fire and iceIt began as a whisper, a promise

The calmest of voices whispered my dreams into my ears

And like a child on Christmas eve, I hearkened to it

I believed you

You began to linger slowly through the decay of time

Like a vine snake in a meadow, you slithered

Each day bringing you closer to your sinister plan

And with each passing day, the change became apparent

Frailness overtook me, threatening to shatter the very core of my existence

Like a virus, you spread through me faster than wild fire

You infected me with your poison

I was helpless

I was sick, sick for you, and you were my only cure

You always provided a healthy dose of the antidote

But just like an ice storm in a cold November, you ceased…eventually

I was out in the cold, fragile and weak, I was left for dead

Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days

I froze

I couldn’t scream, I had lost my voice in the cold

Even if I did, no one would hear me out in the wilderness

When all hope seemed lost, a ray of sunlight finally hit my forehead

But this was not the end

I lost track of time, still engrossed in weakness and agony

I burned

As I watched my hope turn into a raging nightmare, I cried

As my flesh was charred, I groaned, but no one came

With the last strength in me, I picked myself up and began to walk

I walked

When all attempts seemed to be failing, I found new strength

So I began to run

I ran

I smiled as I saw the beacon of hope restored

My skin thawed, but my heart ever crystalline remained

It had frozen so cold, matchless by the ice bergs of the Atlantic

My body did only what it knew how to do best, self-preservation

It purged the disease from my system and formed antibodies against it

And so, when that promise comes whispering again

When that voice comes bearing my dreams again

I’ll know better than to let it in

All I have to look down at my scars and frozen heart

And I’ll remember.

Written by Max

53 thoughts on “FIRE AND ICE

  1. Half way through this,I said to myself “was vhar writting a poem to depict Max?”. Nna, man will always fail you. All who put absolute hope in man lives very miserable lives. Love is the only medicine you need. Love for self, love for man (not dick oo) and love for God. The first step is by being true to yourself.

    • Gad, I don’t think he was talking about man. I think it’s about depression.
      But yes, I agree Max should look to God or any higher power he believes in.
      I do feel however he has it under control.. Well done Max. Be strong..😙😙

      • Keredim, thanks for disagreeing with me politely but I had to read the poem again and my initial thoughts refused to change.

      • Lmao!! Smh typical.
        The way you defend your friends and the ‘lipstick Gang’ on KD.. One would think you are on their payroll.

      • Oh you mean, the way you would rather kiss Gad’s and Sinnex’s collective asses, whether those asses are positioned over a toilet seat or not?
        Guy, please, carry your condescension elsewhere. You’re too fake to know how to pull it off.

      • Can you imagine such blind loyalty. He became so blind that he forgot the resolution they reached in one of their dry meetings.

      • Moderator this, Moderator that… its ok for you guys to spew rubbish at the moderator but when he responds you quickly paint him black. Smh

        You people should grow up abeg (The Old one should act his age for once, shebi he has a son in the Uni sef). Sigh

      • Kindly highlight the “rubbish spewed” against the moderator starting from the comment that elicited all these rejoinders to the last. If you can’t, the only thing I require from you on behalf of most members of this family is to go to God in prayer and apologize to Him for your folly inspite of the wisdom He made available to you. Point of correction; the old one has a son that is through with NYSC and is now a public servant.

      • Teflondon did u hear wat Pinky said abt u?? Did u? He said u leak ass dat is shitting, i.e Otule na-anyu nsi. Phew. Dnt accept it, fight back. Attack in ur rage. Crush and destroy. Do not take dis insult at all. I dey ur back. Pinky wear ur armour and shield and pick up ur sWORD! wait for any attack and give a counter attack, just like d firebending tactics. Let ur opponent’s strenght become his weakness. Na me dey ur back.

      • McGray your goofyness is what is actually attractive to me.. I’m so much into you right now. Kindly tell PP to give you my pin or give him the authority to give me your email addy. Email him biko

  2. Nice write up.

    Apparently everyone now has a 10th sense that allows them tell who the writer of a post is before the end. Odiegwu.

    • The day you climb out of your shell of sillyness and weight issues, or actually get off the bed or the kitchen(which you seem to linger all day cooking for your man, write something and send to Pinky.
      You seem to have this idea of #SelfImportance, but always come off as grossly silly and a retard.
      You’ve never contributed on this blog before, but always seem to have something idiotic to say.
      Sit the fuck down madam and write something. Your comments here will continue to be invalid until you do.

  3. I always like how some of the “””comments””” here have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the posts at hand…

    I’m like “Wow, y’all mature as sh**”

  4. You can forgive yourself now,Maxine.That’ll start your heart a-thawing.
    Scars?.They fade with time

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