interracial-couplesWriter’s Note: This story is a mixture of reality, fiction and a bit of an active imagination. Translation: Some things did happen, some I wish had happened, and the rest is as a result of too much coffee and Red Bull.


We Lived. We Loved. We Conquered. In the end, We Parted…

JULY 2010

His day began like any other normal day. He arrived in Nigeria via Lagos on Friday evening, and he had a connecting flight to Abuja the next evening. So he had Sunday to relax.

He would have preferred to take another airline to get into Abuja directly, saving him the trouble of using a connecting flight. But being the Vice President for an airline in Canada had its perks, and the fleet flies Toronto to Lagos three times weekly. Plus the airport in Abuja was closed for four days prior to that day, for runway maintenance to reopen on Saturday. So either way he would have landed in Lagos.

He had back-to-back meet and greets within the city center with various government officials, as well as other men and women in the aviation business as himself. They were looking to increase service to six times weekly across Nigeria; two flights to Abuja which would be introduced in the first quarter of 2011, while Lagos would be increased to four flights. Continue reading


singles 23I parked and climbed out of the car with a sigh. I’m not sure I can ever get used to this crazy Lagos traffic, especially around rush hour. I like the vibe and energy of the city as well as the fact that there is always something going on somewhere to catch my fancy, never mind that it often took a huge battle with traffic to get to most places. I am eager for this six-month training to be over so I can return to the relative calm and peace of Abuja. I miss the fact that I could lie in bed till 7.30 or even 8am, wake up, shower and dash to the office in time for the official 9am resumption of work. Here in Lagos, if I dare to leave the house anytime after 7.15, I am guaranteed to spend at least two hours sitting in snarled traffic. This usually means waking up shortly after 5am!

I walked into the bar where Jide was waiting; he smiled when he saw me. He has such a cute smile. He has large white teeth which makes him look even more handsome whenever he smiles. We shook hands and I sat down. We were soon engrossed in deep conversation over drinks. Continue reading

The Many Colours of Happyness

This is a work of fiction by a latest contributor to Kito Diaries. Read and enjoy.


two-men-on-the-beach-at-sunset-holding-handsWHEN WE WERE children, Kosi and I, we drew stick figures on old papers; figures dancing in the rain, with triangles for eyes. We grew up watching the stars. We would sit side-by side on cold nights and stare at the stars, and Kosi would always observe how beautiful they were, the stars. So beautiful. We grew up in the midst of colours and flowers: yellow ixora, red hibiscuses, purple bougainvilleas, red bougainvilleas. Maybe that was why Kosi stopped drawing stick figures and started painting flowers that did not look like flowers at all.

It was one misty Harmattan morning. I woke up with the sun in my face and soft birdsong on the dogonyaro tree outside my window. I climbed out of the window after taking my bath. We were neighbours then, Kosi and I. Their house was a small bungalow. The corridors were dotted with aloe vera in clay pots. Inside the house, an aquarium, milk-coloured sofas, a fluffy rug, mirror-like tiles, ready laughter. His sister Kasarachi was cleaning the furniture with a damp rag. She was small like Kosi, but her skin was not a burnished black, but a glowing caramel. ‘Ah, Idris,’ she said.

‘Good morning,’ I said. Continue reading