Michael Sam breaks up with fiancé, Vito Cammisano

CI01M0HWgAABgxnMichael Sam’s six-month engagement to long-term boyfriend Vito Cammisano is over, according to reports. “They’ve been rocky for months,” a source reportedly told Us Weekly. News about their split emerged less than one week after the Supreme Court’s historic ruling about gay marriage.

The duo first connected at University of Missouri, where Michael was a star football player. Dating since 2011, Vito remained private about their relationship before Michael’s emotional coming-out story grabbed headlines in February 2014. However, the couple went public with their love when Michael made history by becoming the NFL’s first openly gay player that May.

The two then very romantically got engaged around New Year’s on a trip to Rome. Continue reading


Blog_Hook-Up StoryEver since Ode To Lesbianism was penned by Dr. Brian Rzepczynski, I found myself deeply thinking about the possibility of two Bottoms being in a relationship. A monogamous relationship. I asked a colleague, my very few friends and an acquaintance. I got mostly vehement NOs and three YESs.

Then I proceeded to ask myself why Bottoms cringe at the thought of being intimate with or dating another Bottom even when there’s chemistry or a connection.

Some cringe because they feel or think or understand that being on the receiving end of a dick equals femininity; which I absolutely find absurd, because there are buff, muscle-toned guys who take dick.

I think it boils down to the attitude you’re stepping into the relationship with. Continue reading


g10I met him on Christmas day. One of those cold Harmattan days that has a certain sting and pleasantness about it. The kind of day that makes you believe that everything can be right with the world. The kind of weather that Femi Kuti sang about in his song, and one that also makes you wish you were doing what he sang about in the song, though not exactly in the way he prescribed.

It was another Christmas spent in the city. The city almost always becomes a ghost town during this period. It happens almost dramatically; first, there is a lot of frenetic and frantic activity, and then you go to sleep and wake up, and it’s like, “Where did everybody go?” You could do a drag race on the streets if you wanted to. The point of all this is that spending Christmas in the city is a boring affair. And in the days before social media became more widespread, it could be a real struggle just trying to get through the day without screaming out in frustration.

Christmas had become routine for me, the meal with all the trimmings, the cake, drinks, time with family… Yeah, so what else is new? I wanted more. Femi Kuti sort of knew what. Excitement! So I got up and left the house just to walk around in the street. Anything but spending another minute feeling like I was being consumed by a deep, dark void hovering above my head.

So there I was, walking on the road, and all of a sudden this guy on a motorcycle stopped by me and said, “Hi, how are you?” Continue reading

Why Settle for Sparks When You Can Have Fireworks?

32There was a cold demeanor about him. You could feel it in the quiet and stuffy sitting room we were in. He sat a safe distance from me, as did I from him, an invisible wall between us. The conversation came out flat and was awkward. They were long pauses and moments just short of me whistling.

We had been chatting for quite a while and had built up a frenzy towards us meeting. And here we were on our first meet and it felt like a funeral. I thought he was good looking, I found him sexually attractive, but I could tell the feeling wasn’t mutual.

There wasn’t the usual smile I received from guys when they gazed me at first sight. There wasn’t a shred of interest in his eyes at all, or the familiar glint of lust. It was just a blank stare, an indifference worse than hate.

“So do you want to go into the room?” he asked, as though out of obligation, like it seemed the proper thing to do. There wasn’t any keenness there or excitement over the prospects of what lay when we were alone in the bedroom.

I feigned excitement and uttered a high-pitched, “Yay.” Continue reading

Six Reasons Why Science (And Harmattan) Say You Need A Fuck Buddy

g46Harmattan has been reigning for some time now. The days are long. The nights are cold. Enter your friend-with-benefits–also known as a fuck buddy, or Bae, for those lucky ones.

Urban Dictionary defines a friend-with-benefits as “two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved.”

It is someone you can get away with drunk-texting on Friday night from a bar after your fifth drink and not take hell for it. (Just make sure it’s James your Fuck Buddy, not James your boss. Yes, that can happen.)

It can also be someone who you would never date for various reasons, but whom you nonetheless love getting naked with from time to time.

Just in case you needed them, here are sex, er, six reasons why everyone should have a Fuck Buddy. Continue reading


Blog_KD JournalAugust 29

James just dodged a bullet. Lol.

Hello, my fabulous people of Kito Diaries. I’m back… briefly. I’m sure some of you were glad that the stench of my ramblings weren’t around to spoil your Sunday mornings, but it’s gon’ take a lot more to stop this unicorn from writing.

I’ve been busy as hell. This course is not easy. To make matters worse, they bombard me with tests almost every day. When I get home, I will discuss dropping out with my dad so I can pursue the things that really interest me, which are hot guys and gaming consoles. (Kidding…) But seriously I think my creative talent is being wasted in trying to be someone who is going to be in a lab coat and surgical mask for the rest of his life. Let me learn to sew, sing like them divas and write like Pinky and Rapu’m. I’m sure I’d feel much more fulfilled.

Now, about that bullet… Maybe I was being a tad bit too dramatic. *smoothens out trousers* But I’m gay, and drama is in me blood. I avoid it as often as I can, but once in a while, there’s always time to let out a storm and make mountains out of molehills. You know, keep in touch with that inner bitchiness.

You will sha decide if it’s much of a big deal on your own. Now, on to my story… Continue reading