David McIntosh Is A Very Sexy Man

David McIntosh 25Here’s my response to his Instagram update above:

‘I promise on all the lives of the forgotten mermaid children of Atlantis that this is not a hard-on I have for you, David. The boxer angle just has my dick hitting all kinds of voluptuous dimensions.’

Ace… Chestnut… Are you two being slain by this dude on Instagram as he’s slaying me so with the pics below?David McIntosh 22David McIntosh 23David McIntosh 24david4Hubba, hubba, hubba!

38 thoughts on “David McIntosh Is A Very Sexy Man

  1. Jesus! The man of my freaking dreams! The man I will climb mountains and swim oceans for! The man that is my motivation to make this money so I can invite him all expenses paid to my crib! The man that makes my bad day light up! You have no idea Pinky…. You have no freaking idea! I think the only person that loves him more than I do is his mum. No one else in this world! If he was a drug, I would have died from ODing. Dreams do come true, I know for sure and this my dream must follow.

  2. Too fine. Too much ink. Too much muscle. Too much everything…
    (The 2nd picture is everything..)



  3. **Heavy Sigh**

    We know he is a very sexy man………


    This guy be making my non-existing gaydar be going pim-pim-pim with his IG pics! He can tease!! Choi!

    What I would give to have that body pressed against me on a cold morning like this.

    Oh chim ooooooooooh! My akwuna just got a phd!

    By d way Pinky, check out @Donth8tea on IG nd tell us what u think. Come back with video evidence oh!

      • My dear i sure did.Lmaooooo as if i was going to trade words with that child.His actually my younger sis agemate dats my lastborn and my younger bro is older dan him.I said what i said and i mean every word.It aint a skul debate btw classmates and i sure as hell wont argue with him make we jam for event he will repeat every single word he said.Acting all gangster as if his actually about dat life.Also so creepy to know some of this blog visitors are actually his frnds real life and tipped him that one of his big aunties have an issue with him cos his not a regular in here HILARIOUS!!!!

  4. OMG @jarch and Mercury I just can’t stop laughing if only they knew….. But I am no spoiler, hahaha…… ema ukap ekan mkpo efen…… Jokes aside, David is just a cocktease and he knows it. I bet he sings soprano in bed. # won’t thirsty bottoms here be so furious? He hehehe!

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