Hello! David Beckham’s first Instagram snap from Marrakech as he turns 40

2839F4B100000578-3065125-image-a-7_1430552845327David Beckham has kicked off his 40th birthday celebrations by sharing an intimate snap with Instagram followers – just 24-hours after opening an account on the social media site.

The former footballer made his first foray on the enormously popular picture messaging service on Saturday morning from his luxury suite at the five-star Amanjena resort in Marrakech, Morocco, where he celebrated the milestone with 60 close friends and family members.

Pictured in bed and with one of his trademark sleeve tattoos on full display, Beckham is at his brooding best as he gazes into the camera lens. Captioning the shot, he wrote: ‘Good morning and hello! It’s great to finally be on Instagram, been a long time coming but I can’t wait to start sharing all my special moments with you.’

#sigh Oh you very gorgeous, gorgeous man.


singles 48My Name is Andrevn /an:dr£vin/. I like to think I am of mixed roots – Greek/Scottish born (lol). Today is my twenty-first birthday. And this is not a story.

I had my first frottage at age three, and munched on my first sausage (elder brother the second) at age five (a conscious act, mind you).

Growing up was hellish; I had to fight the demons that plagued my very existence. Being a pastor’s child, you’d think that everything about my sanctity had been taken care of. But no! It could not be taken care of by the Holier-than-thou persons that were around me.

It turned out to be the perfect irony that Mother Nature could ever conjure – me, as who I am, and an offspring of a Christian home. An existence that came with beautiful lessons to be learned, bearing in mind how my pain and hardship has helped shape my perspectives and curbed my excesses. Continue reading


fire_party_candles_birthday_cakes_1440x900_61459This is going to be a very boring article, so I might as well give you the heads up, however seeing as it is my birthday today, I am hoping you will indulge me. I will keep this short and expect that claws do not come at me lol.

When I was a teenager and in my early 20s, my birthday was a big deal and another strike on my tally of independence. I looked forward to my birthdays and celebrated with gusto, even if it was just by getting together with friends and mixing alcoholic drinks and laughing our eyes out. As I approached my mid 20s, it wasn’t fun anymore. I started making choices; career choices, financial choices, I started growing up and it wasn’t all fun and games. I began to resent it and I started ignoring my birthdays and literarily holding my breath on the day, hoping that my colleagues would not see the notification on Facebook. To make matters worse, a guy I was really into back then left me for a guy of 22 years. That was when my quarter life crisis kicked in; I was officially old.

The turning point was my 27th birthday last year. Continue reading