This Is How You School A Homophobe

Absalom is one of those people I’m just grateful to call friend. One of his qualities – his intelligence (and his crazy, lol). He recently had it out with a female friend of his on the ever-controversial issue of – what else? – homosexuality. And below is an extract from their chatversation.

It all began with her attempting to introduce Absalom to a guy for some professional assistance. It turns out that the guy is gay and she mentioned that. And so, Absalom pounced. Lol. Check on it.

gay schooling 1gay schooling 2gay schooling 3gay schooling 4gay schooling 5Oh, by the way, at some point in the convo, the girl blocked him on WhatsApp, only to return for some more education. Lol

98 thoughts on “This Is How You School A Homophobe

  1. @Absalom, WOW! fantastic, information is indeed power, your responses were solid, that’s why I encourage gay people to be knowledgeable, so when its spilled, you’ll have a defense, not to remain confused, dangle up, and shame US.

  2. Absalom kudos nna. You get time. I stopped having these arguments a long time ago as some pipu will NEVER ever scrutinize the Bible well as they see it as blasphemy of the highest order.

      • @Mike una wey get that kain strength fit continue. Conversations (Arguments) like this leave me exhausted and my day wasted.

        Sometimes my mindset is they don’t have to explain to me why they like pussy so why should I kii myself explaining why I like dick.

        Some religious folks are just severely myopic with absolutely no remedy in site. Brings back bad memories of when my ex used to the book of Revelations to justify that all Muslims would rot in hell fire. Body tire me for over a week until I found a way of blocking that statement /argument.

    • They don’t stop, they never do.. So I make it my duty to keep hammering it.. Mine is mostly verbal cos I like looking at people face to face when I’m addressing them, but if I do it virtually, I’ll send the chat to Pinky.

      • @Max, yes, yes, continue its very important, how can you give in to defeat?, except you are weak and do not know what you believe in and who you are, only then are you excused to remain SILENT.

        No electricity here for weeks, and it has placed NOSTRINGS on hold,,,

    • Me too! I was a champion of defending gay rights on Facebook to the point that whenever an argument popped up, a friend would tag me to comment. I won some, I lost some but some people are just plain irredeemable. I quit after a while. I got bigger dreams and ways to fight, social Media is just shadow boxing.

  3. This is why kitodiaries will continue to stay relevant, with things like this up here, we are sure getting somewhere, let’s not give up, someone once said to me ‘Mike, you guys are worrying too about gay things (rights) too much, and I need to tell you that the noise you people are making is getting nowhere, it is only the international community that can make the needed noise, and be heard’ well going by this kind of mentality will shrink us back into our shells, afraid and SILENT, and in the end we will be running to other countries for asylum, countries where the citizens were courageous enough to fight for freedom. Some will quickly say ‘I am not an activist, and blah blah.. But the truth remains that; there has to be an iota of activism in everyone one of us and whether we like it or not, THE FIGHT IS ON..

  4. I love my fellow gay people.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 this is for you Absie :

    You just made my morning 🙂

  5. In as much as I do not support outing one’s self at every given stance, I strongly encourage the idea of speaking out, not just speaking out, but speaking out with actual facts. SILENCE is never an option, ‘do not save your voice for shame’ (this phrase means a whole lot of things)

  6. Absie my darling! Delivering wisdom since 1500😁

    Bhet wait oh PP you have initiated Absie into this your cult? Lol The PewCrew is coming for you

  7. @Dennis, what I mean is ‘outing yourself at every given stance’ it could be dangerous you know, and could as well neutralise the power of your defense and interpreted as ‘you are supporting it because you are’ not because you think it is the right thing to do’ if you know what I mean.. But then again, I am sorry if my choice of word (support) sounded negative.

    • Yes it came across as very negative and a tad condescending. These things are personal and nobody has the template that fits all! Let each person navigate the road the way he seems fit!

      If i want to come out to everybody, it is my headache. Nobody gets to tell me whether it is right or wrong because ONLY ME KNOWS WHAT IS GOOD FOR ME

  8. I have to give it to Absie the bae has vast knowledge on many things, topics and happenings around us. I like your response and the manner to which to ditched it out to her..

    Honestly as I was reading along.. I was like if After all of these Absie didn’t ‘Out’ himself to this chic then he is a coward and I’m glad you proved me wrong. i don’t admire your guts & courage cause I got loads of it also but I must admit I admire your level of wisdom and understanding (the poise at which your deliver it) bar Christianity, biblical matters and God.
    Whether you admit it in your inner most hearts or not.. There is a supreme being and I have decided to follow that supreme being to the end of time however foolishly. It costs me nothing to follow him.. So if at the end we find out it’s all sham I have nothing to lose either. But I’ll rather be safe than sorry if this supreme being and all we hear and is preached about him is real.

    I’m sorry but I’ll NEVER be a party to the mockery of God. Period.

    • Auntie you always blow hot and cold that its exhausting; you love and then you dont admire and he made you proud and then you wont partake in mokery…..phew!

      Its hard to keep up with your many sides in one comment. Take a breather hun and stick to one abeg!

      Oh and erm its “dished” which I am sure was a typo anyways because all that pricey education surely came with good grammar😊

    • “There is a supreme being
      and I have decided to follow that supreme
      being to the end of time however

      Tef dear, don’t you think that statement of yours is rather foolish? I mean, you wanna follow God foolishly, huh? So stop being gay! Afterall, ‘God’ is against it!

      • What proofs do you have that God is against it? Asides reciting some scriptures from the SAME BIBLE you don’t believe in. So far my life has been tremendously blessed and still is.. Tho I admit i enjoy ‘Gods Grace’

        I have said it here before Christianity is a personal journey.. The contradiction on my sexuality is thing btwn I and God.. It’s private matters darling!

    • Oga come on naw. You don’t admire someone’s gut bcos you ve got loads of it. Hian….then the rest of your comment too.

      • Teflondon dear u said proofs?lmaooo its prove*dear one would have tot sum1 as classy and rich as u wont have a problem with english.

      • Posh666 my dear! English is not my first language biko.. I am allowed to make mistakes. People make grammatical errors all the time even prof of English.. Only that some make it more often than not. My dear I am not ashamed if I do.. As far you get the idea of what I am talking about. I always type fast Tho so I don’t like to cross check what I have typed (but still not an excuse)
        If my grammar worries you so much.. People don’t read my comments.
        Thanks my ‘Feefle’ sorry I meant my people.

  9. Bravo. i like how both of you held a conversation, it was clean and articulate. No use of pidgin, and abusive words. ( lol are the two of you Nigerians?) . i am a Christian, i love me some Jesus, i read the verses you pointed out and i was shocked. But then wasn’t that the essence of Jesus dying for us and His resurrection? He changed the status quo and now the old laws do not apply. Being a Christian and gay is tricky, the Bible does say one can’t serve two masters but whatever. God’s been good to me, i feel im owe him some form of service atleast. I’m all for calling out someone for being homophobic and ignorant, but did u also have to make it a Christian thing as well? Some of us, majority of us, are Christians , so saying God has no morals and referring to Christianity as a cult…nah not cool bruv!

    • Think what Absalom might be trying to say(correct me if I’m wrong) is God portrayed in man’s religion lack morals, Christianity being one of them. Not God himself has no morals. To understand this, you need to learn to separate religion from God, with religions simply being the outgrowth of myths and dogmas created by man and handed down from
      generation to generation which in turn we now formalized into faiths, rituals and traditions.

      • Thankyou handle! Bless you!

        In my arguments i always say “The christian god”, because the god they potray to us from their holy book ia not the god that exists!

      • Yes, it took quite awhile. Being agnostic, it was quite confusing bcos I couldn’t prove to myself whether he existed( Religion God) or he doesn’t(God) until I took a course in Existential Risks to Mankind(Artificial Intelligence and sentience) and I couldn’t imagine how a being(ASI) with super intelligence at the scale we ve never witnessed before would function, its moralities and goals towards mankind. Every risk perceived was basically to the limits of our intelligence (robots in our own imagination), we couldn’t determine how it will function.

        Not to go off topic, that led to the understanding that a being as intelligent as God wouldn’t meddle in matters that concern humans directly and Religion God is how far how imagination can comprehend the concept of God(he is the reflection of man in all ways moral and immoral) as a way to morally control and guide the lives of billions of people in the world under the threat of eternal damnation in hell or eternal happiness in heaven.

        Hope this isn’t quite long.

  10. I’n sorry Absalom, I guess she’s ur friend. But too many ‘LOLs’ in a chatversation gets me knowing for a fact that the person will be saying something really stupid. Good job.
    OAN, I now really realise that I shud be hating good St Paul’s memory. He really was an opinionated prick. I’m christian tho and I’ll pretend he didn’t exist at some point.

  11. @Mitch Is God ACTUALLY against homosexuality or was Paul against homosexuality? That dude hated anything and EVERYTHING not Jewish. After seeing 1st Corithians 6:9, I’m not too sure a lot of his thots are not biased.

  12. Here’s the thing, Tryst. Virtually everything Christian today is based on Paul’s teaching and it’s all said to be ‘God’s will’, right? Let’s be frank, Christianity today is homophobic because we have left the message of love Christ came with and focused on the judgemental message of Paul. God may not be against homosexuality but the christian god that Paul and the church sold to us is extremely anti-gay! That was my point

  13. Kudos!some peeps get mind o.I can never admit to such in dis naija tru txt dat can be used as evidence against me”Law of Evidence 301″. I remember back in lawskul wen one girl who later turned out to b one of my besties so wanted me to admit being gay so we can b much more close according to her.I never did till we graduated lawskul and it was face to face sef abeg people can be evil cant bear sum1 using stuffs like dat to blackmail me and in lawskul for dat matter lmaooo na sorry be my case i could have as well kissed being called to bar goodbye.

  14. *applause*

    Religion is an infliction of ignorance on humanity. It is the strongest enemy of progress in knowledge and is the hardest to remove. But it will die out eventually.

    Note that I said “religion” not spirituality.

      • Mizz pinkie enof iz enof!cant have u continously bullying n calling out my very own angel gadriel my Gad.Ok thats my future baby daddy have to make dis special announcement on this day my fellow kds Gad proposed and i said YES!!!!

      • 😂😂😂😂😂 @posh666
        Are you sure he could still get it up for you? You know what old age does to them bones…

      • Max i wont have u talk bout my baby boo Gad in such manner!you know d saying how wine tastes berra with age.Gad can go on n on n on all night making u feel like u never felt before😀☺

  15. For those who still believe and worship God; the Bible says in 1 Cor 14: 34 and 35 that women should shut their mouths in the church, so next time your mum or sister or aunt or niece says a word in church, be rest assured that you have God’s go ahead to slap the bitch and tell her to zip it.

    • Azzin! That Paul was sexist, tribalist, blood thirsty…in fact, he would be right at home with the prophets of Old. Clear differences in the attitudes of those who ACTUALLY walked with Jesus.
      It reinforces some of my naggling doubts cropping up now. We had a doctor and a tax collector in Jesus’ clique. Learned ppl dem. I’m sure they wrote a whole lot more books about Jesus than Saint Paul could av dreamed. Someone (or commitee/council) liked Paul too much and played dirty.

  16. Absalom i learned from this. U r indeed a genius. BUT science DOES NOT supersedes GOD! He is the Almighty God, His Supremacy over all things cannot be questioned. U were nt arguing with God, but a mere human being. That is neva a reason to say such abt God.

      • Seriously Chuck, i should prove to u that God supersedes science?? Oh Lord Have Mercy on your children. Chuck u can believe whatever u wish cos i need not prove anything to u. As for me, Anyday i cease proclaiming the Greatness and Supremacy of the Most High God may my tongue twist!

      • Now that’s an opium smoker. It has been absorbed into your bloodstream.. All I feel for you is pity for your lack of sight.
        Open your eyes. @Mc

      • Max if proclaiming God’s Greatness and supremacy is being blind then i dnt wanna regain my sight. U can continue to hv ur 3D eyes open d way u like. Me, munachi m so aga and he will nt lead me astray. I hv seen Blasphemy of d highest rank on dis blog. Dear Lord pls remember not dis day on dis blog and extend ur mercy on ur children in Jesus name Amen.

  17. having a religious discourse tends to leave me tired as virtually everyone holds tightly to whatever indoctrination they had while growing. I’ll try to add my own cent here.

    for people of other faith, I wish I know more than the basics. so, I’ll be basing this on Christianity & especially on the guide book; the bible.

    the bible was compiled hundreds of years after the death of Christ when emperor Constantine (who is a pagan). due to the missionary journeys of the earliest apostles, materials from different parts of the world supposedly written by the apostles were collected & a committee set up to compile them. how they arrived at what should go in & what should be omitted remains a fascination of conspiracy theorists. at the end of the compilation,the books whether part of the bible or not weren’t returned to their owners, they are being kept at the Vatican archives & nobody allowed to see them except the current pope & the curator of the archives.

    this has led to people coming up with their own versions & later ,some books that were recovered e.g the dead sea scrolls refuted some of the biblical accounts.(bear in mind that the church is no longer that powerful to demand ownership of the books; they are kept in museums). the church tagged them agnostic gospels & forbade their members of believing what is in them.

    one thing that I still think now is why none of the books were said to have been written by Jesus himself as he was educated & could read & write.

    • Erm…Pete,you ended up muddling issues a bit.The Council of Hippo/Carthage had nothing to do with Constantine,occured many years after him.It wasn’t even called by the Pope,but by Athanasius,Patriarch of Alexandria and the other bishops,tho supported by the Pope,cos of multiplicity of texts abounding then,many of who’s authenticity could not be ascertained,yet purportedly written by the original apostles.
      No dead sea scroll has refuted any biblical account,rather they’ve affirmed the books of Isaiah,psalms,kings n some of the prophets.
      Different versions of the Bible exist today mainly cos of the need to have the Bible in a language people of the day/era/place understand.Also,because the Protestants then,during the Reformation,saw it as a means of giving the Catholic church the finger.Story for another day.

    • The Gnostic Gospels (not agnostic),were part of the books not included in the Bible cos their authorship/provenance could not be verified with any degree of certainty.None were among the Dead Sea scrolls.
      The Gospel of Thomas,for instance,is all about the direct sayings of Jesus in the first person,purportedly written by St.Thomas,yet only first came to light well nigh a century or more after Thomas’ death nor did most of the sayings correspond to any amongst the Synoptic Gospels.

      • So based on the Gnostic Gospels, which parts of Christian doctrine would you “correct” to fit Jesus’s original model?

      • None.
        Jesus standards are the true doctrine of the Christian faith.If you know or have come across any other beside what Jesus laid down,kindly share.

      • Which of the current denominations follow those standards? I’d like to get a list of what they are, as opposed to what Christians have been saying for centuries.

      • Faith and the fruits arising therefrom,are a personal thing,not denominational.Groupings/churches came to being originally as vehicles to teach cum propagate those standards.Of course,’twould be dishonest not to admit that the personal beliefs,biases n prejudices of the leadership,past and present,of those groupings crept in,making a mush of things.
        Personally,I think the Catholic and Orthodox churches hew mostly to those teachings of Jesus as passed down by his disciples.Not saying they are without faults tho.

      • What has Christians been saying for centuries that’s largely different from what they’re saying now,Chuck?

      • Since the Gospel of Thomas is different from the Synoptics I’m guessing the standards of Jesus in Thomas are different from those in the Synoptics?

      • No,they’re not different.Not at all.
        What I did point out is that some of the sayings attributed directly to Jesus in Thomas’ Gospel are not directly found in the Synoptic Gospels,especially Mark n Matthew which came first.Example,”Let one who seeks not stop seeking until one finds When one finds,one will be disturbed.When one is disturbed,one will be amazed and will reign over all”.Not exactly same as “Seek and you shall find,knock and the door will be opened”,as one finds in the Synoptic Gospels,but veritably same principle.The main reason the Gospel was dropped tho is cos of its unproven provenance/doubtful authorship.

  18. iv never had to hav ds conversation with anyone. all my straight frnds jst accept it and are cool. I guess I’m jst lucky cos I dnt av d patience to tutor someone like this.. I go vex.

  19. I watched “cosmos: a space time odyssey” and it showed how scientifically the universe was created. Rather than call science more powerful than God I realised that in the chaos that was the universe there was order and only God could do it. Science is God’s way of explaining how he did stuff.. The bible and religion is more about why? Science asks “how is the sun up there” religion asks “why is the sun up there”.

    So no, science isn’t greater than God. It’s like saying a car is greater than the person who made it simply cause it can move faster than said person. Science should be seen as a vehicle through which God shows his awesomeness (also called glory).

    In my opinion the lady didn’t put up a very good fight cause she’s quite ignorant and cherry picking the bible as most people tend to do. She’s letting personal vindication affect her judgement.. As most people tend to do again. And just like most fanatical Christians tend to think when you question the bible you’re turning over to the dark side.

    The only ish I have is how Absolom seemed to be mocking her beliefs.. She didn’t help either though cause she didn’t have solid arguments.. But there are better ways to correct people of their erroneous beliefs.

  20. I would say this is an interesting convoy between two friends, save of rile and condescension. However, when one factor in Faith/religion into the discourse there is no grand slam. The argument for and against same sex attraction get tricky and sticky when religion is imbued, be it christianity, Islam or Judaism.

    It is also easier to have a upper hand during an argument or advocacy for minorities right when one doesnt fall into the specific minority group, eg a straight man advocating the rights of women or an adult pushing for the rights of children and minor.

    Voluntary or indirect outing of oneself calls for discretion and integrity based on the enviroment, the person or people and the underlying reason for admitting sexual orientation.

    Overall the opportunity present itself for Absalom to engage in an enlightening and educative chat with a person of different view on homosexuality without ramming his view down their throat. It wasnt done with by fire or force attitude.

  21. OMG!!! Am sooo loving Absalom right now!!!! This chat-versation did so many things to my brain!!
    I hope the #BrainDead #PewCrew saw all this – the decimation of false dogma and the triumph of sound, verifiable logic and reason, dumb angel GadRiel, leader of the Religi-Tard bunch and Co … una dey see so? ***wiggles tongue and bum*** …
    Predictably, the dumb bimbo displayed the classic characteristics of religious hypocricy; when confronted with other prohibitions in Leviticus, they throw up the defence of “it was written in a different context and in a different time” and their favourite “the new testament renews all” or some other similar line of crap!
    Sadly, the mental conditioning using generous doses of opium laced with bold – faced hypocrisy, was so totally and well done, i doubt it can be undone in the next few centuries. Multiply the false religion by the millions of gullible dweebs who roam loose this part of the world and that gives u a modest idea of the enormity of the task ahead.
    I have never and shall never understand why thousands of years later; people wilfully choose to live according to the dictates of men who lives thousands of years ago; men who wrote down thoughts and philosophies which were accepted as the prevailing norm at that time; men who lived in a vastly different world, in vastly different circumstances which thousands of years later, we shall NEVER be able to understand … as always, keep marinating your brains in that opiate blend – much good may it do you lot!

  22. The US Supreme Court just ruled gays nationwide have a right to marry.
    Things are changing,the wind may blow here sooner than anticipated.

    • “The court now holds that same-sex couples
      may exercise the fundamental right to marry.
      No longer may this liberty be denied to them” -Justice Anthony Kennedy.
      A conservative Catholic,by the way.

      • Naija gay dudes just want to live and not be persecuted,
        most dont want anybody’s hand in marriage.

      • Equal protection for everyone under the law,freedom from being discriminated against cos of sexuality,from living in fear….that’s worth fighting for here,don’t you think Chris?.
        Btw,I would like to live freely and openly with the one I love,have the state recognize that union n grant us whatever benefit is derivable therefrom,as is the case with heterosexual unions.

      • OmG r u guys for real????so what does this mean for nigeria?is dere like any hope of uncriminalizing gayism over here?does d law extend over?

      • I agree with you Tiercel, it’s a fight worth fighting for. Who is goona start the ‘fight’ in Nigeria, bear in mind that it is a criminalised lifestyle to start with. Who are the people to carry placard in Nigeria? Not trying to sound pessimist, most ‘fight’ lgbti members in Nigeria can get invoved in would be on social media and online. As you said equality would be appreciated.

  23. All this unnecessary bickering over God and Science. Why can’t we all worship God, Lucifer, Sango, Beyonce, Illuminati or whatever in peace according to our preference without dragging people?


  24. Absie,congratulations. You really made good use of the oppurtunity you created with the over-zealous but ignorant girl to shine.In case you do not know,the Bible is interpreted taking into cognisance the history,people and traditons of the time when it was written.Judaism and xtianity differ fundamentally.CHRIST MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.Xtians exists under grace while the later prides in the keeping of laws.Its a xtian duty to forgive even people that kills us. are you not ashamed to believe that this same xtians will turn around and kill someone for mere disbedience?. I wont talk much seeing that the likes of Tiercel,James et al has put things in the right perspective. I must register my surprise @ the level of knowledge/objectivity that came from goes to establish that a mad man actually knows what he is doing

  25. lol… one stupid girl called me “homo” is class the other day… I just looked at her, gave her the middle finger and walked away…

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