DEAR KD: I Have A Bothersome Health Issue

Blog_Dear KDIt took a lot of encouragement from Pink Panther and some mining of guts on my own part to let this post happen. I am a naturally reserved person, to the point of introversion, and I am not wont to drawing attention to myself. That is why I have being reading this blog since its inception and never once commented. But I’m pragmatic enough to know that when you have a problem which you cannot handle on your own, and you do not ask for help, then you suffer greatly for it.

So when I reached out to PP and he admitted he didn’t have all the answers and asked if he should bring it up in the house, I first hedged, and then I conceded.

For the purpose of this update, my name is Timothy. I live in Lagos. And I am a Bottom. Please, in your comments, it wouldn’t do to ask me why I’m not Top or observe how being Versatile can help solve my problem. I’ve identified who I am in the bedroom, and that is what it is. Continue reading


Malebutt-e1384905210556My name is KingBey, and I’m twenty-nine years old. Judging from stories I’ve heard and things I’ve observed, I’d have to say I officially bloomed into an active gay man quite late. I had my first sexual experience, both with a girl and a guy, at age twenty-three, well after I had left the university. I’d had feelings for guys earlier though, but the most I did was smooching back in the boarding house of my secondary school days.

I had this habit of reading while sitting on the toilet seat when I was much younger. I only realized that it was a bad habit to stay longer than necessary on the toilet seat a little bit too late. I also used to have mad cravings for sweets and confectionary. My best snack even until early this year remained biscuits and chocolate flavored ice cream. I had such a sweet tooth.

I started out having penetrative gay sex by being the Top. But in 2009, I was into a lot of experimenting, and one of such endeavours was when I tried taking a dick up my ass. The other guy was much younger and I tried to sit on his dick. I had to stop when I felt a sharp bolt of pain shoot up my spine, and subsequently realized there was blood everywhere. It was not a funny experience. I simply decided there and then that perhaps I’m not cut out to swing both ways, and maintained my role as a Top. Continue reading