KD’s Fashion Police Officially Debuts With The AMVCAs

Hello my name is John Oceans (very distant relative of Joan Rivers), and today I will be playing judge and jury and serve you my hits and misses from the AMVCA red carpet. This is my first time writing, enjoy and feel free to disagree.


Screenshot - 3_10_2015 , 8_01_22 AMGenevieve Nnaji: If anyone doubted who the queen of Nollywood is, this picture laid rest such dissension. This lady is a star and is proof that even if you are not born with class, you can acquire it.

Screenshot - 3_10_2015 , 8_03_28 AMKate Henshaw: This is a woman in her 40s giving the 20-year-olds a run for their money. She knocked it out of the park. Continue reading