‘He should continue in the land of the dead.’ Proof That Nigeria’s Humanity is Ever On The Decline

So, while 9-year-old Americans were giving their teacher compassionate letters in acceptance of his sexuality, faceless Nigerians on the cyber warpath had no compassion to give, even in the face of a fellow countryman’s misfortune, just as long as he is gay.

Yesterday, gay activist Bisi Alimi revealed in a Twitter diatribe that he was recently in touch with a young Nigerian who intended to commit suicide to escape the humiliation of his recent attack. See his tweets below.bisi1 Continue reading

Nine-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter To Her Gay Teacher

File this under the file labeled ‘Awww.’ A 9-year-old girl handwrote her teacher this letter after he came out during a class lesson on homophobia, and it’s safe to say she aced this one.

Unfortunately there are millions of people in the world who aren’t quite as emotionally intelligent as a little girl. Come on, world, keep up.

Here’s what she wrote:letter-490x670 Continue reading