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photoshootI bought the forms for the University exams, of course paid for by one of my numerous admirers. His name was Gilbert; he had just finished his one–year National Service and had immediately been employed by one of the major retail banks. I met him one evening while taking a walk with another friend when I was home on vacation, we chatted a bit and I didn’t pay him too much attention. The next morning, I woke up to find two missed calls on my phone. I called back and it turned out to be Gilbert on the other end, he told me the usual story of how he had fallen in love with me the moment he saw me with my friend and how he would love to see more of me. By now I was a seasoned expert at men issues, so I feigned disinterest for about four weeks during which he kept calling and trying to set up a date. Continue reading


g2That’s a question that most guys ask each other in the first stages of their acquaintanceship. And it has been asked in every way conceivable.

How did you start?

How did you enter this game?

Have you always been like this . . .?

. . . Or did someone initiate you?

That last part always gets a good laugh out of me, because the question sags with cultic connotations. Just another way the society has intentionally or unwittingly influenced both its heterosexual and homosexual populace with the thinking that homosexuality is something dark and sinful.

But this piece isn’t one about the injustices of the society on the gay community. No, that’s the kind of heavy stuff I leave for folks like Absalom (lol). This write-up is about that question that acts as a conversation starter in most instances –

How did you start? Continue reading