Man Crush Tuesday: Omari Hardwick

oh5Who has seen the series ‘Being Mary Jane’ here? Pretty sure most of you have. Mehn, that show trots around more delicious chocolate men than a Tyler Perry movie. Case in point, today’s man crush – Omari Hardwick, the man who is Mary Jane’s ultimate weakness. Any wonder why that is so? Look at him! He positively oozes sex appeal from every well muscled pore. Ay! *fanning face* *struggling to stay focused on the men in my life, Idris and Tyson*

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A Few White Men

I’m not racist or anything. The white guys just don’t do it for me sexually like the black brothers like Idris Elba and David McIntosh (eat your heart out, Pinky). However, they are a few white guys I wouldn’t mind bending the rules for.

  1. Channing TatumChanning Tatum 10Truth be told, I never really got the rave about Channing Tatum. Even after seeing the infamous “Magic Mick” movie, I still didn’t connect with him. Then a few days ago, I saw “22 Jump Street” and I totally fell in love with him. Maybe it had something to do with the way he defended gay people with his lines in the movie. Either way, he might just be the sexiest stripper alive.
  1. Zac Efron432069-zac-efronRight before our eyes, our “High School Musical” twink transformed into one of the sexiest men alive. The 27 year old “Neighbours” star holds his own down as one of the most desired men in the world. I spend almost every waking day of my life questioning the reason why Zac isn’t my boyfriend yet. My life though.

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Man Crush Monday: Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut 03Brian Collins has revealed his ultimate man crush. And he chose well. I never really knew much about Morris’s sexiness, nor did I care much for him, until Brian sent me his pictures. And I was like, whoa! Where did all that hot tastiness come from?

But I’m still not budging from Idris and Tyson, thank you very much.

Here’s what Brian has to say about his hottie. “If there ever were a black Greek god, he would look like this. Those eyes, big lush lips, nice man boobs, beautifully formed packs and that bald cut he likes. Like Olaf said, ‘There are things worth melting for’, what better than this?”

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Man Crush Monday: Tom Daley

tom-daleyIf you don’t know who Tom Daley is, you’ve been hiding under an igloo in the land of Eskimos. He’s that swimmer with a hot bod you want to spank and lips you want to suck on all day. Ok, that’s my personal fantasy. Sorry, Max.

Yup, Tom Daley is our Max’s man crush. And when I asked him why he found the Olympic swimmer appealing, he said two simple things: ‘He’s gay. And he’s hot.’

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Man Crush Sunday: Michael B Jordan

FOREWORD: I will be starting a new Kito series called ‘His Coming Out Story.’ I never knew there were people who took the bull by the horns, of their own accord, and stepped out of the stifling inside of their closets, to family and friends. I didn’t know that until I got a couple of stories, one of them from the guy I recently started seeing. And in a bid to impress on us hope and admiration from the courage of these people, as opposed to the terror and wariness the ‘His Kito Story’ series instills, I have decided to start updating them. I’ve only got a couple of stories. In case there’s any other brutha or sista out there who has claimed his or her true freedom from friends and family, we would like to have your stories. Simply email them to Thanks.


IMG_3632Now, Deola has a number of crushes – a harem, you might say – but in every collection, there’s always an oga at the top. And Deola’s is Michael B Jordan. Funny, cute and hot at the same time, and an amazing actor… Guys, meet Deola’s ultimate man Continue reading