Footballer Cavani slaps Chile defender for inserting finger into his anus

cavaniarse2_3353141bWetin dey hungry some people sha. Lol.

So, apparently, Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara let his finger wander a bit too far during a recent match with Uruguay. He patted Uruguay star Edinson Cavani on the butt, then inserted a finger into his butt. Cavani turned and flicked a hand into Jara’s face, who fell on the ground like he’d been kicked. Cavani was sent off after the incident because he already had one yellow card. The match officials didn’t see what the defender had done to Cavani. But after the match, post match cameras showed what had happened and Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez is asking Jara to be sanctioned, saying Cavani had been the victim of provocation.

Chile won the match 1-0. Watch the video after the cut.Untitled

30 thoughts on “Footballer Cavani slaps Chile defender for inserting finger into his anus

  1. Sports folks be doing seriously homoerotic ish while being homophobic. This kain person suppose chop law suit sef. SMH.

  2. Ok, am I the only one who thought this video was confusing? I didn’t really see the slap, it almost looked as if he just fell right after the fingering.. Yeah I saw the fingering :). It was done very quickly, it’s no wonder the coach didn’t notice.

  3. Boys be thirsty! Tufia **sign of the cross**

    Finger somebody in the middle of a game? Na so e hungry you reach?

  4. My first tots were what was he thinking??

    Thats like the most insulting provocation to a str8 man. I’ve been watching football since the early 90’s and trust me when say this is the first of its kind in world football. Absolutely ridiculous!

    • Cos football is still a very homophobic sport! Which is why no mainstream footballer has come out yet.

      When the other fashanu came out in the 80s, he was ostracised and even his family (including the John Fashanu that you know) did not have his back.

      So go figure

      • Football is a very homophobic sport?.How did you arrive at that,pray tell?.
        And what has coming out got to do with how good a player is on the pitch on any given match day?.Cos at the end of the day that’s all that matter,to coach,club/country and millions of fans the world over.

  5. Haba where was the slap now? I was expecting something massive. Or was it was expertly delivered that it seemed like nothing but ended up flooring him -Kungfu panda style

    But come ooo if he wants to be touching men’s butts he should go play American football and become a quarterback. Or if he likes to kiss he should, he should up his game and join Wayne Rooney and Tomas Radzinski or Gary Neville and Paul Scholes amongst others and lock lips. Instead of exhibiting his urges in South American football lol

  6. Okay! Now that was very irritating!

    If I was Cavani, I wouldn’t have hit his face. It would have been a straight knee to the balls with as much force as I could muster! Idiot!

  7. What the bloody hell were his fingers doing in there. Jeez.
    Nothing new here, there was barely any contact there, and yet he flew to the ground like he was hit by a bazooka. Someone’s obviously being taking lessons from Sergio Busquets.

  8. What made him put his finger up there in the first place? Could he know something we don’t know? *deep in thought*

  9. TdC,football is very homophobic. check out chants directed to Ashley Cole & Sol Campbell for being perceived gay. check out homophobic chants from the terraces of European stadia. Robbie Rogers came out as gay & promptly retired until LA galaxy signed him. have you forgotten the story of Justin Fashanu?

  10. One sec.

    Am I the only one who really saw nothing in that video? How did Jara just fall down like that? I didn’t see Cavani’s hand flick him or whatever.

    The fingering got me semi- hard tho.

  11. Wait don’t tell me that imagine c Ronaldo coming out as gay please they won’t do anything cause they don’t want to lose him

  12. Everything happened sharply. Speed of light level. Jackie chan. Horny dude grabs both ass cheeks of other guy in one palm, inserts a finger and thrusts In and out 3 times in a hard circular motion. Owner of finger raped butt offers automatic back hand slap. Rapist hits floor holding his nose. All this in less than the time it takes for a falling ball to hit the ground. Buttfucking superheroes making moves since 1920

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