Man Crush Monday: Ryan Gentles

Ryan Gentles 04Queer Mike woke me up by 2am in the morning to tell me about this hot Jamaican model. He had finally found his man crush, and I had to be informed of this as soon as possible. So, sleepy-eyed, I went to Google to find out the level of hotness this person had that warranted me losing my sleep.

I clicked search, and – that body, those locs (Oh my!) – Ryan Gentles has it going on! His sweat-drippin’-all-over-my-body pictures had me clutching at my heart and struggling to stay faithful in my thoughts to Idris Elba, Tyson Beckford and David McIntosh.

When I asked Queer Mike about his crush on Ryan Gentles, he said: ‘I saw him first in Madea’s Family Reunion. (That Tyler Perry and delicious black men though) He played a minor role, just made an appearance really. Then he played another minor role in Tyler Perry’s stage drama, What’s Done In The Dark. Mehn, the things I want to do to him in the dark ehn. The dude is a walking statue of a Greek god sculpted with chocolate.’

Well, ladies, hoes and gentlemen, below are more pictures of Ryan Gentles. Remember, he’s off limits.Ryan Gentles 01Ryan Gentles 05Ryan Gentles 03Ryan Gentles 02Ryan Gentles 07

31 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday: Ryan Gentles

  1. Isn’t he the guy from JHUD’s “spotlight” video? Tyler Perry keeps scouting hot men like he has a directory of delicious black eye candy in his wallet (makes me believe one episode of boondocks). Hot man by the way.

    P.S: Pinky, I thought we’d established the fact that David is mine? Hmmmm… Maka that pepper water oh.

  2. You can have him all to yourself honey. He’s not really my type.
    Pinky will show ya’ll my bae soon enough..

  3. That first pic of him in white blouse.. Oh he really does look like a Greek god.

    Hot man no doubt!
    Pinky bring something here for Twink lovers Pls all these old albiet sexy men you keep bringing. Hain! I’ll pass. Bring something here to fan those that play tops fantasies too.. Most of the pix you bring here are always you and your ‘association of bottoms’ fantasies.

  4. who brought this????? not so cool as my ROB EVANS, ADONIS JAY and the current am yet to bang in delta….

  5. @mandy lol, mhen this guy abs are beyond this world o. Mmmmmmm so yummy,but wait o guys like this are scary because i think they either beat me or kill me one day for flirting with someone else lol

  6. Lemme just waka pass and not rain on someone’s parade!

    I suddenly crave Iya basirat pounded yam and gbegiri

  7. Can someone please enlighten me since when did it become a staple that tops or men who have a preference for being tops like twinks, men built like women or frail looking men? From what I can see he is a man so he is game. He is a well sculpted man and I would gladly top a man like him. KD ppl and all these rules they like to pull from thin air. Talk about coloring the the word “Mancandy” in brown

  8. PP pls leave David McIntosh for Ace.focus on Idris and Tyford.they should be enough. …..unless, of course, u are Oliver Twist

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