Let’s Discuss…About How To Keep A Successful Gay Relationship

I recently stumbled on a post published on nativeprince.com, titled ‘5 WAYS TO KEEP A SUCCESSFUL GAY RELATIONSHIP.’ And it got me thinking, especially after I read the content of the post. I didn’t agree with most of the things the writer had to say, but what do I know, I’ve only been in one relationship my entire life as a gay man.

So, read below what the Native Prince had to say, and in the comments section, you can let us know your thoughts on the subject.


o-INTERRACIAL-GAY-COUPLE-facebookI don’t often disclose the intimate details of my personal life – and I don’t intend to start now. What I will say, though, is that I’ve reached a point in my life where I know what works and what doesn’t in a relationship. The answer: nothing. There is absolutely no prescribed fix for any given situation in terms of relationships. But to borrow from an old saying, I’ve learned from my mistakes – and his – and would offer these tidbits of advice for making your relationship last. Continue reading


NATION OF ISLAM FOLLOWER - 1996Chima’s first few of college abroad had been very good – the classes, his classmates, the few friends he made, everything was idyllic and exciting, a far cry from humdrum life he led as a student of Imo State University back home in Nigeria. And the excitement didn’t end with his studies; at the end of his every day, he always returned home to his flat-mate, who was so gorgeous he took Chima’s breath away. Ralph, that was his name, as white as Chima was black, with incredible Nordic good looks – tall, bronzed and blond. Right from the first day they started living together, Chima and Ralph had become close friends, not so close that Chima took any liberties with Ralph. He had only been in abroad for a few months and was still finding it hard to adjust to the lack of inhibition that characterized the lives of the gay men here. And so, he contented himself with swallowing hard every time Ralph strutted around their home bare-chested, before dashing off into the privacy of his bedroom to wank feverishly to the image of his gorgeousness in his head.

But Ralph was intuitive – and gay. One morning, he’d simply stepped inside the shower where Chima was taking his bath, and said, “I know what I’m about to do is something you’ve been wanting very badly from me. So, here goes.” And he leaned forward, through the curtain of hot water and kissed Chima. For a split second, he had stood there, immobile, his lips unmoving as Ralph kissed him. Then, he gave in and passionately kissed him back. For several minutes, they strained against each other, kissing and grasping at their bodies, then they grabbed hold of each other’s cocks and under the slippery influence of soap and water, wanked each other to come.

That happened two days ago. Nothing happened again. Some awkwardness set in, and Chima felt miserable. Continue reading