Condom Invented That Will Change Color When It Comes In Contact With An STI

colored-condoms-1024x6791Sex just is about to get even safer, thanks to a group of middle school students in the UK.

Daanyaal Ali, 14, and Chirag Shah, 13, of Isaac Newton Academy in Essex have invented a concept for a condom that detects potential STDs.

The condom is called the “S.T.EYE.” Though it is still in the concept stages, the idea is that it will change color whenever it comes into contact with an STI, with different colors representing different infections. The condom turns green to indicate chlamydia, yellow to signify herpes, purple in the presence of HPV, and blue for syphilis.

“We wanted to make something that makes detecting harmful STIs safer than ever before,” Ali told The Independent, “so that people can take immediate action in the privacy of their own homes without the invasive procedures at the doctors.”

As a result of their work, the kids were just awarded the TeenTech award for innovation, for which they received £1,000 and a trip to Buckingham Palace.

26 thoughts on “Condom Invented That Will Change Color When It Comes In Contact With An STI

  1. This story has been all over my time line today. Some even made jokes about some people still going ahead to fuck after the STI discovery. Good news and a great step in controlling STI.

    OAN: Damn, I am still awake reading the comments from yesterday and Sunday. oh boy! KDians are evil when they QWERTY their emotions.

  2. 13 & 14? not sure the truly talented can flourish here. nice step . if it doesn’t change colour,can people bareback? #AskingForPinky

  3. Wait. Does this change when the wearer has an STI or only when it comes in contact with vaginal fluids or the anal lining???? Because it does sound one sided-ish

    • Good question.

      PP please is there a link to where the analysis was uploaded? We could read up and understand what the plan is.

  4. Wow.. I like 🙂
    It should be named- ultimate hoe detector.
    What if you have several of those diseases?
    Will it change to rainbow color?

  5. Ugh.. It’s still being developed? I’ve seen this idea on twitter many years back with #whyarentwefundingthis. It makes sense sha… It’d need to be vigorously tested to ensure it doesn’t cause reactions in either parties.

  6. And if it detects all the STIs there can be, are you gonna have a rainbow condom as a result??? Wouldn’t it be rather cute…??

  7. I used one of these condoms with you know who on here the other day. It didn’t change color . It just burst into flames. Pray what does that mean ?

  8. All these drama about sex….really becoming tiring. Looks like I will go back to where I started from. *some good old porn and Vaseline*

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