Porn Stars Not So In Love: Diesel Washington Attacks Kameron Scott After 2009 Diss

PicturesNever one to shy away from a Twitter fight, Diesel Washington came for retired porn star Kameron Scott a few days ago after holding a grudge, apparently, for the last six years.
Diesel found Kameron, whose real name is Ryan, on Grindr, and decided to use that opportunity to tell him he’s fat. Kameron threw some shade of his own, about Diesel’s listed age. Observe: Continue reading

Closeted Gay Teen Discovers Homophobic Dad Is On Grindr

grindrAs if being gay and in the throes of puberty weren’t difficult enough, a teenager claims he found his homophobic dad on Grindr.

Reddit user, decidinginbetween, posted the following thread online:

‘Found out that my “Homophobe” dad has Grindr on his iPhone when he asked me to go fetch it from the car. I am still closeted (denial/curious) so i know what Grindr is, even though i don’t have it myself. This makes it so much more confusing for me.’

The post has received over 100 responses, with other Reddit users offering a wide range of advice.

“My dad was extremely homophobic before I came out to him when I was 18,” atomicpunksf replied. “He ended up doing a total 180 after going to therapy and eventually became the president of our local PFLAG chapter for a while. He later told me that he was bisexual and admitted that his homophobia was due to his own self hatred around being bisexual.” Continue reading

Sam Smith Doesn’t Need Grindr When He Can Have His Pick From Music Video Extras Hanging Around

260182-15be5e38-857f-11e4-9f59-4e93e361b697Sam Smith rose to the top of the pop charts by baring his broken heart to the world, but now he’s met someone who will keep the shattered pieces velcroed together for a while.

Sam met Jonathan on the set of his music video (who needs Grindr when you’ve got an international music career?) for ‘Like I Can,’ where Jonathan (pictured left) was one of 20 extras dolled up in a penguin suit and hitting the town with Sam.

Here’s the chorus to the song, which doubles as a pretty solid pickup line:

Why are you looking down all the wrong roads?

When mine is the heart and the salt of the soul

There may be lovers who hold out their hands

But they’ll never love you like I can, can, can

They’ll never love you like I can, can Continue reading

“I Did It For The Money” And Those Other Excuses Given When Caught Acting All Gay

These days, a self-identified “straight” public figure will be caught acting rather, well, “gay.” Maintaining a Grindr profile, for instance. Soliciting sex in a public restroom. Or being snapped by paparazzi getting cozy with another dude on the beach. And when this occurs, you can bet the man who is caught, ahem, red handed, will quickly come up with an explanation (rationalization?) for the behavior.

Some excuses are more believable than others. Some are downright bizarro. But we’ll let you decide which ones are legit.

Check out these allegedly “straight” guys and the excuses they’ve made after being caught acting gay.

“I did it for the money”: Paul Canon and his gay-for-pay adult film careerpaul-canon-diaryThe gay-for-pay adult film actor “came out” to his family earlier this year during a trip home to discuss his career for a Broke Straight Boys produced reality series.

Dressed in a black t-shirt that read “I’m not gay, but $1000 is $1000,” the 22-year-old said: “I really don’t care about defining my own sexuality. At this point now, I don’t like labels, I can’t stand labels.”

Then he said he was sexually attracted to women.

His family, however, was not convinced. Canon’s father said he believed his son was gay. His two brothers agreed, saying they always felt he preferred men to women.

Eventually, Canon caved. Sort of. He said okay, maybe he liked guys, but he also liked girls.

“I guess I would be considered bisexual,” he meditated. “The reason I don’t like labels like that is bisexuality has this negative connotation of being confused, and I’m definitely not confused. I mean, I know what I like. I definitely find women attractive, but then there’s certain aspects of men that I find attractive.”

What can we say? Other than he’s 22. Continue reading