Whoever said the open letters from the tops was finished thought wrong. These bruthas be vexing. I got another letter – this one from someone who’s an ex-lover (Hush! Don’t tell anyone! 🙂 ) – and we shall call him…er, Dexter. Here’s what he had to say.


stereotypes1#1 Know The Dick You Signed Up For

Bottoms, after probably asking for pictures, demos and whatnot, then get to the top’s place. And then he whips out his schlong. It’s nice. It’s big. It’s majestic. And then, the bottom be like – What is this?! I can’t take this! Hold on! Gimme a minute. Don’t go so deep!

And I’m like – Like hell I won’t. I’m dicking that ass! Continue reading


Oh dear, I truly did think the season for open letters was over, only for Absalom to diss the Tops and have ‘em diss back. That’s right. Another Kito-Diaries-ian – apparently a brutha who’s the ‘humper’ in bed – has responded with an open letter of his own. Have a read and let us know what you think in the comments section.


stereotypes1This is in reply to the post I read earlier on this blog about 5 things we Tops must stop doing. Here now are the 5 things I believe you Bottoms must also stop dump: Continue reading