67 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong Read

  1. Lmaoooo!

    Iberibe excuses @ its peak!

    Patiently waiting for particular radio station to bring up this ish! Had it going on dis morning nd ppl were calling in nd spilling trash! Am gonna so gonna say my mind!

    Ppl r Ignorant but I think Nigerians r ignoramus!

  2. Read some trash dat bitch Adesuwa a tv talk show wrote on lindaikeji.OmG!!!i was disgusted and to think that woman looks respectable and nrmal.Those lindas blog visitors r with a poisionous mouth my God so much hatred,so much ignorance so much judgemental bitches.Even the rapist,child molesters,girls that have done countless abortions,prostitutes,thiefs too had alot to say about the sick gays on linda and how its a sin.I just had to close that page my bp was so high i was seeing red.The useless Adesuwa in her gay article said gayism is a chemical inbalance and dat we need to be cured if not d rest of d strait population will be affected and that her 19yr old son has been consoling her dat God will fix d issue.In my mind am like hoe better be worried about ur boys sexual orientation or even ur husband’s dan making elimination of d gays ur personal project.My God for a tv personality that woman is SUPER HOMOPHOBIC

    • I swear! if you really want to judge the level of intelligence of Nigerians, visit popular blogs. The ignorance is so fetid. Most of the entries pertaining this recent issue has left me nauseated. If you want to spoil your day, just read comments by Nigerians on the gay issue and you will have a field day.

      • My dear o was dumbfounded i was just vibrating as i was reading that trash on linda.I was like is this my lifestyle so bad that it reduces intelligent,matured people into less dan animals that dey just cant control their hatred???for God sake how does what two consenting adult do in the privacy of dia bedroom ur own personal bizness?honestly nigeria is too full of hypocrites and nosiness that change is very very far away frm coming.

      • Reading current comments about lgbti and particularly gays, on popular nigerian blogs at the moment is enough for one to want to trade one’s sexuality if it is tradeable.

      • Posh a.k.a nick, i did what? I toasted youuuu? Me? Onyx? Toasted you? Lmao, we aren’t even friends on Facebook so can you fathom your delusions? Which other friends? .. Please bring d proof.. Patiently waiting. *sips pami* so much venom in you.. Mhen.. U need jesus to fix you ASAP

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Na who send Onyx alert? This KD pipu can like to fire up drama sha. Oga Onyx welcome. The battle is all yours 😁

      • That stupid onyx boy matter is something else entirely my God like how can human beings be so annoying!!! The tinz he does for attention. I just wrote a long letter to him on linda dis morning he needs to get it together! And d sick part is linda uses him and Denreles pics to gather traffic on her blog.Yesterday she posted pictures sent to her by onyx that his introducing his girlfrnd to d world.lmaooooo idied one of d comments was that”his even more girly dan the girl”just one among hundrends of disgusting comments which he seems to enjoy.The annoying part is he has toastes alot of me and my frnds on facebook yet his trying so hard to prove his straight on linda.

      • Hello chizzie which part aint reasonable enough to make one angry?and yes i called him stupid as in his a very stupid little boy who is just lucky to have been born into d internet age dat makes him abuse d use and keeps representing everything bad about gays on d net making d already homophobic lots have field day name calling the gays.Its as clear as day light dat boy is gay and have even confirmed not mere assumption.So why did u decide to be his spokesman?are u his boifrnd or u are dat his albino bestie???

      • Posh you just love to hate on everything around you. No matter how irrelevant it might seem. It’s a shame really!
        Yes Onxy might not be everyone’s ideal kinda of person but the boy got more courage, gall and balls than you and most of those on KD today including myself. No way someone that isn’t mentally strong can take all those Vitriolic comments almost everyday and gives no fuck whatsoever. I actually admire his guts and wouldn’t mind having one or two discussions with him in my bedroom either. Tsk tsk

      • For the fact u dont get my point even after everything said shows i shuldnt even be having this argument with u.Very thin line btw courage n stupidity do u even visit linda?do u even know what am talking about?he enjoys being bashed,he intentionally send pictures to linda to post wearing torn tattered jeans,wearing his younger brodas clothes to snap,ohhing and ahing over any man pics posted on dat blog pray tell how dis is courage?am not a coward neither am i stupid at d same time do u even know things i went thru to get to where i am today?if some1 challenges me on d street we can fight it out dere and den if u try to disrespect my person but what i wont do is choose to humiliate my family on social media.With that said dear Teflondon very last time i will argue with u on dis blog u clearly have a very low iq.lmaoooo what a jerk

      • @Posh666 why so bitter? The nigga is living his life is full color without sending anyone and it’s paining you? Deal with your gay issues on your time and don’t resort to yabbing anyone anyhow.

        If everyone hid and acted all macho, straight and shit, I wonder where the gay rights movement would be today.

      • Posh, lemme assume u are nick, cause that’s the only posh i have an idea off, i know you dated that popular guy that worked in an educational consulting firm in ikoyi, i know too that we share birthdays, aside these,nothing else connects both of us, i don’t even know your Facebook i.d, so I’m very interested in knowing where i apparently toasted you*i wonder who still use the word toast in 2015 * what I’m more interested in is finding out why you have soo much venom and hate in you? These two are symptoms of depression, child abuse and self esteem issues.. I do what i want to, if it comes across as gay, then so be it, I’m not representing any gay community in Nigeria, i don’t remember yall employing me to do that, likewise i don’t have anything against gays, its a free world. Dude, you need to be fixed, either by a shrink or Jesus, you need to be fixed! I understand many gays don’t like me, which i don’t have a problem with, I’m not one into friends anyway, so i can’t be bothered, why soo much venom against me from you? Especially as we have no connection at all.. Sigh. I don’t see what you can say or do that hasn’t been done before, been there, experienced them all.. Soo bring the proof, im really interested in it.. Just go get yourself fixed cause you are PATHETIC.. Adios.. Done.. Ooo,you are free to send the proof here… And sinnex i sight you.. I know right, I’m really gross.. Lol.. Deal with it.. *wide grin*

  3. Nigerians suffer from homophobic disorder. Facebook these days talks about gay this….gay that…. pictures of a guy and a guy(wearing a wedding gown) insults flying up,down,left,right,centre. WTF is going on in this country its the 21st century for fuck’s sake. At least some Nigerian guys now make use of the LGBT flag wallpaper with their profile pictures in it (where are the girls, wish i had the courage to do so)…….hmm all is well *goes back to listen to Janelle MonΓ‘e ft Jidenna – Yoga………………..I need coffee

  4. You people read comments on Linda Ikeji? And Nairaland?

    My dear the hate that fills those places can bake bread!

    I dont bother

  5. I’m tired of having to discuss abt this issue, and constantly having to defend our folk at work. Nigerians keep seeing marriage as a religious thing, forgetting that its more a legal thing. Gay couples are more interested in their legal rights than wedding in a church. Anyways for a country where the aveg citizen doesn’t know his/her basic rights, u can’t expect them to grasp the concept of gay marriage. Dumb fucks.

  6. @Keredim et al- I know Tef can be annoying and a tad Condescending sometimes… but I still can’t seem to figure out the particular “wrong” in what he said in his comment ON THIS POST to warrant the shades he is getting.

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