40 thoughts on “Chai! The Things We See On The Social Media

  1. I don’t understand.
    What exactly does he do?
    See his mouth sef….his boner looks okay….his face just had to spoil everything.

  2. Rigghhhttt
    Impressive boner but i think I’ll pass

    But seriously though, why does he think it’s something worth tweeting about though?

    I’d say he was bored at work and decided to watch porn online and voila

  3. Abeg make una rest. He’s not that horrible looking. I believe this picture doesn’t do him Justice. Impressive Bonner though

  4. Hian! Wharisdis? Pinky sweedy, please don’t promote Akpans here. Lol by the way, how have you been sugar?

  5. I believe the this piece wasn’t about you guys being judgemental bout his physical looks. We fight daily for acceptance and still you guys feel its okay to judge others by their looks or what they decide to do with their lives but when we get judged for our sexuality, they’re homophobes. Thirsty pple… BTW, when it comes down to it, y’all screaming “He’s not cute” would be the first to suck it like it’s your passport to get into heaven.

  6. Kai people r MEAN on kd haba!his not cute neither is he ugly.Una dey hard to impress oh,can any of u create a human being?honestly somethings are not just meant to be said no one has d right to ever call anybody ugly.Most people are not wow cute/handsome including most of u calling him ugly in here am very sure his better looking dan some of una self so stop it.Una go still shag am if u get d chance o hypocritical tinz

  7. He was my roomie when he was still in school, he was def hacked cuz dat boner doesn’t belong to him.lol😜

  8. It’s easy to know everything abt this is fake.. The ties are not the same colour. And the boner on a closer view, looks staged or fake. If it’s real Tho then it’s an impressive boner. No lies! Not massive as such but impressive regardless.

    The guy is very okay btwn.
    he falls rightly into my category of ‘roughnecks’

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