Anderson Cooper Responds To Woman Who Says He Should Have Remained In The Closet

Pictures2CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on Wednesday responded to a woman who told him that he should have remained in the closet.

The 47-year-old Cooper came out in 2012 after ducking rumors for years.

Lexie (@twinkleeyes2817) describes herself as a 26-year-old dispatcher on her Twitter profile. The lover of “music, technology, food, outdoors, gym, movies, sleeping, chocolate and more” has 9 followers on the social media site.

“@andersoncooper,” Lexie tweeted, “The world wasn’t interested in hearing about your sexual preference and it didn’t stop you from sharing it with the world.”

“@twinkleeyes2817 thanks Lexie,” Cooper messaged back, “pls tell me where I can get my photo airbrushed like yours, It’s awesome and looks almost lifelike!”

LMAO! That is the best shut-up-your-mouth response I’ve ever seen. And I checked the woman’s profile; the airbrushed photo had disappeared. I guess Cooper’s barb stung her real bad. Someone should have warned her that gay men can like to have a serious case of Bad-Mouth-ism. Lol!