Photo: A KDian Eye Candy

Remember Chuks Bass? Those of you familiar with the KD archives will remember him from such written pieces like That Weird Moment. When a friend of mine read his Just That One Time, he came to me sneering: ‘What is that Chuks Bass guy feeling like sef?’ Well, friend, are you here? 🙂 Here’s what he’s feeling like…KDian Eye Candy

And he’s pretty darn HOT.

Man Crush Monday: Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe 04I’ve always fancied Boris Kodjoe to be a thoroughly beautiful man. This certainly wasn’t helped by the movie Addicted, where he showed some skin and some lovemaking expertise. *sigh* What I’d give to have him act a gay role and for me to be his love interest, lol.

But today, he’s not for me. Andrevn is the KDian who owns this man crush. And you know Andrevn has lyrics, right up there with the likes of Vhar. So when I asked him why he found Boris Kodjoe desirable, here’s what he said: Continue reading

Photo Of The Day XXV

peakaboo1It seems Dennis Macaulay isn’t the only KDian with the penchant for ass-crack photography. Lol. KingBey took these a couple of days ago and sent them in for the delight of KDians. Some of these ‘thugs’ and the ass-cracks they flaunt so effortlessly simply make the world a dangerous place and erections liable to rise up in protest. Continue reading