Kiss And Tell (Entry 1)

Blog_Kiss And TellFOREWORD: KingBey has had sexcapades, and he is talking about them. 🙂 This is the first entry of his debut series. Read and — Oh whaddaell, you’ll surely let us know what you think after you’ve read this. lol


And that was how I was on my own on a cold, rainy season evening. This was in April 2008, and I was in school, Abia State University. I’d just finished my degree exams the November of the previous year, but I often came around to the school every now and then to complete and defend my project.

This particular evening, I was seated at a kiosk around the Boy’s Hostel sipping on a Sprite and munching biscuits. Then this tall, dark, slim, young, kind-faced and soft-spoken student pastor came up to preach to me. Let me add here that the school happened to be on vacation then. So the environment was scanty, especially the hostel area. The students who were around were mostly those on the project completion mission as I was, part-time students and some few regular students with one academic issue or the other. So this good-looking student pastor approached me, requested to sit with me, and at my nod, he sat on the bench beside me. Even before he started talking, I knew he was on an evangelical mission. There was this obvious air of righteous rectitude about him that had him pegged. Continue reading


sad-black-manFOREWORD: The following is a work of fiction, written by Masked Man and dedicated to all those who have experienced the loss of loved ones.


I remember vividly the very beginning. How it all began. I remember it all like it just happened yesterday. Memories etched in beautiful innocence. And every single time, it gives me a feeling of déjà vu.

An 18yr old naïve fresher on campus – that was me back then.  I arrived early to commence registration and get a place in the hostel before it gets all taken. Yes, it was hell of a tough day. As I struggled with my baggage through the door, into the room I was assigned to, my eyes beheld you for the first time. You were standing by the window, clad in black denim jeans and a grey V-neck top. Your slim figure and average height was a nice match. I remember that first smile you flashed at me. It affected me instantly. When you smiled it, it was with all frankness, like one could see your soul through that priceless smile. I still don’t forget how you came over and introduced yourself as Funsho.   Continue reading


g-stay5“Let us pray,” he said, in the darkness of his room that had the silver strings of moonlight peeping through the openings of his curtains.

His request for bedtime prayers wouldn’t have been awkward at all; not in anyway. In fact, morning and night prayers were regular where I came from. But this was different; he’d just been moaning and begging me not to stop when I had his dick in my mouth some seconds ago.

Of course I didn’t protest and he went ahead with his prayer. And then he got to that part, that part we always say to get rid of the guilt of the day. “…Lord, anyway we have sinned against you today, please forgive us.” At that point, I imagine God doing the face palm and rolling His eyes at our request for forgiveness. Yeah right, I imagined him saying. Continue reading


Blog_KD JournalOctober 24

So Lexi is here. Whoop, whoop! It’s been awesome having him here. The gossip, the name calling, the dancing, everything has just been great. When I told a friend that I was having a friend over for the weekend, he asked why it would be so much fun if sex won’t be involved. I was irritated by that comment. But oh well…

Lexi and I were watching Orange Is The New Black, and its quite funny. Oyibo prison sef *rolls eyes to China* We got introduced to the transgender guy, and Lexi came face to face with feeling uncomfortable with the way someone can make the decision to live his life in his own terms, however unpopular that lifestyle may be. Lexi didn’t see why a man would want to become a woman. And it irritated him. And then, he realised that that’s how straight fellows must see being gay to be. But he did however try to understand. Which is the most we can say, since some of us feel like our opinions are final, and if you are of a different mindset, then you are on the wrong track. Continue reading