Trivia From ‘Modern Family’

modern familyThis may or may not be a spoiler. It depends on how you see it after you’ve read it. 🙂

Two weekends ago, I did a marathon watching of Modern Family Season 6. And as all other seasons, this one had me in stitches from all the laughter. There is no end to how this extended family’s craziness delights me. And then, I watched the episode where Jay Pritchett and his son’s husband, Cameron Tucker went for a gay bowling match.

Now, Jay is a recovering ‘anti-homosexualist’. He is okay with the gays in his family, but every now and then, he gets queasy. So you can imagine his outrage when Cameron told him that the bowling match was a gay one, and that he’d have to pretend he is gay. Here’s a extract from there dialogue that I enjoyed and thought to share.

Jay: No one’s gonna believe I’m gay.

Cameron: Oh, why, because you’re not flouncy enough? Jay, that’s offensive. There’s all kinds of gays. You’ve got your Broadway gays, your gym gays, your twinks, your bears, your otters, your ‘hey girl’ gays. You’ve got your pups, your cubs, your chubs. And most prominently, you’ve got your Average Joes who you would never know are gay.

So guys, what category of gay do you fall into? 🙂 Don’t lie o, diaris God in everything you are saying here.

68 thoughts on “Trivia From ‘Modern Family’

  1. Hmmm modern family… cracking me up since 3200BC!

    About the type of gay? Lol… I guess it’s som1 who knows me that will be able to definitely say… Please which one is ‘Otter’ ‘pups’ ‘Cubs’?

  2. That sissy sway jay did when he scored !!! Was epic !!! Hands down !! That series is the thang !! And Sophia those the icing on the cake for me !!! That woman is hiluuur!!!

  3. Bwahahaha I can hear in my head how he says “Now Jay, that’s offensive”
    Who or What in God’s name is a ‘broadway gay’?
    I cannor find my category here o

      • Lol. I opened d link and read d article…now I don’t even know what the hell I am! I couldn’t find myself on that their list.

  4. Illd say I fall into the category of ‘Average joe with touches of bear, Chubs and Broadway.’

    **bats lashes**

  5. Average Joe ke? I cannot be average Joe to save my life seeing as I fail at all those ‘mando’, ‘man-up’ torture exercises. I’ll stick with ‘Lepa Shandy’ until there’s an official review.
    smh+lol Be there goading Max o. The blade is still as sharp…and swift.

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