Pastor Prays For Caitlyn Jenner’s Heart To Be Ripped From Her Chest

QueertyImagePastor Steven Anderson, who famously predicted an “AIDS-free Christmas” if only all LGBT people in America were put to death (Read HERE), is at it again. This time he’s calling for Caitlyn Jenner‘s heart to be ripped from her chest.

While standing on his soapbox before members of the Faithful World Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, the father of eight unleashed on 65-year-old Jenner, whom he admits he had never even heard of until last week but who he now despises “with a perfect hated.”

First, Anderson called Jenner “wicked” and a “trans freak” who is being “crammed down the throat” of “literally hundreds of millions of people” and who therefore deserves to “die.”

Lovely Christian sentiment.

Then he said: “This person is just the evangelist of sodomy and filth to the world. And then people are like, ‘Oh, we need to pray that he finds Jesus.’ I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to hell!”

To make sure he drove his point home, Anderson continued: “I hate him with a perfect hatred. I have no love, no love for this Bruce freak. I hope he dies today. I hope he dies and goes to hell. He’s disgusting! He’s filthy! He’s reprobate! … I pray that his heart would explode right now!”

If anybody in the peanut gallery disagreed with him, Anderson added, they could see their way out of his church.

“Nobody who defends that freak is welcome in this church!” he snarled.

I tell ya, right this minute, Angel Gabriel must be enthusiastically etching this man’s name down on the Book Of Life.

116 thoughts on “Pastor Prays For Caitlyn Jenner’s Heart To Be Ripped From Her Chest

  1. Let’s face it, this man isn’t really a pastor and there was nothing Christan abt his statement. He could be a human sacrificing, black mass attendee satanist for all we know. But he’s definitely not a Christian, that’s for sure

    • he’s a christian, mbok. why do most christians dissociate from another christian who holds a contrary view?

      you all know where I stand on this religious talk. no need repeating myself

      • He’s not Pete. He can call himself one but what he’s just exhibited shows he’s not. He’s got hatred in his heart and is proud of it. A Christian is someone who tries to emulate Christ.. What we read above is not Christ-like at allll.

      • James, I hear christians around me praying for the death of their perceived enemies & asking for what befell sodom & gomorroah to befall all gays. to me, it’s same thing as what the pastor is doing

      • Take a trip to MFM (sorry I couldnt resist)

        Every strong man in my family, collapse and die right now….by fireeeee!!!!

        And while they say these prayers, they most defo have someone in mind, whom for all intents and purposes may be innocent!

        How is this different from that?

      • Pete,you hear typical Nigerians,not Christians.
        What James said,many of those you hear have no iota of Christ-like qualities in them.

      • thanks, Tiercel. now I know that typical Nigerians are not christians. what religion do they practice then?

      • The average Nigerian religious is one superstitious fool who doesn’t believe in working out or taking responsibility for whatever adverse direction things go with him.Surely,it must be the work of some enemy,some curse,some ancestor in the past.
        Doesn’t believe in doing the right thing at the right time,not if he can get God to magically do it all for him,especially if he can bribe Him through so-called MOGs

      • @Pete, i am with Aunt Jemima on this on. Painting all Christians with the same brush, is like saying all gays are flaming queens, who party all the time and have unsafe sex with reckless abandon.
        We all know that is not true. There are over 50 shades of gay, as well as Christians.

      • I will be surprised if you dont know what qualifies one to be a christian by the standards of christianity. one can be a Bishop,pastor etc and yet by christian standards,he is not a christian regardless of what he calls himself.

  2. Lol! Caitlyn is probably picking out dresses to wear to receive her award and you are here tearing your paent! Lol! Save yourself hun!

    Hate on someone who actually cares mbok

  3. Hahahahahaha! Sorry, I really found this funny. I may not be all for “transgenderism” because I am still trying to educate myself but to say all this tripe on top another person matter just tire me.

  4. I didn’t want to comment but I just had to..
    You know, I wonder why you keep posting things like this on Sundays. Because it’s sunday; must you post something about religion.
    To what purpose are all these post. We get it you don’t like God most people on here don’t, you don’t beleive in God. You hate religion and those associated to it. But must you put it down our throats every Sunday?
    Going to search articles on religious bigots posing as Christians and posting it on here baffles me, it’s not all Christians that think like this.. Why not for the very first time post on Christians that support our lifestyle or at most indifferent about it, there are tons of them.
    Sometimes I wonder what the essence of this blog is, are you trying to incite people against God? Yes I am gay and my religion mostly is against it but why not leave people alone with whatever they beleive in, Christianity is a personal journey btwn man and God.

    This is a gay-oriented // LGBT activist blog (if I am correct) sometimes I begin to wonder if I am in a satanist group of some sort.

    • Didn’t you hear? I’m an agent of the Illuminati. Gad blew my cover, and now I’m just going about my mission-of-darkness duties in the bright light of day. So hush please, I’m busy here, trying to win souls for my cult.

    • Tef,i don’t think such articles are posted only on Sundays. most of the posts Pinky posts attack LGBT, should we fold our hands & watch them demonise & attack us under the auspices of religion? nobody is forcing anyone to accept their own brand of religion. I keep on saying that religion is a personal relationship & should be kept so.

      • Pete, please, don’t bother trying to enlighten this paranoid Tefmushin. I don’t think he’s bright enough for it. He’s too busy plagiarizing works to understand anything but evil in what PP does.

      • Actually,there is something in what Tef said Pete.I’ve noticed that trend myself,not that I count it too important.
        True,one shouldn’t fold one’s arms and allow these airheads get away with it,but there seem to be a deliberate tilt towards antagonizing people of faith,Christians especially.
        I’m not one for one side of the story always,what happened to the other side?.You know,those professed religious people who are accepting n show love n care,just like Christ did.

      • i haven’t seen them, Tiercel. I post what I see that’s interesting news. Someone tried to make me out like I’m a Christian-hating, Muslim-loving gay man. I told him to get me Muslim stuff and I’d post. he did. I published. See how it works?

      • @Tiercel No, there actually isn’t any. Pinky has posted a story about a pastor who loves and has an outreach for gay teens on here but “NO!!!” Y’all are waiting for Sundays when he posts about bible thumping homophobes. Una beta clear.

      • You know,now I reflect on it,I think you’re playing right into that Nigerian boogieman mindset that must have an enemy,an adversary in order to validate its being,in order to thrive.
        Christianity,as a religion,is not after gays especially.True Christianity,I should say,before someone misread me.It has other headache to see to.I take my cue of what religious life is/should be from what Christ said n did in the Gospels,Synoptic n Gnostic,not what some full-of-self-importance someone somewhere says.You should too.

      • @trystham,I didn’t say he hadn’t ever.What I said is there’s a deliberate tilt towards antagonizing.Check out the preponderance of the sort of stories like today’s over the example you gave,you’ll agree with me it’s like weighing an anvil against a cup of sand on a scale

      • Tiercel, it might seem heavily tilted towards antagonism because most preachers condemn homosexuality & they have very loyal audience who can decide to fight for their god

      • Sorry I didn’t get the memo,Pete but when did two wrong approaches start equating a right one?.
        Btw,these preachers and their loyal audience,as you tag them,are but a mere fraction of the wider Christian world.You would antagonize the larger Christian faith to get at weasels such as this?

    • “I didn’t want to comment but…..”

      I think you should have stopped right there.

      “We get it you don’t like God most people on here don’t, you don’t beleive in God. You hate religion and those associated to it.”

      This is sooo wrong. Your thirst for attention is disheartening Tef, please get yourself a brain. You are just a big hypocrite.

      • Whoever you are or whatever your name is, I clearly do not know you and don’t give a rat shit what your opinions abt me is.. You are entitled to your opinions this doesn’t make it facts.
        Kindly stuff your opinions about me up your Ass.

        Address the issue and not attack the personnel.
        Petty people you lot.

      • You think by calling my ass fat, that I’d be offended? Hahahahahahahahahaa!!! Honey, I’m absolutely totally secure in my own skin. Totally. When I have skinny friends like Max constantly teasing me, your less-than-intelligent comments are just little pesky nuisances.
        And the only thing I’ll be shoving up that ass is a nice D. Your opinions are so not my thing.

      • “Address the issue and not attack the personnel”.

        You are just confused Tef, so you’re telling me to address the issue not to attack the personnel while you’ve bin attacking the personnel using the issue as an excuse. *Sigh* You need help nigga.

        About not giving a ‘rat shit’ about me, nice choice bro, especially when you’ve a lot to worry about e.g High Cholesterol Level (Obesity), your ADHD(I’m sure you’ve bin told you severally that u need a shrink to help with that) and your appalling grammatical blunders.

      • @pinky you just had to fall for the bait! i wasn’t even trying to insult you. It was a compliment.. But I’m sure the very Big Bad wolf Teflon Don couldn’t have meant well with that comment. Considering I’ve got fat cakes myself (kings, princes and generals fall and bow left right and center for. **bats lashes**) fat cakes I’m proud of.. I was just propping you. Lol Smh

      • Jane,all I could see from your “comments” are mere insults on Tef.Does it make sense to you that you call someone names for airing his opinions but you ennded up giving none?

    • Hi Teflondon, it’s been a while….😉

      If you were half the christian you pretend to be, you would not be visiting this blog on a Sunday. You’d be in church.

      If you were a quarter of the christian you pretend to be, you wouldn’t be stealing another person’s poem, posting it on here and passing it off as your own. Infact you don’t have to be a Christian to do that. You have to be a decent human being.

      So please take your pious deception to Church. Hopefully a good church at that where they preach decency.🙏🏿🙏🏿

      • I’m not claiming to be a perfect christain.. We can only try to be christ like. So your opinions about me being a real Christian or not doesn’t hold.

        About the poem, you just had to bring it here didn’t you. Well I am glad you did. I am never the type to run away from controversy.
        I got my ideas from a previous peom which I tilted to suit what I was feeling. (Any one that has never gotten ideas from a previous work should throw the first stone) please go back to the comments section of the peom, there was never anytime I soaked up or acknowledge all the praises being bestowed on me. Because I saw that most of the work wasn’t even me, even pinky did a good job on it. However when I was accused of plagiarism, I didn’t go on a furore but instead apologized and accepted the rights of the peom be changed like a good Christian will do.
        So Mr Kere (Meaning small in yoruba Lang) Dim-brains I hope your allegations has brought you more points on KD as it seems your reputation is beginning to grow on here. Hopefully this reputation of yours is fetching you more money.

      • Bitch please, by not acknowledging the accolades on the plagiarised work does not absolve of the crime.😒😒 It’s could even be considered worse.

        You apologised AFTER you were called out. You weren’t going to say anything before then. You think no one would notice?!😡😡

        Yes we all get ideas from other places, but newsflash dude we acknowledge them!!

        PP might have worked on it, no doubt he was cleaning up your grammatical “slant” on it. (Remember the past tense of “Shrink” is “Shrunk” not “Shrinked”)

        I maybe Dim (in your language) but it doesn’t take a lot to outshine your intelligence😎😎😎

        As for my reputation -as what?!? As “shady troll” or “a plagiarist”. Please be specific.

        And does it ALWAYS have to come down to money with you? I thought you had lots of it… Or is that another lie?

    • For the length of time I’ve known PP, he’s always being a Christian.

      Many a time on this blog you’ve commented below posts of pastors who support LGBT rights.

      Sunday is a day, no one owns it. Muslims have never fought to keep Fridays holy. We know how hoely you keep your Fridays.

      The pastors–just like yours– mostly drop their sermons on Sundays. You can direct your sincere opinion to them, it’s supposed to be a holy day but you sit through hate-filled sermons Sunday after Sunday.

      The day you stand up to your homophobic local church leaders, I’ll make sure PP never posts on a Sunday again.

      PS: I’ll rather not have such posts on KD because I feel if people didn’t watch videos of ISIS killing people, they wouldn’t be inclined to making them videos.


      I read your comment on the other post on how we tend to put Christians in the bigot box…and you used Islam in your analogy. You!!
      –that said Muslims were sent here to destroy the world.
      –that said KDians are a pile of buttlickers.
      –that thinks every post but yours is ‘sweetened’.
      –that never wants to comment but always ends up doing so.

      I’d have sworn on my genital hairs that you’ve never ‘generalized’ but then I just waxed 2 days ago (unnecessary info I added to ‘sweeten’ my comment).

      Aren’t we supposed to accept people for what they are. Cartlyn Jenner claims she’s a woman, why’d anyone refuse that?? Homosexuals claim they are born gay, why’d anyone wanna argue that?? All bigots claim to be Christians, why’d you wanna debt them what they are?? Because it so an suit you now?? Over a dozen times you’ve commented after posts about bigots with something that shows you fully or partially agree with them. Don’t come claiming otherwise today.

      Your back and forth is beginning to make me dizzy. Oh sorry, I must be imagining since you can’t move that fast.

      A nice tip, if we have 100 commebters on KD, less than 19 are atheists and they aren’t popular here. You and your fellows need to stop the folly of trying to brand enlightened minds as antichristians.

      You are always welcome.

    • I get where Tef’s going with this one. Posts like these are so ridiculously outlandish, that i don’t see why anyone should give audience to them and why it’s deserving of a forum as enlightened as this! Even the avg bible trumping Christian might not concur with the post. I don’t think we should indulge religious fanatics in anyway, cause their opinions should never matter or even be acknowledged

  5. Caitlyn this today, Caitlyn that tomorrow. Biko Bruce Jenner is so out of date. Pls can we move on? Pastors, society n LGBT community, e don do!

  6. The shade from the comments today had me checking out my windows to make sure the sun was still out and it was morning… *claps hands gleefully*

  7. For as long as Christians continue to hold the bible as flawless and inerrant, problems like this will continue to occur.

    How can you, in one breath, say that ALL scripture is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16-17), and in another breath you’re trying to refute some of the products of that inspiration?

    Moderate Moslems cannot successfully divorce themselves from ISIS because ISIS is using the same “unquestionable” Koran to justify their insanity.

    The Mafia cannot come and tell me that one of their members who kills and manipulates people and tampers with justice does not represent them; he does.

    If Christians feel that they need to move on to more humane values – particularly regarding LGBT persons – that automatically calls to question the bible’s stance on sexuality. But no Christian I know is willing to go there.

    You know why any gay person who steals and wears people kito and is snarky cannot say he represents us? Because nowhere in the LGBT movement does it say that that is what gay rights are about. But ask the homophobic Christian why he hates us and see the first book he whips out.

    All this argument about Christianity being a relationship between a person and God doesn’t take because “god” means different things to different people. You could be calling god and mean Yahweh and I could be calling god and mean Damien Crosse. Moreover you cannot bypass certain stuff peculiar to a faith and still claim to be a part of that faith. Can we, honestly, talk of a Christianity without the bible? The same bible that is causing all this confusion now…

    Christians will keep having trouble convincing the world that they have evolved if the central components of the faith – such as the bible – are still stuck in the Dark Ages.

    • What,in your understanding,is the bible’s stance on sexuality vis a vis Christ’s teachings and example while on earth?.

      • “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that us detestable.” (Lev. 18:22). Then 20 vs 13 says such men should be killed.

        In Judges 19:22, homosexuality is, like in Genesis 19, treated within the context of rape – because same-sex-loving persons are always looking for who to violate. This is by the way, though.

        Romans 1:26-27. Now some people argue that Paul wasn’t condemning homosexuality but sex outside of marriage; while I’ve seen another interpretation that says Paul was actually condemning male prostitution and that 1 Cor 6:9-10 is not against being gay but being effeminate…*sigh* And on and on… None of which has absolved Christianity of bigotry. Yet.

        Coming to Christ, he was mum on homosexuality, as you know. Even with the interpretation that the centurion and his servant were gay and lovers Jesus never commented on that. He just healed the servant from a distance and went about his bidniss. In his teaching on marriage and divorce (Matt. 19:3-9), he specified only opposite-sex unions. I don’t remember him even implying that maybe two men or two girls can have a go at it.

      • I knew you would hark back to Leviticus 18,which is why I said vis a vis Christ’s teachings.We are talking Christianity here,not Judaism,tho the OT be part of the Bible today.
        Btw,Leviticus 18 talked about all sort of deviations,devoting only one verse to homosexuality,don’t pick n choose.Same way chapter 20 recommended the death penalty for different kinds of offences.
        Judges 19:22 was a narrative of an event,in no way did it link homosexuality to rape.I wonder where you got that from.As to the event of Genesis 19,I’ll advise you stop reading only KJV.The context of the medieval English used therein has got you confused.The event was an attempted rape,yes but in no way was it a homosexual rape.It was the people of the city,old and young,who sought to debauch the angels.Some versions of the bible says men and women of the city….putting things in proper context.In any event,the destruction of Sodom n Gomorrah had little to do with homosexuality,more of their out and out wickedness.See Ezekiel 16:49-50
        Getting back to my question,I’m glad you agree that Jesus Christ,on whom every true Christian moulds or is supposed to mould his/her lifestyle said nothing about homosexuality,nada.He even healed the centurion’s servant,as you pointed out.That’s cos he had more important things to do,like show people his father’s love n love for our fellows,no matter who they are or what their circumstance is.Love for God n fellow man,that’s what he was about.That’s the same commission he’s laid on all who purports to follow him,the same sort of behavior reflected on those early followers that made them be called Christians at Antioch.
        Your reference to marriage I’ll treat as chaff,not worth giving a minute.Glad you treated Paul’s teaching yourself.

    • ‘You know why any gay person who steals
      and wears people kito and is snarky cannot
      say he represents us? Because nowhere in
      the LGBT movement does it say that that is
      what gay rights are about.’
      You tried to be smart by half here,but I’ll let it lie

      • Smart by half? Lol

        You really dont have to throw stones, just propose a superior arguement! Thats all

      • Wasn’t throwing stones,just pointing out what I see as hypocrisy on his part.

  8. So someone called my attention to a certain notorious persona wrecking havoc on KD with his walnut sized brain. Oga, your latest post with your name in the end was clearly not yours, thats why I didn’t bother commenting, I can’t praise a liar. Meanwhile people like the most holy Angel Gadriel was out for my blood on that same day because I didn’t comment on the post.
    Most (98%) Christians are condescending motherfuckers who don’t use their brain at all. Anything that has to do with bible or God always get them crazy and out for people’s head. Anyday you find the story of a reputable christian who supports homosexuality, pls do send it in to be reviewed and posted.
    Christianity doesn’t allow people to think for themselves, free thinking isn’t encouraged. The fact that you even have a device to work with your crooked butter hands is a feat that wouldn’t have been possible if people didn’t start thinking for themselves. We have cars, internet, aeroplanes etc all because people used their brain, not the bible. Get your get your hideous head out of your filthy ass and stop being a fool around here.
    You’re a liar, we know that
    You’re hideous in and out, we know that
    You’re a condescending SOAB, we know that
    You’re a proud MOFO (though I don’t even know what ure proud of), we know that
    You’re a faux christian, we know that
    You’re a cheap hoe, we know that
    You see, we know all these things about you already, you don’t have to keep selling your spoilt goods to the world.
    Go out there, educate yourself, maybe travel out of this clime(that might help open your etched mind)
    As for the pastor, he needs to be strapped down a rail road to be crushed by a moving train.

    • Max are you really this jobless? Cmon. All these headache over someone you don’t even know. My god! Lol

      Surveys carried out; Lowlifes usually have the sharpest mouth online.. So I won’t even go that road with you.

      • Thank Pinky. Just thank him.
        You wouldn’t be able to visit this blog again if not for him.
        I would’ve dealt with you the way I deal with silly ignorant peeps. Just thank him.

      • em em, Max,care to elaborate further on how you deal with people & why Tef should thank Pinky. are you a co-editor of the blog?

      • I ordinarily don’t respond to your likes online.. But I’ll use you as a point of contacts to other nitwits like yourself(you are the only one worthy of a response as being the meanest of them). By now, you should know there is absolutely nothing you can say or do.. That would mean anything to me.
        I chose to reply you because you think no one can challenge you. All these attacks and treats on people eps my very good self. It means nothing. It’s nothing! Just as you are nothing to me. So don’t think for a second I buy all the BS you like to spew out.
        PP has left you like this to go after people. (bitch smart, he can’t do it himself as the admin) he has litterally turned you to a mad-rabid watch dog. You are under his control. You dance to his tune, what you get inreturn I do not know. But what you just wrote up there is another clear example that I am right with my theories.

      • Once again, thank Pinky. 🙂
        Go to the market and buy the most expensive wine (I bet you can afford it) and thank him. 🙂

      • Oh and, “Angry dogs lash out, and when they do, it makes cutting off their head easy”– Khaleesi.
        You have no idea Mr TEF, you clearly don’t.

      • **sigh**
        Max being his abrasive self.
        Why don’t you two take this elsewhere.This thread was quite interesting till you both started with your madness.

  9. “…. educate yourself…. Maybe travel out …..””
    Max, good advice, but sadly “you can take the man out of the village, but you can’t take the village out of the man”😏

  10. you are clearly misguided if You really think all these attacks mean a thing to me.. I’m here laughing at y’all giving yourselves all kinds of head ache over an online personality.

    I clearly hit a nerve with the satanist chant.. Could it be true? Well.. Time will tell.
    **we are watching**

  11. The vindictive and sadistic Max knew that Tef,s work has defects and chose to keep silent? How cheap! Your excuse the other day was that you were busy. I wonder what made you to talk now. Obviously you think that this blog is people by mentally deranged fools like you who dont think objectively or whose memories are covered with unnecessary hate like your.Maybe your love for Tef or the admin was responsible for your understandable silence.Try harder nne. Tef,from all standards has exhibited nobility. He expressed remorse. Something that you can never do.keep exposing your folly.I urge you once again to re-examine your life.Purge your life of bitterness.There are a lot of reasons to be happy. be wise

    • And that is my Gad.. Words of wisdom served hot! We need people like you on here regularly. It’s no surprise people like Dimpka, Sensei, Colossus, Chris have all disappeared. This blog has disintegrated to something of a play ground for kids, kindergarten if you like. And no Thanks to Max and his childish demeanor for that.
      SOAB he said.. Really? Lol
      All these hatred and anger towards an online persona.. Says a lot abt his state of mind and depression. We can only pray he doesn’t commit suicide soon.. I don’t hate him but I definitely wouldn’t be rejecting food (Akara and the likes) in case of a burial.

    • Oh and I almost forgot.. Happy Father’s Day to you Gad.. Cheers to being a wonderful and Awesome Dad! (That goes to all the other fathers in the house too Colossus et al)

      • Thanks dear Tef. This years fathers, sunday is the best i have witnessed so far. It can only get better with God. I must use this oppurtunity to register my appreciation to the kdians who sent me personal messages and the one that sent a gift. May God recompense you and honor you beyond your imaginations.

      • Thanks Chris. I wish you same too. Ditto for all biological fathers and all who play fatherly roles in one way or the other in the lives of others. Hello Pete.

      • hi Gad, trust you had a wonderful fathers’ day celebration yesterday. playing a fatherly role like I’m doing gives me utmost joy.may we live to reap the fruits of our labour.

  12. Gad, Maybe Max knew that in due course the river will give up the dead body

    Maybe Max felt no one would hear his voice of dissent over the thunderous applause (led by you) following the now known to be bogus post?😒

    Maybe Max knew that even if his voice was heard, YOU would shoot him down. (Wait a minute you actually did before he could say anything)😐

    While you were blindly praising plagiarised work, you goaded Max with your comments. He didn’t responsed. NOW who acted nobly on that occasion??

    Yes Tef expressed remorse AFTER he was caught out – and to be honest it was a non-apology, so are we to be grateful for that? Better late than never I suppose😏. How does his action make the blog look to the wider community?

    So he sits there receiving the accolades for someone else’s work and has the effrontery to critique other ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL posts on here and all you can do is point out Max’s folly. You did that with a good conscience, abi?!?!😏

    I admire your blind loyalty to Tef, even at the risk of what’s left of your degraded integrity. A lesser man would gently admonish Tef or kept silent and admonish him behind the scenes…You know have a sidebar or something. I salute you.👍🏿👍🏿

  13. To say that I am disappointed in you guys would be a disappointment. You guys just went to a new low.

    So, I decided to check out the Poem by Teflondon again-I was shocked when Keredim brought it up today-and also read the ‘original’ one. I am confused, although, the poems look familiar but they both have different themes. It is not a crime to get inspiration from anywhere. At least it is no news that Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart was adapted from “The Second Coming”
    By William Butler Yeats. Going through both poems, it doesnt take a lot to notice that they are both talking about different things. While the ‘original’ poem is talking about conformity. Doing everything to feel among. Telling the son to fuck a woman and never think of marrying a man. In fact, the poem is all about not coming out of the closet. While Teflondon’s on the other hand is talking about acceptance. He is willing to fight for his son and support him in whatever he decides on, even if the son falls in love with a man and decides to marry him.

    Once again, I am disappointed. You guys to pettiness to a all new level.

    • Sinnex, good point to raised about Achebe and Yeats, but Achebe had the decency to acknowledge Yeats, Tef didn’t acknowledge his source of inspiration. And in doing so put the integrity of the blog at risk.

      I think you are intelligent enough to see the difference?

      Its not being petty, lets call it what it is – it is calling out A FRAUD! And if you were really forthright you would be objective with your comments.

    • Why will they acknowledge the thematic difference in the poems when it will rob them the oppurtunity to berate another human being?

    • Sinnex I couldn’t have said it better. Least I had the decency to apologize after it was brought to my knowledge who wrote it… I don’t get what the fuzz is.. Mind you, where I got the ideas of the peom.. No credit was given and which means I didn’t know who to give credit to.. What was important to me was the message I was trying to pass across. Which was totally different from the message the initial poem was passing..
      Sinnex Pls don’t waste your time explaining anything to this jobless nitwit. He is just another jobless owner of a failed blog. To call someone that “travels around the world” fucking for money.. Petty! to me is just being gracious.

      • “To call someone that “travels around the world” fucking for money..”

        Well at least I am honest about it and not deceiving anyone…..

      • Your justification to prostitution is the fact that you didn’t hide it? Hmmm. So if a robber is caught and arraigned in court and he admits to the crime,he should be discharged and acquitted? See what new age movement is doing to our sense of morality and justice.Im just dissapointed

  14. “maybe this,may be that”. this your litany of maybes clearly show that you dont know what you are talking about so its needless joining issues with you over what you dont know.Next time before you act as max counsel,please get proper briefing from him so you dont make a jest of yourself like you did today. its people like you that are using “maybes” to steal from helpless orphans and widows.@ KERE

  15. Pinky,this is about the third time that max is threatening a kdian with expulsion.Though I dont see the glory in being here,I will like you to make a clarification about this. Is he a co-admin? Did he have the capacity to block another user? His threat weather empty or real was not directed at me but I know how it made me feel and im sure some users feel the same.The earlier you respond,the better it will be appreciated.

    • Hey old man, been having network issues. Just came in here and saw the foul smell of you and your Virtual son’s shit all over KD.
      Tefmushin, you need to go into the market to check out your worth, you’d be surprised. You could easily be swapped for an eke-uke(a cheap dog sold for meat in Eke market in Uke). You copy people’s work and post and expect an applause on top of it. Save your stupid apology for those who care.
      @Gadriel, your level of naivety and sheer foolishness increases by the day. It doesn’t help the fact that you have kids who are supposed to look up to you for inspiration or whatever. You gracefully wear your garment of hypocrisy and unintelligence and waddle around every post, looking for people to put down and then go back to smoking your deadly opium. Its sad, really sad. Because of people like you and your virtual son, the LGBT community in Nigeria is still backwards . I hope you don’t die before you see the light..
      You’re by far the worst human being here
      Your virtual son comes in second..
      You have a wicked heart and a black soul which is ironic, since you’re supposed to be shining your angelic light on all KDians..
      Instead you throw yourself around in the mud, looking for 2 seconds of virtual fame..
      Tufia!!!!… Shame on you two!!!

      • Actually,you’re the worst being I’ve encountered thus far on KD,Max.Not I said being n not human.You go about spreading venom from a very dark n bitter soul all over the place.That you are friends with the admin n he allows you run of the place with this madness,doesn’t mean others should.A rather nice comment section n see what you’ve done to it.The nerve threatening someone,even if he’s not likeable.
        You’re like a rabid dog n like one you ought to be put down.

  16. kere, you surprise me. You admit that you are prostituting and justify it because you are “honest” to admit it? I wonder the type of world we would have if criminals come to court and admit honestly to crimes they have committed and based on that they are set free. Sometimes I shudder at how the new age movement has eroded our sense of morality and standards. you disappointed me big time.

  17. Wow, just wow! The post is about hate and so are the comments. How are some of you different from the pastor?

    • I just wonder why some people have so much hatred for someone they have never met in real life [or have met, whatever]. Talk about being depressed… that’s the height of it. Let’s learn to love each other and appreciate each other. Love is all that is needed to make the world a better place, not unhealthy competitions. This KD is beginning to become a playground for hatred brewings. People come here to score cheap points of popularity by attacking others. Does not make sense. Gays aresupposed to be gay [happy].

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