Have You Seen The Ass That Is Legend-ary On Instagram?

legendWhen someone sent me the photo of John Legend’s ass, which was trending on instagram, after his wife Chrissy Teigen uploaded it, my first thought was: Black is better! Take that, Justin Bieber! Lol.

But seriously though, when your wife decides to share your junk with the rest of the world, then you must have something really good going on behind there. Now, Chrissy, now you’ve shown us, can you be a good girl and let some of us get our hands on it? 😀

Underrated Cuties: Famous Fine Men You May Not Have Noticed

Many of us have had our long-term crushes for ages such as Denzel Washington and Blair Underwood, but we are here to tell you that there are plenty of good and handsome men you can add to your list that you’ve probably been overlooking. Here are some of our picks for good looking fellas you have been missing out on.

CHADWICK BOSEMAN"Man Of Steel" World Premiere - Outside ArrivalsOn top of being handsome, one of the reasons we love Chadwick Boseman so much is his uncanny ability to become so believable in any role that he plays. Whether it is the Godfather of Soul James Brown or baseball legend Jackie Robinson, Boseman’s performances always keep us on the edge of our seats! We can’t wait for his next film and we are already counting down the days until he wins his first Academy Award!

BRUNO MARSSinger Bruno Mars poses in the press rooIf the Super Bowl Halftime Show earlier this year didn’t convince you that Bruno Mars has amazing stage presence and dazzling performance skills, then nothing will. We love this firecracker of a cutie! Mars stays busy with touring but is rumored to be making treks back into the studio for work on a forthcoming album that we can’t wait to hear!

CHIWETEL EJIOFORChiwetel EjioforAlthough he’s been acting for a minute, most of the world learned about this dapper UK-born Nigerian man after his Academy Award nominated performance in 12 Years a Slave. This hunk has been the buzz of Hollywood since his tear-jerking performance in this year’s Best Picture winner. Continue reading