Let’s Discuss…About Why Everyone Must Be Gay

Blog_Let's DiscussThree years ago, when I was unemployed, I had this friend who got wind of this seminar that was going to be hosted by some gay activist group here in Lagos. It’s an event we simply must attend, my friend said as he tried to persuade me to go with him for the seminar. He was boyfriend-less at the time and figured it’d be the perfect hunting ground for a potential hook-up. I got sold and accompanied him to the event. It was a good seminar. I learned a lot. There were good-looking attendees there, both male and female. My friend flirted incessantly with one of the guys. At the end of the seminar, he asked the guy for his number, and the young man coolly declined, telling him he wasn’t interested in what my friend was obviously interested in. he is straight, he said. He’s just here because as a human rights activist, he’s sympathetic to the gay cause.

Bloody closeted fag, my friend muttered viciously to me. I asked if he didn’t believe the guy’s heterosexual claim. He said no, he didn’t. When I asked why, then came the litany of clichéd rationalizations – he’s too pretty to be straight… he’s a gay activist, for chrissakes… he’s gay, he just doesn’t know it yet… #sigh# Continue reading

Let’s Discuss…About When Spirituality Intervenes

Blog_Let's DiscussI know a guy, an acquaintance, who has a family of…well, seers. His mother and his sister. Driven by the ‘Holy Spirit’, they dream about things, things that are happening or could happen, so they can use the foreknowledge to better the present. This acquaintance of mine says it is this gift of these women in his family that has helped his father’s career over the years and sustained their family.

And he’s currently distraught. His ‘Holy Spirit’ sister – in the same vein as his mother did years ago – called him to inform him that she was warned in one of her dreams to ask him to stop homosexuality. According to her, it was the second time the premonition was coming up in her dream. Now, he isn’t out of the closet. So of course, he laughed away his sister’s fears and assured her that he is not a homosexual.

But he is still distraught, caught up in that vortex where he’s asking the question: ‘If my sexuality isn’t wrong, then why is my spiritual family getting warnings in their dreams and being told to ask me to quit being gay? Does that mean my sexuality is bad, and continuing being gay portends evil for me in future?’ Continue reading

Love And Sex In The City (Episode 7)

FOREWORD: The first part of what I have to say is unrelated to the story below. I just want to quickly say how much I appreciate every contributor who sends write-ups for the maintenance of this blog. I can’t be grateful enough. However, I have recently gotten curt emails from a couple of contributors, expressing their displeasure with me for not instantly putting up their pieces after receiving them. They were also of the opinion that because I didn’t respond to their emails after I received their materials, I must not think them good enough. And then, they rounded up by instructing me not to bother publishing their articles.

Both suppositions are wrong. First of all, if I think a piece does not measure up, THAT IS WHEN I WILL respond with an email, informing the contributor of what I think is wrong. If I do not reply, it can only mean one thing. That I have read, approved, edited and drafted the write-up for future publication. Secondly, with the exception of ‘Love And Sex In The City’, ‘James’ Journal’ and ‘Bunkside Frenzy’ which are episodic and have to be published every week, every other write-up gets in a line. There are only seven days in a week, and a lot more articles than that. I urge my contributors to be a lot more patient and understanding. Everybody wants to be heard, and that is the medium this blog provides. That objective has not changed.

The second part of what I have to say is about this episode of Love And Sex In The City. This episode was inspired by a conversation I observed and participated recently in with a group of acquaintances. It is a conversation of sorts, expressing a difference in opinions concerning one of the random issues plaguing the Nigerian gay community. So after reading, it would be nice for you to express your own opinion in the comments section, so we can all learn and understand the varying views. Thank You. 🙂


Edited“KIZITO KISSED YOU?!” Yinka hollered, staring at me like I’d just told him that I was invited to the Aso Villa for a sexual orgy.

I shrugged, and before I could respond, Adebola intoned, “What’s the big deal about that? Straight guys kiss gay guys all the time.”

Yinka turned to him. “Maybe it happens to you all the time –”

“It does happen to me all the time,” Adebola preened.

“But how many times,” Yinka barreled on, “have you gotten hot and heavy with two different straight guys in the space of one month, eh?”

Adebola had nothing to say to that. Continue reading

Let’s Discuss . . . About How Gay You Are

Blog_Let's DiscussA fellow Kito-Diaries-ian sent me a message recently on BBM. Apparently, he’d forwarded some posts of Kito Diaries to a guy he knows to catch up on his reading, and this friend replied him with the following admonishment:

‘Biko, I’m not that gay o. I just do this for fun and I’m going to stop soon and go fully into girls.’

Then he continued with:

‘I hope you do girls o. Make sure you swing that way sometimes so you don’t lose touch with females. As for me, I’m not really into the gay life, I just dabble in it sometimes.’

Priceless response, isn’t it? Makes me think of Jonathan in my Love And Sex In The City series.

Apparently, being homosexual is like sipping a cocktail. You only get a glass every now and then. You can always decide to stop drinking it and switch to beer. This tendency some gay people have for ‘selective sexuality’ baffles me often times; I’m not sure I quite understand how one can decide which gender he or she fancies, and for how long that attraction will last. Perhaps it’s my naïveté talking. And so, that’s why I’ve brought this up here.

So, let’s discuss . . . about how gay anyone can be?

Let’s Discuss . . . About Homosexuality As A Sin?

image_thumb2So we have decided to introduce a discussion session on Kito Diaries. It’s become apparent that there are a lot of intellectuals amongst us, and it will be nice if we can test those intellects and push the boundaries of our minds. It’s a foregone conclusion that words are a powerful tool, so it wouldn’t hurt to bandy them around in an attempt, however infinitesimal, however seemingly negligible, to make the world – for us – a better place.

And so, for today’s segment, we want us to talk about that thorny issue that was triggered by Trystham’s TEARS ON MY PILLOW (Read HERE). And the topic is this:

Do you believe Homosexuality is a sin? If yes or no, tell us why you think so.