ones too. But for any homosexual person – man or woman – they can also be tools of adversity, especially in this country Nigeria, where the safer norm is to be in the closet.

But the problem with being in the closet is, there’s not a lot of light in there, and you don’t get to see and pick out what outfit best suits you. And so, those who are on the outside see themselves as the better proponents of what is best for you. Like marriage, and children, and careers.

Oftentimes, these choices are good for you. Some other times, they are NOT. Very few of us have the presence of mind to rebel against the wrongly made choices. Most of us prefer to simply accept them graciously and live the lie, whether it kills you or not. It is after all, the safer thing to do. And we bravely adjust to the wrong choices, make them right, and never talk about it.

But here on Kito Diaries, we can talk about it. As freely as we want.

So, let’s discuss, about Marriage and Living The Lie: To Be Or Not To Be?