Man Crush Monday: Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe 04I’ve always fancied Boris Kodjoe to be a thoroughly beautiful man. This certainly wasn’t helped by the movie Addicted, where he showed some skin and some lovemaking expertise. *sigh* What I’d give to have him act a gay role and for me to be his love interest, lol.

But today, he’s not for me. Andrevn is the KDian who owns this man crush. And you know Andrevn has lyrics, right up there with the likes of Vhar. So when I asked him why he found Boris Kodjoe desirable, here’s what he said:

‘He is tall and foiiiiiiinnnne, with that jaw-line that was probably sculptured by Poseidon literally using thunderbolts for chisel under the supervision of Zeus himself. Those full, strawberried lips which caters to all my wildest fantasies… Those black-brown eyes with razor-sharp gaze that seems to rape me of my very essences all the time… And did I mention he’s a pappy-water like me, born of the star of Pisces… He is my Prince of Atlantis.’

It’s not a small thing o. These two, Boris and Andrevn, are sure destined for each other. Nicole Ari Parker, take note, park your shit from your matrimonial home, and make way for your husband’s one true love. 😀

boris kodjoe shirtless

Boris Kodjoe 07Boris Kodjoe 08

45 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday: Boris Kodjoe

  1. Fine as hell and doesn’t joke with his marital vows (so far) too boot. One of the few BURRIFUL people that don’t come off as intimidating to me 🙌🙌

  2. Andrevn, I like you. I really, really do. So I’ll desist (for now) from giving you an acid bath and just make do with a warning.

    Stay away from Boris! Nigga’s mine and mine alone. Oh and, if you even dream about him, or think about thinking about him, lemme make it clear that I have a team of powerful babalawos from all states in the Niger Delta, alongside an Ijebu witch doctor working for me. So, stay clear!

  3. Fine man! And that “Addicted” movie? God! The director was literally torturing me with eye candy and sex scenes.

  4. What a sexy man… I have always maintained that I am spec-less.

    But is it just me or did PP deliberately put a HOT man in our faces trying to make us forget what Monday morning post we are expecting?


      • “The Real Husband Snatchers of Hollywood”

        Wife: Gurl why are you stealing my man?

        Snatcher: tsk tsk tsk… no darling I ain’t stealing your man. I am snatching him. Know the difference… Toodles

  5. **abt typing**
    I’ll pass…
    **sees the pic of him in CK pants**
    Is that really his?? Good lawd!
    Take me home baby!!

  6. Honestly i always feel Nicole is just an ugly lucky bitch.And to think his so faithful to her?well have never heard any scandals bout dem her juju strong jare.

  7. We were together wiv my dear Boris yesterday all thru d nite and we made sweet passionate love all thru….As for u kd wanna be sidechicks thirsting for my man una thunder still dey do press up😈😈😈

  8. Gawd!!! what a lovely man, fine and matured to perfection … abeg he belongs in the arms of a man joor ***tongue out*** ***rushes to stand next to A/C and cool off***

    • *chuckles* Uhm! Shade spotted Queen Regnant but I’m pleased to remind you that he’s already taken so shoo! Shoo shoo!!! for those with youthful strength and red blood still coursing thru their veins. Madame Dedragon this will be the ONLY and LAST TIME we will fight over a man. And oh! allow me the pleasure of dousing that heat that’s making your nethers all flustered *manipulates saliva from Poshs’ drooling agape mouth….sprays it on ya* That will do. *curtsies * Your Grace.

  9. *Taps microphone*
    Hello KDville! I see some bishes be thirsting after MY MAN. Just so you know my powers are not limited to the Kaleidoscopic depths of the ocean. *Zings lightning from finger tips* You might want to go ask Ari Parker in the cove where I packed her. This is the much I’ll say. Hello b(M)itch!!!

  10. That last picture is from eons ago…. Lord have mercy, I saw that fashion show on Video Fashion many years ago

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