Question Of The Day III

Please, the ladies and bisexuals in the house, I need your attention!

Do I have it? Okay.

So, on my mainstream blog, against the update of Kenny Badmus’ coming out, the comments section was really tense, considering that straight people read the blog too. There was a face-off between someone in our team and someone else in that other team. (Our team player is a KDian, he knows himself, lol). Other opinions were tossed into the mix, and one of them was from a female. See screengrab below.Screenshot - 2_1_2015 , 9_35_17 PM

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cyber-bullying-poster“Free societies are societies in which the right of dissent is protected.” – Natan Sharansky

“Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent and debate.” – Hubert H. Humphrey


It has become apparent that many people feel disillusioned by what they describe as the intolerance of dissenting views on the blog. The impression is that any opinion unpopular with the majority is instantly scrunched up, condemned to the dustbin and the offending commenter vilified.

For the purpose of clarification, it bears repeating: Kito Diaries is an open forum for all of us to share our stories, ideas, fears, confusions and joys. Most of the stuff we talk about here are things we cannot – dare not – share with the outside world, if we love our lives. Hence, we cannot flee the oppression of our opinions as imposed on us by those out there only to come in here and replicate the vice.

Nobody has the right to silence another person just because they do not agree with their opinions. I say this with the realization that I am also guilty of the offense. In KD, there is one hundred percent freedom to disagree. Disagree as fiercely as you can and be ready to be disagreed with too. Continue reading

Why Are We Our Own Worst Enemies?

black-man-liarI normally don’t mix business with pleasure, so I keep relationships at work formal, knowing where the lines are and drawing them clearly. I am nowhere near perfect, but I do have a strong definition of what’s ethical and what’s not.

Just bear with me and follow the course of my blabbing. Last year, a new guy started working at my company, and at that time I was in the supply chain management unit. So I was always at the warehouse, shipping out orders or taking inventory. The new guy was very cute, nice round bottom (my weakness) and all; but In spite of my attraction to him and his “come hither signals”, I maintained a safe distance, keeping things between us very formal. After a few weeks, I attended a birthday party thrown for one of my pals; it was basically a “guys only” party and the new guy was in attendance, with his face lighting up when he saw me. He later began hounding me on Whatsapp; I replied his messages but stayed away from the sexual innuendos. He was my subordinate after all. Continue reading