No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 14)

AdeIn this episode, NOSTRINGS catches up with Seyi Adebanjo, a queer, gender non-conforming Nigerian, in the discussion of gender related issues. ‘They’ speak on the reasons why ‘they’ do not exactly identify as either male or female in its entirety, the challenges that comes with changing one’s identity, sometimes having to live a double life, what it means to be gay, dealing with the hate, and how people constantly confuses ‘them’ for something else or try really hard to gender ‘them’ up. We are taken humorously along on their journey of transition.

Want to know the reason why I have continued to use the term ‘they’ and ‘them’ when talking about Seyi? Well, you can get your answer by clicking to either DOWNLOAD or STREAM LIVE.

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15 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 14)

  1. Let me just start by saying GREAT JOB

    This interview left me with a lot questions. Seyi clearly doesn’t ve away of dealing with the way he is being addressed. Like he said, he has to assess the situation first cos gender related issues, in the context in which its been discussed here, has a way of escalating into violence. So in reality he doesnt do much. According to seyi, his visa and other documents still reads either male or female. Its hard really. I will just draw a conclusion that seyi does it for “they” or just for seyi

    How does “they” practice the traditional yorubA faith? Who is “they’s spiritual leader and provide spiritual guidiance ?

    I ve a bunch of areas where I got lost tbh. So long as seyi is happy, im cool

    Great job. Mike

  2. I just wasted my time listening to this. The fakeness even started from the accent of Seyi. Why did he even have a name? He would have been nameless for proper effects.

    • Work on your accent. Its not by force to have a british accent doused with American pronunciations. Your Nigerian Accent Is Just Fine. Your fake accent scares me away from your show or ending it almost immediately

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