Human-rights-abusesFOREWORD: My attention was brought to a recent Facebook post updated by a female, Eketi Ette. I read it, and I decided to share. Read and of course, let us know what you think.


A few days ago, cyberspace was in a furore over a certain Bruce that has become a Caitlyn. Some little children somewhere now have two grandmothers, instead of a Grandpa and a Grandma. I’ve got one word for those children: confusion.

Messages of congratulations poured in from every quarter; many people hailed this man for his supposed act of bravery; for “refusing to hide any longer” and others for “finally being his true self.” A lot of people said, “If it makes him happy, then I’m glad.” I wonder why many didn’t extend the same courtesy to Michael Jackson and Dencia.

Does changing our bodies bring us true, lasting happiness? How does one live as a man for sixty-five years, father six children and then decide to become a woman? Happiness, in my opinion, is a state of your inside, of mind. If you weren’t happy as a man, how can you be happy as a woman? Does changing your outer reproductive organs or gender-definitive features make a difference? How does wearing a dress, make up, having a vagina and being called Ms instead of Mr bring lasting happiness?

Someone said to me two days ago, “If he’s happy, then it’s ok.” And I wondered: what is the price of this so-called happiness we keep pushing for and should everyone be allowed to be “happy”?

The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender movement has come to stay. In fact, outside the shores of Nigeria, if one isn’t careful, one may find oneself the subject of a lawsuit for refusing to accept this fact. Most of the gay community have become the new bullies. Refusing to accept them means you hate gays or you’re afraid of them. They’ve got a name for you—homophobe. But just like being heterosexual, does one’s sexual orientation guarantee happiness?

Three years ago, paedophiles began to call for the same legal rights as homosexuals. They want their predilection for children to be declassified from sexual deviancy just as being homosexual was, to an alternative lifestyle. Referred to as “minor-attracted people,” they protested that their right and freedom to choose whom to love is being stifled.

One in particular posited that his love for children would ensure that he doesn’t do them any harm. They claimed that their studies showed that children who suffered sexual assaults as kids have very little damage or suffer little or no bad side effects.

From way back in 2006, bestiality brothels began to crop up in the west and are growing. In Germany for instance, they’re called erotic zoos, where patrons can go and have sex with any animal of their choice.

In 2013, a zoophile group (zoophiles are those who love and support the movement to mate with animals) named ZETA, began to challenge the ban on bestiality. For them and their counterparts around the world, they have the right to have sex with an animal if they so wish. Do you know that there are animal brothels in Denmark, where animals are the prostitutes? Yet, still many people are also pushing for consensual incest rights: rights of parents to have sex with their kids, kids with siblings and vice versa.

Before we scrunch up our faces, do our “Tufiakwas” and “God forbids,” let’s be clear on one thing: it is not happening in the West alone. There are men and women here in Nigeria who are practicing everything mentioned above. If you don’t personally know of someone who does this, you’ve probably heard the stories. And all these people are only reaching for happiness, just like everyone else. Why should they be denied?

Have we carefully considered where the push to normalize everything is taking us to? Where do we draw the line?

The years are coming and are here, when everyone will want their rights considered and enforced. It’s my body, it’s my life. I was born that way. I deserve it—these reasons are but a few; more are coming.

We’re now in a world where the doctrine of political correctness and tolerance is more preached than the gospel. But are we ready for the backlash?

Our courts and legislatures are the battlegrounds on which these battles are fought. The newspapers will keep running reports.

Liberty without limits is the worst kind of thing man has ever imagined. And it’ll be our ruin.


46 thoughts on “She Asked: FREEDOM OR A SLIPPERY SLOPE TO MORE?

  1. Wow!

    This is a lot to take in. It gives one a lot to think about. ” And I wondered: what is the price of this so-called happiness we keep pushing for and should everyone be allowed to be “happy”. This sentence left my mouth dry.

  2. key word should be CONSENT. if a child is denied certain rights like voting because the society feels he/she can’t make independent assessment, why should you seek his/her consent for sex? until they determine a universally accepted means of proving consents from animals, same goes for the bestiality group

  3. I always see this kind of condescending and downright offensive argument about not pushing freedom too far.

    Its a beautiful monday morning to make money, I will not be drawn into negativity. Most of the people who spew this line of thought know the answer already, they just wanna kick up dust!


  4. This really gives a lot to think about. I brought up this issue some time ago; where is the line between freedom, happiness and deviation? In our pursuit for happiness are we right to deny another theirs? Trust me 10/20 years from now, I may be attending a zoophile wedding and it bothers me that I feel bad about it because I also want my freedom. Let me come back to read the comments that may change my perception, isn’t it what this blog was made for? Orientation.

    • Where the line should be drawn is seeking happiness to the detriment of others. It’s like pete said. Consent.
      The child that the pedophile wants freedom to molest isn’t considered old enough to make that decision.
      The animal that the bestial deviant wants to keep sexing didn’t exactly nod its head and say, ‘Let’s get it on.’
      True happiness should be about you, and not constitute a mess or invasion for other beings, living or dead (for those who are into having sex with corpses).

      • This Caitlyn matter is a no go area for my colleagues, they now call me Jenner gladiator. They dare not bring it up, cos I swing in on a wrecking ball and demolish you

      • 😂😂😂😂.. I purposely put up her pic as my dp.. With a sarcastic pm.. Then I waited patiently for someone to fall into my trap.. 🙂 🙂

  5. Whenever Homosexuality and Bestiality and Especially Pedophilia are mentioned in the same sentence, it breaks my heart just a little.

  6. This Eketi woman and her straw man arguments. How is zoophilia or paedophilia comparable to homosexuality? The whole liberty without limits ideology is based on fear. It’s the same way equal rights for blacks was opposed, and voting rights for women were opposed.
    Is there any reason to oppose the individual’s freedom to choose homosexuality or heterosexuality , outside of religious bias? I’m waiting for a good argument.

    Ask her what the limt should be and I’m sure she will mention her religion. As if Christianity is the only religion out there. It’s not even that original. Religions existed before Christianity and others will soon take its place. It’s a trend, like systems of government or methods of warcraft.

  7. Lol. Eketi is lucky we’re in business together, that’s why I ignored her post…make we no for quarrel.

    But I find it interesting how religious people can go on about how immoral it is for Bruce Jenner to “go against nature”, i.e. change his sex, when their god of nature makes mistakes all the time – like dumping all the sex organs he can think of on one person and that one becomes intersex (hehe); and sometimes he creates a full fledged man and forgets to give him a penis at all (leaving the science they bash so much to fix things). Hehe.

    Our pipo!

  8. This is just too much for me this early morning.
    She actually has a point sha.
    If there is one animal I’d like to get down with, that would be the Horse, they have the ass to die for.

  9. This is a carefully laid out pile of crap!! Children and animals can’t give their consent to sex with humans. When I have sex with a man, we have both met, felt attracted to and have agreed to fuck each other till our brains are a heaving mass of tissue!!! Miss Eketi, stop using this as an opportunity to push your homophobic agenda, we can see thru the well laid out pile of crap and it wont fly!
    ***wiggles ass and flips hair in your face***

  10. Well, animals and kids cannot consent to see so it’s wrong! Unfair and evil to commit any sexual act on them.
    on Bruce Jenner, God bless his pursuit of “happyness”. Saw a short clip of the interview where he said being a woman is tough and they face many challenges or something like that….hmmmm happy complain? I wonder what benefit he’s going to gain by being a woman at 65. Men and women at such age are same to me…lool.
    It is essential to be at peace with ourselves as long as we don’t hurt anyone in the process. At the same time, I don’t believe in attacking people for having opposing opinion with you…After all we all are entitled to our opinion.

  11. “Liberty without limits is the worst kind of thing man ever imagined…..”

    Bitch didn’t say that when women were given the right to vote. 😡😡

  12. I’m sure she squeals with delight when she is given a dish prepared with the corpses of animals that were raised in cages and then killed for meat. All this is fine. But a person who has sex with an animal is condemned. Did the animal give consent to be hurt or killed. I don’t support zoophilia. Just giving you food for thought

  13. PP I unfollowed Eketi on facebook eons ago. Couldn’t keep up with her Hypocrisy. Both her and her minion….thank God I didn’t get to see the post. Not planning to.

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