No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 15)

eliWondering if it is possible to merge your strong Christian faith with your sexuality? Well, in this episode, Elizabeth Funke Obisanya, an LGBTIQ minister and filmmaker best known for her film Magda’s Lesbian Lover (usually referred to as MLL), talks and deals profoundly with issues concerning faith and sexuality; augmenting it with some of her own personal experiences. She also takes us briefly back into the history of Christianity, Religion and Africa (Nigeria).

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For information concerning Elizabeth’s short film, Magda’s Lesbian Lover, which will be shown at London Arts Festival on the 26 of June 2015, click HERE.

And to submit your LGBTIQ films (short documentaries or narratives) to Elizabeth’s Film festival tagged ‘TADO FILM FESTIVAL’, click HERE.

12 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 15)

  1. The guests you interview on your podcasts are such amazing personalities, Mike. You’re indeed going places. You and PP slowly making strides in the Nigerian LGBT.

  2. It’s ironic that your guests can speak better than you do and sound more original than you do. You have the best of intentions but the accent ( now it sounds like a raypower sports broadcast) is such a turn off. Its Obisanya not obi -sun-yeah for heavens sake. Pls be real and all the best!

  3. I remember in my web design classes: don’t use too many “click here to do this”, “click here to do that”

    Great work Mike, you’re doing wonderfully fine

  4. Ok Guys thanks for all your entries here, please note that i am not important here instead focus on the information thats been provided. I appreciate all your comments thanks and keep listening.

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