Too Many Hot Men On TW Magazine And Lynxxx Is the Hottest Of Them All

Lynxxx 12tw Magazine’s April issue is out, and it is all about men. Not just any men, but some of the most stylish ones in the entertainment industry. The issue is celebrating talented, accomplished and hot men from start to finish! Starting with the cover star, rapper Lynxxx!

In the magazine, Lynxxx opens up about discovering his strong entrepreneurial side in his early teens, growing up the only son with five sisters, his music career and competition in the industry, his sophomore album, which is due out next month, being a sex symbol & loads more! Continue reading

‘Be Sexy And Be You’ – Iyanya Says…With Steamy Photos

IyanyaShirtless_that1960chickdotcomAy! *fanning face* Iyanya is hella sexy! Ain’t nobody gonna tell me different.

The singer’s shirtless pics are not all about making his female fans (and some of us male fans) feel hot and bothered.

The Kukere master also has some positive and motivational messages behind the sexy photos he posts of himself on the social media. This batch he recently posted bears the message – ‘Be sexy & be you.’

Well, why don’t you come over here, shuga, lemme show you how sexy and me I can be with you. 😉 Continue reading