28 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XXVII

  1. Hahahahahahah! You had to do this?
    Loooool. The bottom will also get going if they can get the top that gets going.

  2. Lol

    Fix this Jesus!

    I saw a school in portharcourt here announcing their victory in some national competition, and they wrote on their signange

    WE ARE TOPS!!!

    I nearly died of laughter

  3. Hahaha! Don’t you know what it means,Pinky? Here’s the interpretation:
    “When the goin gets top”: means when two ppl get into bed only to discover that it’s a ‘double-top’ situation,
    “The top gets going”: the two tops will now have to wear their clothes again,and start GOING home… I hope I’ve been able to clear ur confusion?

  4. Chisos! Whoever tha f*ck made that up? Talk about implication!

    And Dennis, what was that your tutor said about adverts not having any homosexual or sexually deviant content? Seems to me he missed a spot

  5. Lmaoooo only my feefle can do this.Am so ashame right now.Infact sumtymz me sef when i see some billboards or signboards i go jus cover my face with shame.😂😂😂😂

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