Kiss And Tell (Entry 1)

Blog_Kiss And TellFOREWORD:Β KingBey has had sexcapades, and he is talking about them. πŸ™‚ This is the first entry of his debut series. Read and — Oh whaddaell, you’ll surely let us know what you think after you’ve read this. lol


And that was how I was on my own on a cold, rainy season evening. This was in April 2008, and I was in school, Abia State University. I’d just finished my degree exams the November of the previous year, but I often came around to the school every now and then to complete and defend my project.

This particular evening, I was seated at a kiosk around the Boy’s Hostel sipping on a Sprite and munching biscuits. Then this tall, dark, slim, young, kind-faced and soft-spoken student pastor came up to preach to me. Let me add here that the school happened to be on vacation then. So the environment was scanty, especially the hostel area. The students who were around were mostly those on the project completion mission as I was, part-time students and some few regular students with one academic issue or the other. So this good-looking student pastor approached me, requested to sit with me, and at my nod, he sat on the bench beside me. Even before he started talking, I knew he was on an evangelical mission. There was this obvious air of righteous rectitude about him that had him pegged.

He started preaching to me – about how to become born again, give my life to Christ, and all that jazz; stuff I’d heard a thousand times already before. I’d like to say that I was paying attention to his sermon, but when I saw him approach, I felt an instant attraction for him. I liked him at first sight. And so, as he spoke the good news to me, I was plotting how to get him to go down with me. Pastor or not, I had to have him. And my mission was helped by the fact that he seemed to like me, as he smiled at me a lot whenever I responded to him.

Then I asked him if he had an extra bed space to spare for the night in his room, as my roommates were all gone and I couldn’t sleep alone in my room. He readily agreed and off we went to his room, after I finished the drink I was having. When it was time for bed, I left the bed he showed me to sleep on and asked to join him in his own. He said no problem, and moved aside for me to climb in beside him.

And so, I snuggled in, and we started sleeping – or we pretended to sleep. I was sleeping on my side, facing away from him. Then I felt something nudging at my back. A grin began spreading across my face when I realized it was a boner. I turned around and to look at the good pastor, with his carefully expressionless face and his rock hard dick. There was nothing left to be said. I gave an evil smile and moved in, pulling him close and latching on to his full, luscious lips. I kissed him like there was no tomorrow, and he returned the favour with equal zeal. We kissed fiercely for about five minutes, our hands grasping at our bodies. Then I reached down and pulled down his shorts to reveal one of the biggest, blackest, thickly-veined dicks β€˜d ever seen – till date actually. I wasted no time in sliding down and taking that beautiful dick in my mouth. I sucked him hard, skillfully working my tongue and lips over his gorgeous shaft, and licking his big low-lying balls intermittently. He gasped and moaned, alternating between telling me to stop and urging me on by grinding his hips against my face.

Then he pulled his dick out of my mouth, shuffled on the bed until we were lying, thighs to face, and began to suck me, while I continued with his dick too. The 69 was glorious! When the sensation got too intense for me, when I could feel the beginnings of my climax somewhere in my center, I stopped him, pulled him up and flipped him around. I shoved off his shorts completely off his legs, and inserted one finger inside his man hole. He didn’t resist. This was going to be an emergency fuck. I lubed up my second finger with saliva, which happens to be one of my best lubes in impromptu situations. By the time my third finger was inside him, he was already wriggling his waist, and I took that as a cue for me to get down to real business. Then I lubed up my dick with more saliva and plunged into him. Upon first entry, he moaned. I sighed. This was heaven. And then, I began to ram inside him, while he was pinned to the wall, our thrust-and-receive motions causing the bunk to creak crazily. Fortunately for us, the hostel was very nearly empty, and the corner where we were was entirely vacated. So no one could actually hear us. If anyone heard, no one came to investigate. I banged furiously at his ass, and he urged me on with feverish utterances.

After about some ten minutes of oohs and aahs, my climax erupted. I groaned harshly as I spilled and spasmed behind him. All this while, he’d been wanking himself, and at this point, began to masturbate more vigorously until moments later, he came too. Then he got off the bed and went out of the room to the toilet. He returned some minutes later, sat on the floor and began to cry.

At first, I stared at him, nonplussed by his crying. Then I realised he must be broken up from guilt. I should probably have consoled him, but then – wetin consine me? I didn’t understand his guilt. I still don’t. The sex had been good. We’d both enjoyed it. At least, I did. And perhaps, I’d β€˜spoilt’ an anointed man of God in the process. But I was too busy crediting what just happened as one of the most intense and unplanned sex ever in my life.

We exchanged numbers early the next morning and I left for my room. However, that was the last time I ever saw him. With this and many more sexperiences, who’d say I didn’t enjoy my stay in Abia State University? πŸ˜‰

Written by KingBey

63 thoughts on “Kiss And Tell (Entry 1)

  1. My oh my! KingBey, you are one deliciously naughty force of evil. lol. And the devil just read this and started preparing a room for you in hell. How dare you cause the fall of an anointed?

    • So calling for safe sex is a white hat? nna it’s time for several gays in Nigeria to get tested oh. HIV/STDs everywhere

      • Panther, a lot of young gay men read this blog. Chestnut’s comments were implying that you don’t always need a condom. Given the fact that gay men in Nigeria are unlikely to only have one partner, or even screen their partners, that attitude leads to infection.

        That’s why I don’t find that comment humorous.

        In conclusion, PLEASE USE A CONDOM. It’s cheaper than BIS.

      • The white hat bit was my comment, Chuck. That’s what you mentioned. That’s what I was implying about humour. I didn’t say what I said to by any means mitigate the seriousness of the issue. I was simply teasing keredim.


      • Chuck, you are absolutely correct about the condom issue. However the white hat comment by PP, was an in joke between us, as you can see from my ‘powder blue hat’ response to him.
        He (we) did not mean to dilute the seriousness of the issue.

  2. Cried out of guilt that night, only to wake up and exchange numbers in the morning? Nah! That shit is too messed up for me to deal with. We would just do a see u around and leave things be. he is just going to guilt me into thinking I’m a bad person. I had a delicious grin on my face when u didn’t bother to console him (I would ve felt the to).

    Me like plenty. Looking forward to ur next deliciously evil tea.

  3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… Unplanned sex is always the best.. The #NotKnowing what’s gonna happen increases the thrill..
    Condonmless sex?? Hian..
    Ummm Kingbey, I thought you enjoy taking a D? #AskingForAfriend

    • Lol,Max,I thought u didn’t believe in role-restriction? Should u be surprised when someone narrates a sex-tale where he plays one role or another?

      • Lol @Chestie.. I don’t believe in roles, but Kingbey has been in the forefront championing roles.. And from his comments, he kind of disclosed it. So reading this was totally a shocker. Maybe he doesn’t believe in roles after all.

  4. Hahaha! Kingbey,u’re a baaaad niggah! And that “pastor”…I have no words! (This is how he will be fucking and crying and repenting and repeating the cycle with a new guy each week…*sips tea*)

      • My dear,we know their type jare! “I hate sleeping with men because it’s an abomination in the sight of My God, so this is the only time I’ll sleep with u”…then they repeat the cycle over and over again with a new guy everytime(they don’t sleep with one person twice o;it’s always a new person) that way, they convince themselves that they aren’t slutty hoes, just victims. Yimu.

  5. I have tried that evangelism trick before. When I like someone and don’t know how to get close to the person, I just go and preach to him.

    This is nice. Seems like I’d be walking with a boner this early morning.

    Oga, you try sha ooooo….you no even use condom and fear no catch you. I have learnt one or two tricks this morning.

  6. Awwww! That used to be me – all guilty and remorseful after sex. Now, I’ve come to embrace and love meself for who I am.

    But KingBey, you seriously gat no chill! Wanting a pastor – evil! Making out with a pastor – EVUL! Fucking a pastor – MOSTE POTENTE EVUL! Lmao. Cool read tho.

  7. Tufia!!!
    Ekwensu! Denying nwa mmadu of his precious heaven.

    Kingbey, you need to teach me this tricks. I just sighted one cutie in the lobby of a business centre. I wish I can pull off this your trick on him

  8. Who would blame him? KingBey led him to sin, lol. Tbh, I try to avoid those pastors at all costs, they’re usually eager to snitch.

    But come o, ABSU dudes can pretend for africa

  9. Probably wasn’t a good idea reading this at work, now im trying to stiffle this boner *tries hard to think about Margaret Thatcher taking a shower*

  10. Soooo loving this, hmmmmm a student pastor wow kingbey, nice one thou *wiping my sweaty face* pls kdians u need to download this hot gay music video btw a priest and a church member (Tooji – the father project) its so hoooooot

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  12. Yumm!!! what a deliciously slutty piece!! and thats how Kingbey turned a pastor away from his HOE-lyness … and crying after enjoying raunchy sex … tchwwww…. aint nobody got time for confused dudes abeg … their wahala too much …
    Great piece anyways

  13. Oh em geeee, this is sooo my life, well at least na just cry this onr cry, he didn’t curl into a fetal position, hold his head, while shuddering and sobbing as if he was actually going through some kinda physical torture, all these after cumming oooo, i thought spirits were beating him .. ….scared me like cray. I wanted to run, but sadly it was my house, after about 10-15 mins he’s all normal again. Lord i have met them diff kinds.

  14. For some reason, I always run away from pastors and priests and all of those, where I get stuck is with the church boys. When you’re getting to know them, they won’t be such ardent church goers o, but suddenly, you invest in the relationship and they suddenly realise they have to be in the choir…… Every time! It baffles me. Till date, I think my best relationship was with an agnostic. Sunday morning conversations were more about where to go for brunch than that frenzied bathroom race because he doesn’t want to be late for workers’ meeting before church.

    • So I had sex with this dude sometime,and we both enjoyed it. Played both roles on each other. So he calls the week after asking “if I have gone to confession” taking this as I joke I laugh and he sounds mean on how “Christ can still redeem me(maybe he had been “redeemed)

      I hate “guilt after sex dudes” I understand at some points in understanding our sexuality In such a religious stricken country,we encounter denial, but fro a grown up dude? Irritating


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