A Straight Woman’s Point Of View…

In a bid to show my solidarity for Kenny Badmus, I updated my BBM display picture with his profile, and updated some message I can’t now remember on my pm. So, of course, I had friends who came trolling with questions and remarks and opinions. One of them was a female friend of mine; and below is a screengrab of part of what we chatted about.

Screen_20150109_093138This sort of amused me. I mean, really, gay men don’t deserve to have good looking fellow men to shag?

On my other, more mainstream blog, where I also updated Kenny’s coming out, another straight female said as part of her comment: ‘…I have a gay friend, finest guy I know. For some reason they now seem to be blessed with good looks…’

AH! We don suffer! So, before we woh-woh, abi? Chai! Diaris God o.

Signs She Is Gay And Cheating On You

aa-homosexual-man-w-two-femalesSo, in response to the post yesterday about what the womenfolk should look out for in the detection of their men’s gayness, a KDian penned a parody of the list, a sort of humourous rejoinder. Lol. Note: he’s talking to you, the gay man who intends to get married. 😀 Read and share your thoughts.


1. She has way too many friends. They tend to cluster and talk in loud noises but shut up anytime you step into the room.

2. She spends more time with her “girls” than with you, especially at the salon, market, shopping malls and the occasional bowling alley. Who does that?

3. She is too conscious of her looks every time, even in her dreams.

4. She doesn’t take calls from unknown numbers when she is with you. If she does, it’s always one relative or old friend from secondary school. Did she mention she used to share a bunk with that old friend? What’s her name again – Ngozi?

5. She doesn’t have sex with you on the regular. Headache, her period, fatigue – they are the most common reasons given. Continue reading

Who Runs The World?

A Kitodiariesian sent this in. And he really, really wants to know. lol


47909650991095640360noA natural disaster?

Gay people triggered it.

Poverty-stricken countries ruled by corrupt government?

Gay people are behind it.

High rate of divorce because women are now smart enough to know a lying and cheating husband isn’t worth it?

It’s because of gay marriage.

Children becoming a menace in the society because of bad parental training?

Blame gay parents and their kids.

Successful in any field or have a high number of fans in the fashion or music industry?

You have already started practicing homosexuality.

You want to go to heaven?

Stop homosexuality.

You want creative minds?

Consult with gays.

Abeg, na only gay people dey this world? Wetin gay people do una?