Straight Guy Realized He Was Gay After An episode Of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

g19It all started with an episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

24-year-old Reddit user, fly_idol, had just broken up with his girlfriend of two-and-a-half years, when he flipped on the television and saw two guys going at it on the hit ABC show.

“I saw Connor and another guy making out,” he writes in a book-length Reddit thread titled ‘Straight Guy Got Curious Now Falling For Another Man.’ “That didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I started to get hard. I had no idea why at the time.”

A few days passed and fly_idol couldn’t stop thinking about those two guys kissing on TV and how turned on he got from watching it.

“So my curiosity got the best of me and I started looking up gay porn,” he confesses. “Come to find out, it really turned me on. This went on for a couple of months until finally I decided that I was going to give in to my curiosity and find out for myself if this is what I liked.”

So he turned to Grindr. That’s where he met 22-year-old “Justin.” Continue reading

Jack Falahee Is not Impressed With Questions About His Sexual Orientation

Jack Falahee 04“Yeah, people have been asking me about my sexuality ever since that Out interview. I’m very confident in my sexuality, and I really don’t like talking about my romantic life in the press. It’s pretty reductive to ask just the actor playing the gay character what his sexuality is, if you’re not going to ask that question of people playing straight characters on the show. I really don’t see what my sexuality has to do with the characters, and I think that’s private. But I find it interesting, the fascination with picking apart or outing actors who play homosexual characters on TV or in films. We don’t have that same fascination with actors who are portraying heterosexual characters.”

How To Get Away With Murder’s Jack Falahee discussing the dichotomy between questions asked actors playing gay and straight characters in an interview with Vulture

Those TV Gay Sex Scenes…Did They Really Go Too Far?

htgawm-sexBilly Crystal said something the other day. The Botox’d and beloved comedian blanched that gay sex scenes on TV sometimes push it “a little too far” for his tastes.

While some were quick to scream homophobe, one should understand that the man’s been schticking it up on the boob tube for literally 800 years and probably hasn’t realized that the TV times are changing — from Lucy and Desi sleeping in separate twin beds to Patrick sweatily topping Kevin on Looking. Whereas straights have been pushing the boundaries of good taste for years, the gays are finally starting to catch up with shows like the aforementioned Looking, How to Get Away with Murder and Empire. (Gay sex is getting very realistic.)

We’re out of the closet and screwing on the kitchen table, people!

Here’s a celebration of some sex scenes that would make Billy Crystal — or anyone uncomfortable with two men going at it — clutch his pearls. Continue reading

#HowToGetAwayWithMurder’s Jack Falahee Not Worried About Being Typecast In Gay Roles

ABC's 2014 Summer TCA Tour PortraitsJack Falahee, who plays gay law student Connor Walsh on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder, says that he’s not worried about being typecast in gay roles.

Peter Nowalk, who created the Shonda Rhimes executive produced show, previously said that Murder would not shy away from showing gay sex because “it’s part of life.”

In the show’s pilot, Connor is seen picking up, then bedding Oliver (played by Conrad Ricamora), an informant for a murder case. In subsequent episodes, Connor and Oliver appear to be developing a relationship. Continue reading

Wives And Husbands in ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_2gnhr9bsydlwc4ksgs4sgsc4s_1280Okay, there’s really no point to this post. Just sharing a mild movie spoiler; it’s not a shade, not a lecture, no a gibe.

Over the weekend, a good friend of mine and fellow Kitodiariesian blessed me with a hard-drive-full of movies and series. Yes, I felt blessed, especially since I’d finally gotten my hands on the one series I’ve been angling to watch for so long – Shonda Rhimes’ How To Get Away With Murder (aka Murder).

And so far, that woman’s genius is still wowing me. You’d think she’s lost her touch after Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Anyway, I got to Murder’s Episode 3 (Okay, this is a bit of a spoiler o), and I watched this verbal fight I thought to share with y’all.

First a little background. There’s Annalise Keating, a law professor cum defense attorney, and five of her law students who also sort of interning for her law firm, assisting her in real cases. There’s particularly these two – Connor Walsh and Michaela Pratt, both of who don’t like each other very much. Not like any of the five like each other very much; they’re interns, currying to be the boss’s favourite. Connor is openly gay, and Michaela is engaged to be married to this cute dude, Aiden Walker, who makes an appearance in Episode 3. It turned out Aiden and Connor went to the same boarding school, and Connor, in his usual relentless taunting of Michaela, lets it slip that he and Aiden had had sexual relations way back when. So of course, the engaged young woman was enraged. Continue reading