The Lesson Learned About Bravery (And Irony)

ironyjoesA US man tried to make a point about “true bravery” in the wake of Caitlyn Jenner coming out.

Terry Coffey posted a photo on Facebook (picture above) of what looked like two US army soldiers, and wrote: “As I see post after post about Bruce Jenner’s transition to a woman, and I hear words like, bravery, heroism, and courage, just thought I’d remind all of us what real American courage, heroism, and bravery looks like.”

However, it emerged the photo was of two GI Joe dolls, posed by photographer Mark Hogencamp – who was once beaten into a coma for being a cross dresser.

Mr Coffey went on to explain, in a later post, why choosing that picture was quite so ironic.

“The photo that accompanied my words yesterday to highlight “true bravery” was chosen from a quick image search. In an ironic twist, I have discovered that the photo is part of a documentary created by a man who was beaten nearly to death outside of a bar in 2000.

“After spending 9 days in a coma, suffering severe brain damage and being unable to walk or talk for a year, he chose to deal with the pain of the tragic event, by creating an imaginary world of characters and photos and stories, all set in WWII. His work is the subject of an upcoming documentary.

“Why was he nearly beaten to death by 5 strangers? Because he was a cross-dresser.

“What happened to this man was cruel, wrong, and unforgivable.

“Hate helps nothing. Love wounds no one.

“And God heals all.

“(And irony makes you think).”

21 thoughts on “The Lesson Learned About Bravery (And Irony)

  1. “Hate helps nothing. Love wounds no one”. That’s a universal truth. I will only add that hate is like a bone-fire which destroys the hater in its ruinous stride. Happy sunday to all men and women of goodwill here.

  2. as love wounds no one,can all the bickering stop & we all start loving each other or at most, ignore/tolerate each other.

    • Pete at the end of the day some people are little! So very little and they cannot change! Allow them wallow in their little-ness

  3. All these homophobic f**ks are so annoying, i just came across Daniel Pierce’s secret video recording with his homophobic folk *There is God o in tears*…

  4. Lol. I guess it was d other way round for Bruce. Though it wasn’t any less brave of him to do all he did, the circumstances might prolly not have been as ‘limiting’ as that Arab girl who was shot in d head, that negro lady who refused to stand on the bus…who else? These ones are heroes, not ready-made poster persons (apologies ronniephoenix)

    • Azzin ehn I am tired. I am officially tired of everything and anything concerning Caitlyn Jenner. The other day I was going through my facebook and I saw a caption, “Caitlyn Jenner wears thigh high boots for lunch with friends” I nearly smashed my phone!! Can we just let it go already??

      • Lol. Eros, she’s the world’s new plaything. Give it sometime. The fascination will wear off soon. If not on its own, then when someone else does something else noteworthy.

      • Thigh high boots though? I know she’s on her trans-journey now, but isn’t it a little too soon to feel comfortable in thigh high boots for lunch? When you’re not doing a burlesque show? And at over 60?

        Dear God….. Even I would join the chorus of ‘What is this world turning into?’

      • Come on Lothario, spare her. She has spent the last 20 years or so “Being A Khardasian”. It’s gonna take at least 5 years to get the trashy-ness out of her.😏

  5. @PP,Daniel Pierce is a young man who was disowned by his family for being gay,On youtube there is a video(he filmed secretly) of him been insulted/abused my his family who are Hardcore homoph’s by the way(pls keep a tissue close to u)

    • Pinky, I think I remember u posted a story of him last year.
      @kacee Isn’t he the teenager who got financial support and has opened a trust or foundation for young kids like him???

  6. @trystham yeah that’s the guy,i just came across the story on gaystarnews. The video is soooooo…..i can’t describe it.

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