32 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XXIX

  1. Wooow…. Why was I so blind to see this… Two men raised simba…. King of Pride… Hello anyone? Disney and their cartoons with hidden meanings… And now FROZEN 😀😀

  2. Yeah Timon n Pumbaa, wow i didn’t notice this o(can u imagine,i so need to focus on my focusing skills,lol) @frozen tell us *Puss in boots pout*

  3. Frozen. The gloves, as the closet. She is exposed, exiles herself, depressed and all, but was won over by her sister’s unflinching love. She comes back proud and happy, helping even the villagers who saw her as evil in the first place. Her ‘evil’ turns out to be a force for good. Ice fountains, ice statues, ice temples. Artifacts. Jeez. Gay freedom anyone?

    As for Simba, I knew when I watched that Moudlin film that there was something about me in there.

    Timon and pumba. Hmmm #Disney

  4. Point of correction
    *two males not men raised Simba
    Animals can’t be regarded as Men.

    Still a funny joke.

    • @sinnex, it’s not what the caption means. one of the things people who are against gay couples raising children say is that the children will be radically different from other kids from traditional setups.

  5. Now that I think of it, I smell Elton John’s hands all over this. The iya no wan gree 😂😂😂😂

    • Elton John wrote theme song for Lion King “Circle of Life” with Tim Rice. However he wasn’t part of the creators of the animation. Disney only contacted him after production had began when he was in South Africa.

  6. Disney be dropping equality, love and acceptance storylines since inception.

    Simba had two dad (Timon and Pumba), still ended up ruling the pride lands with Nala
    Moral Lesson: Being gay and raising a child doesn’t mean your child would end up gay. Gay parents can have smart and beautiful straight children as well

    Belle fell in love with the beast despite all odds (with Gaston as chairman). Pocahontas was ready to die with John Smith all for love
    Moral lesson: True love goes beyond physical appearance and race.

    Mulan lead china to victory from the Huns, despite being a woman.
    Moral lesson: A woman’s role is not just in the kitchen. Accepting that women are just as capable as men in just about everything. Heavy feminist theme in Mulan.

    What about Frozen? That one is all in your face

    I could go on and on

    • Well, we all know Pumba had an arse to die for (literarily) and Timon was always pointy (seemingly in the wrong place) but its all worked out sha

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