Blog_From The Rising Of The SunAtum couldn’t sleep. He tossed about in his bed, fuming still. He could not explain why he was still so angry at Badru. But he was.

The filth of a scum, he thought wrathfully. Imagine having the nerve to come into his presence with prostitutes for his guest, as if he asked for it. And Gal, was he pleased by the offer? Yes, he had rejected Badru’s offering, but who was to say he hadn’t merely done that as an act of modesty in the presence of the prince? Soldiers such as he were legendary for their insatiable appetite for what lay between the thighs of women. He may very well have requested for Badru to return the girls to his room after he, Atum, left to retire for the night.

Images of Gal’s huge frame positioned over the nubile women flashed then through his mind. He grimaced as he saw in his mind’s eye that panther skin glowing in the dark as he drove deep into the sex of one of them harlots with vigour, while she screamed, her breasts joggling this way and that in tandem with his thrusts. The imagination gave Atum a jolt. Continue reading


Blog_From The Rising Of The SunAtum was bored, and angry from waiting. He had just entered his chambers when he heard the blast of the welcome trumpet tune meant for prestigious guests. Without thinking, he ran back, as fast as he could to the balcony facing the sun gate to catch a glimpse of his assigned tormentor. In his haste, he stubbed his foot against the solid image of Anubis, an accident which made limp the rest of the way, swearing furiously under his breath.

And finally there he was. And he beheld a gigantic frame astride a massive black horse. He was an imposing figure, steering his horse in an unawed canter through the sun gate, alongside his two escorts and a caravan pulled by four horses. The sight of him and his party projected a sort of dark magnificence, which made Atum wonder if this man was some sort of human reincarnation of some feared god whose birth in the realm of men was a huge relief for the gods above.

Even though it wasn’t a very clear vision from the heights which Atum stood, he could tell that that this stranger wasn’t originally Babylonian, for he seemed a Shebite from afar. Only Shebites had panther skins. Without wasting time or thinking, Atum hurried back into his chambers and struck the medium-sized golden gong which immediately ushered his chief servant into his chambers.

“Prepare me for the guest,” he instructed, “with a touch of Babylon, please.” Continue reading

Those Awkward Moments

Blog_Those Awkward Moments“Why are you gay?”

A long time ago, someone asked me.

“Why? Why are you gay?”

It wasn’t even the kind of question that left wriggle room for doubt. He sounded certain.

“Why are you gay?” NOT “Are you gay?”

Of course, I acted like I didn’t know what he was talking about. “Huh!?”

He persisted. “I’ve seen your browser history. Gay porn? Why?”

I could have just turned tables and started badgering him on why he went through my browser history in the first place, but it would only sound more like me trying to change the subject. My defensiveness would be a statement of my…well, guilt.

But I was scrambling for a good excuse, a persuasive lie, a brilliant answer. I grasped at the ones that came into my head and ran with them. I gave my cousin my phone, he must have done it… Okay, I’m lying, I mistakenly clicked a link on Facebook… It was a mistake…

Yea, some brilliance. Continue reading


Blog_From The Rising Of The SunFOREWORD: Introducing a new fictional series. Read below and enjoy.


The sunset sat in the sky as the dry desert wind blew gently. The splendor of the Pharaoh’s palace stood majestically like a mighty oak tree on an apple plantation, from the towering heights of its marble balcony which overlooked the entire city and the palace courtyard which stretched to eternity, which made the noise of children playing in the street and the busy Egyptian market sound like a fading dream giving way to consciousness of a waking dreamer.

Atum was the youngest prince in the palace; his mother was the last of the Pharaoh’s wives. She was a princess given to the Pharaoh from the house of the king of Babylon as a peace exchange after both nations suffered many years of wars and bloodshed. Deciding to be allies was nothing but a sheer relief clothed in the stunning fabric of a miracle. Continue reading

LIFE AS HE KNOWS (Chapter 8)

Blog_Life As He Knows ItPreviously on LIFE AS HE KNOWS IT…

Commitment-phobic Tunde finally makes a connection with Dele, the hunk with the beautiful eyes and brother to his colleague, Kola.

And now, for today’s episode…


Dele watched as Tunde walked towards the gate to his house. He turned to wave one last time before disappearing through it. Dele gave a heavy sigh and placed his head on the headrest of the car. Their date had been wonderful as usual and it was all Dele could do to not grab today and crush him in an embrace whenever he smiled or unintentionally touched him.

Dele had been in love before. More accurately, he thought he’d been in love. With Angie. He was still fighting his sexuality then, and he had found Angie beautiful and wonderful to be with, up to the point that they dated for many years. But as Dele slowly started accepting his sexuality, whatever unconscious vibes he gave seemed to fuel Angie’s determination to make him put a ring on it. She hinted subtly at first, before going at it almost head-on, getting into fights with him over the issue. Then, one day, he blurted out that he couldn’t marry her because he liked men. It was in that moment he started crying, because it was the first time ever he had said it out loud, and it was such a relief. Angie was disappointed. Five years with him had just gone down the drain. But in spite of her disappointment, their connection remained strong. She consoled him and held him until he fell asleep that night. They remained friends after that night. Presently, she was seeing someone else, and things were looking good for them. She hardly complained about her beau, but she apparently still loved Dele very much, even though it’d been three years since they ended their relationship. Continue reading


Purchase this image at as Jide pumped into Dapo, he knew this would be the last time they would have sex. As horny as he was, he was listening to the whirring of the ceiling fan above him than the moans below him. Dapo was amazingly sexy, hot as they come – 6 feet 2 inches, 6 packs, light skinned, nipples like raisins that make you just want to suckle, full six-seater lips that you would always want around your dick and a bubble butt to crown all of that. Every man’s dream – well, every gay man at least. He was amazing in bed, a great top and a hot bottom too, always ready to take a dick up his ass without any reluctance, his full ass quivering with every thrust and his moans rending the air with just the slightest touch, making Jide’s hard-on even harder. Dapo was amazing, horny for Jide’s dick all the time, and probably some other guys’… but who cared anyway?

He was perfect by all standards. But he was no Emeka. Jide knew his heart wasn’t in this anymore. All he had to do was close his eyes, and he could imagine Emeka below him, and he jammed Dapo full with his nine incher, every thrust taking him closer to the finish line, skewing Dapo’s moans to Emeka’s, making Jide go on and on like his life depended on it. And then he saw the light; throwing his head back, he climaxed with the kind of ferocity that startled even him.

“Damn Jide!” Dapo gasped when he was done shaking off his orgasm. “You nearly split me in two back there. I came without even jerking off. What got into you tonight?’ Continue reading

LIFE AS HE KNOWS (Chapter 7)

Blog_Life As He Knows It“So, how was it?” Tunde heard Kola say as his colleague grabbed a chair to sit beside him in the office. The air conditioner had a fault and the fans were not doing much to help with the heat. Tunde had his tie loosened and a button of his shirt undone.

“How was what?” he asked, not removing his eyes from his laptop.

“Your date,” Kola whispered.

Tunde wished Kola would keep all this kind of talk for outside the office. But then again he hardly talked to the guy outside the office.

“My date? With who?” He feigned ignorance.

“You know who,” Kola said impatiently.

“Guy abegi, it wasn’t a date,” Tunde said dismissively. “It was just two people hanging out.”

“Isn’t that what a date is? Now tell me how it was. Did you like it? I told you he’s a real keeper.” Continue reading

LIFE AS HE KNOWS (Chapter 6)

Blog_Life As He Knows ItDele stared with disbelief at the newcomer. He had almost choked on his beer when their eyes met. What the fuck was Tunde doing here?

“Hey, Tunde!” hollered Kola when he spotted his colleague and bustled over to hug him. “Aww, you shouldn’t have,” he said as Tunde, with a shaky smile, handed him the card and bottle of wine. He was still rattled by the sight of Dele on the other side of the room.

“Oh good, there’s someone I want you to meet,” Kola suddenly burst out before shepherding Tunde toward where Dele stood.

Dele watched as the two men approached. He wasn’t sure how to react. He wanted to remain stony and maybe a bit cold, but he also just wanted to pull Tunde in a fierce hug. Since he deleted him online, he had missed him terribly, but his pride had been too hurt for him to reconnect with him. Tunde calling him a fag were words that stung him more than usual, because they came from someone he was falling for, and he had reflexively retreated into his shell.

Kola began once they came close to Dele. “Tunde, meet my brother –”

“Dele,” Tunde said.

“Tunde,” Dele replied a bit curtly. His eyes searched Tunde’s face for something. He wasn’t sure what it was, but something nonetheless. Continue reading

LIFE AS HE KNOWS (Chapter 5)

Blog_Life As He Knows ItTunde kept trying to call Dele the next day and the day after that. Every hour. But the phone line kept going dead without it ringing. Dele must have blocked him. Each time Tunde thought about how dumb he had been, he’d get a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach and have the urge to hit his head over and over again on a wall.

A week went by, and when nothing was heard from Dele, he began to visit the mall he had seen him at frequently with the faint hope that he’d run into him somehow. It was during one of such visits that he sat in the car and realised how dumb and desperate he must seem. He was getting attached and making a mistake he had sworn to never make. He was letting someone else’s involvement (or lack of) start to drive him to do things that were stupid. There he was, visiting the mall the third time in a week just so he could hopefully see some guy who didn’t think twice about deleting him.

He couldn’t entirely blame the guy, he after all did call him a fag. His stomach gave an uncomfortable lurch at that recollection. Still, that deletion was so swift, and Dele cutting off all forms of communication with him had happened too fast. How could the gay community move forward if every instance of homophobia had its people bristling, and then shutting out the homophobic person without even first trying to make the person understand what being gay was about.

Still, Tunde felt he shouldn’t have been so brazen. For someone whose best friend had taken his coming out so badly, he should have understood what a delicate situation it was. Continue reading


Blog_Life As He Knows ItTunde smiled at his phone as he read the message Dele sent. It wasn’t a particularly funny message, but Tunde still found himself smiling. Smiling at the thought that Dele spent a lot of time chatting with him. Smiling at the fact that they shared almost the same views about everything and liked mostly the same things. Smiling at the fact that Dele made him smile almost every time.

They had been talking for some weeks now, and almost every morning Tunde would wake up and grab his phone to see if Dele had woken too and sent a message. The object of their sexuality hadn’t come up. They sort of skirted around the subject. Tunde was 99.9% sure Dele was gay. How would you explain the calls and the texting and sometimes flirtatious message, the one that was making him smile at the moment?

“Has anyone ever told you your smile is just awesome?” Tunde heard a voice beside him say.

He started and turned to look at Kola.

“Who is that that is making you smile as if you’ve won a million dollars?” Kola bent down as he talked as he tried to peer at Tunde’s phone.

“None of your business, mofo,” Tunde said, laughing at his nosy colleague. For a dude, Kola could be quite nosy. He called it curiosity, others called it plain nosiness. Continue reading