You Can’t Save Them All

scared-black-manYou can’t save them all. It’s not for a lack of trying, because you actually do try. You try to be a good friend. You try to always be there, to let them know that it’s going to be alright.

But in the end, you can’t save them all.

The world is filled with many broken hearts, filled with many people going through unbearable emotional pain. And you try to fix them. You’ve gone through heartbreak, you’ve had your share of emotion-crushing depression and you always believe you can relate. You have that belief that if you could just reach out to them all, you’ll be making a difference in their lives.

But you can’t save them all. Continue reading


help1His Kito Diaries pseudonym is iDuke. He always argued here in favour of gay men getting married. He is a Youth Service corper serving in Abuja/Nasarawa. He is a good friend of mine. And last year, he wrote a story which was updated on KD, titled NOT JUST ANOTHER KITO STORY. It was the narration of how he was getting along with a potential hook-up, and on the day he was going to succumb to sex with the guy, this dude, who apparently had other sisnister plans in mind, brought along two other friends of his, and the three of them raped him. (Read The Story HERE).

iDuke told me he was going to exact his revenge on his rapists. And he succeeded, with two out three of them. He was going to share the stories of his success on KD; or at least, he was trying to make up his mind to.

And then, sometime, in the first week of January, he dropped out of touch with me. His numbers stopped going through. He vanished from my BBM contact list. And my messages to his Facebook inbox remained unattended to. My alarm increased when mutual friends of ours began enquiring from me if I’d heard from him, and when friends of his began updating his Facebook Timeline with posts of supplication for his safety and salvation. Apparently, he’d been missing for several days. But there was very little to know about his disappearance; I don’t know his family, and the friends we shared didn’t know much either. Continue reading


companion 1I have thoroughly enjoyed Kito Diaries from the very day it popped into existence in the blogosphere. I bless the gods, whoever they are and where ever they are, for allowing their muse to endow Pink Panther with an amazing creativity. And to all the brothers, thank you all for making the Kito Diaries idea worthwhile.

Since the inception of this blog, we have heard so much and learned so much about the struggles and the pains of a homosexual person living in Nigeria. Sometimes I feel helpless in the face of so much suffering. I have tried once or twice to reach out to persons who I felt needed friendship or support, but I realize that it simply will not do. I think if we are really serious about helping each other, we need to do something more formal that will actually help those among us who suffer the most.

There are many among us who are HIV positive and who do not have any one to talk to. Some are depressed and suicidal and don’t have someone to lean on an hour of crisis. It is for this reason I suggest that we form support groups here on Kito Diaries.

For now, I have two in mind. One would be for people who are HIV positive and another for people who are on the brink of suicide.