31 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XXXII

  1. Lol. All of una why dey like carry bottoms wahala for head sha.

    I think this is Spanish. The last part is what I don’t get. Abi I have to watch Mama Gaga’s Applause again to gerrit?

    • Dennis ur own don too much! Hian! Pls answer me, do u get fucked? Are u looking forward to d possibility of being fucked anytime soon? Better come and answer these questions, if not ur “ndi roles…ndi ala” dismissive comments will just be overlooked as “pretencious and cosmetic” *side-eye*

      • Oh chestie dear, he does NOT look forward to any such bottoming happening. BELIEVE me! I know. I have his story right here. *slapping one hand repeatedly over the other* Let him just talk anyhow, and I’ll… *letting the threat hang*

      • @Pinky: so why does he keep giving the impression that he doesn’t restrict himself to one particular role?are u sure he’s not taking the D in d dark? #AskingForManyPeople’sPeaceOfMind

      • @Pinky: Au contraire, he might even get more fans; do u know how many people must having been dreaming that…**chokes on water…coughing violently**

      • @dennis: if u’re going to “plead the fifth” everytime someone asks u whether u’ve started chopping prick, then u better look for that fifth and plead it with all ur strength whenever the issue of roles come up, if not, u’ll just seem like a…(Fill in d gap)

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