The Pinky Theory

securedownloadThe Pinky Theory is one of the laws of the Gay Universe. Just like the Laws of Physics.

The Pinky Theory is as Immutable as Gravity, as Forceful as the Ocean, as Inescapable as Air. It simply states that A Person Is Gay If They Wag Their Tiny Fifth Finger, or “Pinky”, around.

Observe the average gay person.

The Pinky, or last finger, is usually held out at a distance from the rest.  It’s as if it has a control button all its own.

The Pinky is the mirror, the LCD screen, the true display of the intentions and emotions of a gay person. In fact, the gayer they are, the more outstretched their pinky is. Continue reading

Video: The Threat The Gays Made To Society

man-and-woman-holding-hands-in-sunsetLOL! It’s really quite hilarious, these YouTube videos a friend brought to my knowledge a couple of days ago. I haven’t been able to stop laughing each time I watch it. First the American gay men threatened that unless all of America supports gay marriage, they’d marry their women. And they’d make better husbands than the straight men. Then the lesbians made the same threat, speaking of how they’d make better wives than the straight women. The videos are not so recent, I know, and they are quite funny, check on them below. Continue reading


singles 23I parked and climbed out of the car with a sigh. I’m not sure I can ever get used to this crazy Lagos traffic, especially around rush hour. I like the vibe and energy of the city as well as the fact that there is always something going on somewhere to catch my fancy, never mind that it often took a huge battle with traffic to get to most places. I am eager for this six-month training to be over so I can return to the relative calm and peace of Abuja. I miss the fact that I could lie in bed till 7.30 or even 8am, wake up, shower and dash to the office in time for the official 9am resumption of work. Here in Lagos, if I dare to leave the house anytime after 7.15, I am guaranteed to spend at least two hours sitting in snarled traffic. This usually means waking up shortly after 5am!

I walked into the bar where Jide was waiting; he smiled when he saw me. He has such a cute smile. He has large white teeth which makes him look even more handsome whenever he smiles. We shook hands and I sat down. We were soon engrossed in deep conversation over drinks. Continue reading

Let’s Discuss…About The Expiry Date On Being Gay

Blog_Let's DiscussA friend of mine shared a chatversation he had with an acquaintance with his; he was so outraged by what he thought was this friend’s silliness that I decided to share it here, to get an opinion from the house.

So this friend of his told him that someone he knows intended to hook him up with some older dude, someone in his late forties or fifties. And this friend, apparently repulsed by the idea, said: ‘I don’t get how an older guy of that age, married with kids, will still want to be fucking ass.’

And my friend replied with: ‘Okay, so when you get married, you’ll become totally straight?’

To which this acquaintance answered with: ‘Haba! Once I get married, fucking guys will get boring and I’ll probably stop doing it.’

To say my friend was flabbergasted by this response is putting it mildly. Lol. Continue reading

What The Texas Man Said When Obama Asked Him If He Was Gay

BsNJFiqCAAEB7wmDaniel Webb, a comedian and sometime drag queen based in Austin, Texas, got a hearty laugh out of President Barack Obama with a joke about his sex life.

According to the Austin Chronicle, the exchange occurred after the president asked Webb if he was gay while visiting a restaurant Thursday. When Obama went up to pay at Austin’s famous Franklin Barbecue, the Chronicle reported that Webb, who was working the cash register, “threw his hand down and slapped the counter dramatically.”

“Equal rights for gay people!” Webb declared. Continue reading


Remember Brandon Rock, the narrator of My Love Affair With The Help (Read HERE), well, he’s  back with another real life encounter, and this one is just as steamy as the first. Read and . . . well, get turned on. lol


img-thing (1)I schooled in Enugu and lived part of my life there as well. I was always referred to as nwa mummy or ajebo because of my gentle nature which at times became effeminate when I was in my element. My nature was the reason my father insisted I attend a hard-line all-male educational institute that would toughen me up and make me shed my softness, since my mother had outrightly refused to let him sending my brother and I to a military school.

Eventually my father had his way and I was carted away from the comfort of my home and private school to the East to school. It was a nightmare, having to cope in the Igbo-speaking, rough, all-boys school I was enrolled in. but I managed and passed from class to class, and made a few friends along the way.

And then I was in my senior class. Back in those days, in Enugu, there existed a hot spot, a swimming pool in a place called the Sports Club. It was always filled up on weekends and was the hottest spot in town. Continue reading


African-Amerian-man-thinkingA fucking gay-me

We’ve heard it a million times. It’s the very first line spoken in the series “Queer as Folk”. It’s all about sex! Gays can’t keep their dicks in their pants or in one dude. Fuck love in this “game”. Interestingly, women complain of a similar problem: All men are the same! Yet many women go on to marry…men. In monogamous relationships. (Whether the husband cheats on the side is beside the point.)

So how does this work for them? How do women eventually find love with men while many gays lose hope that there’s that one man out there for keeps, even if for one faithful year?

Individual dick-fferences

Psychology, in collaboration with biology, says most men, are wired to be fine with the superficiality of sexual gratification – compared to women who, early in life, already want the security and constancy a relationship provides. However, my stand is this: that my gender is predisposed to a certain mode of behaviour does not mean everybody who identifies as that gender will behave similarly. In some respects, I am like other guys, and in other respects, I am not. Continue reading


homosexualsI spend most of my holiday periods texting and meeting up with different interesting guys, falling in and out of lust with them. The best part of it all is always the amazing sex that we have. I heard once that gay dudes are more sexually active that straight people. I don’t know whether this is true or not, but I can’t help the fact of wanting to breed a good bottom’s ass and leaving my cum on him.

I was with a dude last summer. Lanre. We fell in love fast and for some reason I wanted to date him. At least have a boyfriend, you know, the joy and all. I remember that one time at his place; he came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him. I smiled at him, enjoying the sight of his body glistening from his bath.

And then he muttered, “I want you to fuck me.” Continue reading