Before The US Supreme Court Ruling, Here’s How Some Kids Reacted To Gay Marriage

anigif_enhanced-buzz-20160-1383602348-14TheFineBros showed 13 children between the ages of 5 and 13 two different viral proposal videos – one of a man proposing to a man, and another of a woman proposing to a woman – and filmed their reactions.

Some of the kids were definitely a little bit confused at first.  for the most part, they thought the videos were really cute, and didn’t quite get why these adorable proposals would upset anyone.

Here are a few excerpts from the video that I found interesting. First is the one that really cracked me up.

Questioner: What did both those videos have happen in them?

Kid: Justin Bieber married a guy –

Questioner: It wasn’t Justin Bieber.

Kid: Oh.


Kid: Gay is bad for you.

Questioner: Why do you think gay is bad?

Kid: Because…I don’t know.


Questioner: Why is Equal Rights as a concept for all people something so important?

Kid: This is like a really big situation of what people think and what people are hating. Even though that’s not my problem, I will still fight for it if I can.

Check out the video below.

25 thoughts on “Before The US Supreme Court Ruling, Here’s How Some Kids Reacted To Gay Marriage

  1. Saw this months earlier. Environment is really a factor that contributes to knowledge. These kids have more exposure than many adults in countries like Nigeria that is why a good number gave really impressive reactions.

    • I swear. To say I was stunned by the sheer intelligence in their responses is putting it mildly. These kids were exhibiting IQ levels that seem higher than the average Nigerian adult.

  2. Oh pls, they should come film in Nigeria. That’s when you’ll see reactions na, and zero IQ even from grown babies.

  3. Kids are a reflection of their environment so go figure!

    Nigerian kids will grow up hearing their parents condemn gay marriage, how its of the devil yada yada yada! So what do you think they’ll spill?

    Mw did anybody see Caitlyn Jenner at gay pride? She looked adorbs

  4. Omg.. I watched all of it.. All of it. Almost shed tears here. These kids are smarter than most Nigerians and most KDians here. One of them said “I’m ashamed of being a human” because of the way we treat each other. They know stuff that took most of us years to come to terms with or even rationalize.
    All I have for them is love..

  5. I don’t think its appropriate to show children footages of same sex proposals.. cause to me it’s gay propaganda ( as Russia will but it) and…i dunno i just have this uneasy feeling abt it

    • @Diablo, but you wouldn’t bat an eyelid if they were shown footage of heterosexual proposals, yea? Because deep down despite everything, you still have that teeny winy bit of internalized homophobia that’s alive and kicking – that screams out quietly deep in your head no matter how you try to hide it, that ‘gay is inferior to straight and straight is good and normal while gay is twisted and wrong’ … sigh
      .. #DownWithHomophobia

    • Sorry to bust your bubble diablo, but kids that live in areas like California and New York see these things everyday. Some even talk about it casually and some do not care! Heck, my supervisor is a lesbian with a child, kids are only a representation of their environment.

    • The ‘gay propaganda’ is the idea that gay men are actively recruiting young boys to be gay. It is the notion that by becoming visible in the media gay men are encouraging others to join them. In other words, the less they see of us, the less gay people there will be. Underlying it is also the idea that gay men choose to be gay.
      I don’t need to tell you these are all lies. It is a counter argument brought about by people who would rather not have their sensibilities disturbed by any challenge. So they bring up this malicious lie to scare people and impugn the noble aspiration for equality.

    • *Sigh*, so the Devil himself still has internalized homophobia.. You see why I said the kids in the video are smarter than most of KDians..

  6. All y’all keep blaming Nigeria. Nobody remembers one of the kids who said “Gay is bad”. Children are inherently innocent. Nigerian kids no less. They wud watch two men/women kiss and wanna try it out, same as other kids elsewhere. The only thing is their parents will beat that nonsense out of them. All I know sha is continuos exposure will make dem indifferent (…not deaden?) to homosexuality

  7. Sigh – the joys of watching the beauty that open minded tolerant environments can foster. Try pitching this question @ Nigerian kids and you’ll hear a verbatim rehash of the hate and bigotry that this society has so effectively implanted in them. I mean @ that age, i thought homosexuality was something evil and dark and devious notwithstanding that i had already begun to experience the first stirrings of attraction towards men … lovely piece …

  8. Kids are majorly a reflection of what is inculcated in them @ home,in schools etc. I will support objective,balanced and honest sex education for children always. However, I will frown at an attempt by any of two opposing sides to use children to score a point. They should be left alone. Lastly, I wish to remind all who are saying that Nigerian kids can’t do better that what the kids displayed(whether pre-tutored or not) in the video that what we saw was a reflection of the tolerance and sanity in the society where those kids live. History told us that savages,bigots,extremists etc once held sway in the west but they are where they are today because at a point in their lives all citizens made and honest resolve to pursue only that which will promote the well-being of their country. All hands where on deck. They believed in their country and today we wish to be like them. They never lose faith in their nation nor hated it. That’s where to begin. We either allow it to begin with us or we die lamenting.

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