Meet the Hot NYPD Officer Who Got Down And Twerky With Pride Parade Goer

cop_dance_prideThe annual LGBT Pride festival took over NYC this weekend, and one NYPD officer wasn’t afraid to let loose. In the video below (which has gone viral), a gay pride participant dances up on the cop, who immediately joins in and even turns around to gingerly shake what his mother gave him.

Until very recently, he was just some unknown — perhaps a night deposit in your spank bank — but luckily, privacy is a thing of the past and BuzzFeed is full of cyber-stalking ninjas. And we now know him to be Officer Michael Hance.

From his social media accounts, though, we know Hance is straight, single, and has two young children. According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s been with the NYPD for 16 years. In 2005, he was honored by the New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association for his heroism and quick thinking in working with his partner to save the life of a young boy who had been choking.


BuzzFeed also caught up with the hoofer who whined up on Officer Hance, one Aaron Santis, who had been trying to dance with one of the boys in blue all goddamn day.

“I didn’t expect him to get into it as much as he did,” Santis said. “The crowd just loved it and I think it made him want to dance more.”

“The cop was standing there all stoic,” Santis’ friend and videographer, Paige Ponzeka added. “As soon as Aaron started dancing with him, grinding up against him, the cop tried to stay still, but then he just got super into it.”

How can you say no to the boogie? YOU CAN’T! Check out the video of Officer Hance putting in the twerk below.

28 thoughts on “Meet the Hot NYPD Officer Who Got Down And Twerky With Pride Parade Goer

  1. And Dennis had to spray dollar……
    Smh! So unpatriotic!
    We r talking about making d naira strong here! Hello!
    Dwindling economy? Baba go slow promise of #1 = $1! Help d poor old man jare! Age is not on his side! Quit making his job difficult!

    Spray naira next time!


  2. @MM…….. All I saw in that Yoga video was that Jidenna dude! Ah! Mogbe! Bobo yii o fine gan!


    Can u hook a bro up? As per Americanah tinz naa!

  3. For a moment I became teary-eyed. I don’t know if it is the post, the video, the dust over here or even hormonal imbalance (whatever that means).

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