BEFORE I DIE: 5 (The Sex-Hunger Games)

????????????????????????????????????????????????????It isn’t Monday yet. I am still waiting for my first doctor’s appointment. Batman Mum has sworn an oath to make sure I don’t miss it, particularly to make sure I seek counsel, more precisely to ask the doctor the question that has been troubling her life since I was first diagnosed.

“How can I live with my family without passing the virus on to them?”

That is the question that has been causing her sleepless night. What Batman, sorry, Mum, want to hear from the doctor’s mouth is, “Bring out plate wey e go take dey chop… Bring out him own spoon and cup… No share bucket and towel with am… No dey shake am anyhow…”

That is her business though. I am not planning on committing incest or sharing shaving sticks with any family member, so I know they were safe. I have resumed living my life just like every other normal, cute, sexy queer dude. I have stopped feeling sorry for myself. I have become chatty on BBM, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Grindr, Planet Romeo, and – Wait for it – 2go. Yes, I’m on 2go too. Any questions?

My Twitter account is quite interesting. I don’t even chat there much; I just go to view pics, dick pics to be precise. Yaaaaaaas! I love dicks. I like them black, with yellow or red head. The ones with red head na the ish sha. Dick pics have gradually begun to make sense to me again. I am beginning to appreciate nice dick shapes, colour and sizes, like I used to. Then I saw this particular one, and I felt it. I felt the blood rush. I hadn’t felt it for a while, maybe because I had a lot going on, but the thirst was real this time. The blood was flowing downwards. I don’t even know when I started caressing my nipples. My cakes became softer, and the muscles around my ‘you-know-what’ was throbbing. I drew my briefs down to let Kratos out. (Yes! My dick has a name) Kratos was fiercer than I remembered. It’s like it was wearing a coat of veins or something. The muscles around my ‘you-know-what’ was throbbing faster, to no particular rhythm. It was just throbbing. That’s when I knew it was official. I WANT TO FUCK. I NEED TO FUCK. Continue reading


Blog_Love And Sex In The CityKing of Kings and Lord of Lords… Lover of my soul Jehovah… One and only God I am… Jesus Christ the Holy Lamb…

The melodious contralto of the gospel artiste, Cece Winans, backed up by other singers, floated through the atmosphere from Tonia’s room to mine, making my intention to sleep in on this Sunday morning quite impossible. It didn’t help that she sang along with the professionals, loudly, her screeching voice that tottered between soprano and some other unidentifiable pitch bouncing against the walls and causing me to groan. My sister is tone-deaf and so doesn’t know just how bad her voice is.

As I lifted my pillow to place it on my head, in a hopeful attempt to muffle the din, my phone began to ring on the bed beside me. I blearily peered at the screen to see Yinka’s name on it.

“How far,” I muttered when I answered the call.

“Dee, is today not Sunday?” he said without preamble.


“Tell me, is today not Sunday?”

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????If for some reason you have not heard the recent WHO recommendation concerning HIV and MSM (Men who sleep with men), I am trying really hard not to be surprised at you. Perhaps you had your head stuck in someone’s ‘glory hole’ for the past few weeks and I am pretty sure you cannot watch the news or browse the internet in there. How did you breathe though? Did you somehow manage to fit an oxygen tank inside? Anyway, that’s none of my business (sips Lipton tea).

HIV, however, is my business. I lost a brother I love so much to this virus and he was also gay. Does this mean the gay gene runs in my family? At this point, I think you need to take a sip of Lipton. Since I am nice, I will not let you stand while you imbibe my toxic brew. You will need to take a whole stadium of seats while you sip it. As I was saying (clears throat), HIV took my beloved brother and for that reason I have got personal issues with that goddamned virus. Since I have made this matter my business, I invite you to join me as we look at some facts that concern the homosexual and HIV virus. Continue reading

Citing ‘exploding’ HIV epidemic, WHO says all gay men should take antitretroviral drugs

Daily Antiretroviral Pill Found To Protect Healthy From AIDS TransmissionAt the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, images of gaunt victims flooded publications and television, igniting a global awareness campaign that would eventually help winnow the annual number of new infections by one-third in the past decade. But those victories have also lulled the general population into a sense of complacency, the World Health Organization warned late last week.

“We are seeing exploding epidemics,” said Gottfried Hirnschall, who leads WHO’s HIV department, according to Agence France-Presse.

Those at the most at risk of being infected — transgender people, men who have sex with men, prisoners, sex workers and people who inject drugs — account for nearly half of new HIV infections worldwide. And because of social or legislative discrimination, they’re also often the least likely to access HIV prevention and treatment centers. Continue reading