Arkansas Lawmaker Outraged Over Gay Pride Being Held On A Sunday

Sen. Jason Rapert, R-Conway, presents a resolution during a meeting of the Legislative Council in Little Rock, Ark., Friday, June 20, 2014. The Council approved the non-binding measure that urges the state Supreme Court to uphold a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert is pissed off that his hometown of Conway, AR just hosted their twelfth annual Gay Pride parade on Sunday.

Rapert posted a book length rant on his official Facebook page (Check on the Facebook Rant HERE) over the weekend accusing gay people, or as he likes to refer to us “anti-Christian activists,” of “crossing the line” by purposefully planning their parade on a Sunday (aka “the Lord’s Day”) to “mock” and “intimidate” Christians.

“They understand that the lifestyle they are glorifying on our streets is considered sin by every Bible-believing Christian,” Rapert exclaimed, “and they use their parade on a day reserved to worship God and reverence the Lord to mock Christians.”

Rapert called the parade “truly one of the most offensive public displays against Christians you will find anywhere in our state,” saying that gay people “have specifically chosen Sunday to try and intimidate people who believe in the Word of God.”

As a result, the Republican lawmaker said he “objects” to the parade “ever again being held on the Sabbath Day again.”

Of course, by that logic, other events that ought to be rescheduled are Super Bowl Sunday, televised awards ceremonies like the Grammys, the Tonys and the Oscars, all Sunday night Primetime television, and any other event that happens to fall on the seventh day of the week. You know, so as not to make any Christians feel intimidated.

“This has all gone way too far,” Rapert concluded. “Evil has won too many battles in America lately.”

A man by the name of Hank House had the best response to Rapert’s tirade when he posted to the lawmaker’s Twitter page: “Maybe, just maybe, Sunday happens to be the day the parade would affect local businesses, traffic, etc. the least.”

13 thoughts on “Arkansas Lawmaker Outraged Over Gay Pride Being Held On A Sunday

  1. The other events, (Oscars, Tony’s….) mentioned in comparison, are held in the later part of the day after church services.

    Pride events are generally go on all day. The good senator of Arkansas is just pissed that HE would not be able to attend in his leather outfit complete with mask and chains, as it clashes with church service.

  2. This man reminds me of ‘The Lagoon King’, Oba Akiolu of Lagos. I don’t know why, but I just had a mental image of the guy while reading this piece.

  3. Will Nigeria ever host a pride? It’s a long way ahead. And why do I feel this man is afraid of the ‘gaypower’?

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