Carl’s Existentialism V

Blog_Carl’s ExistentialismI’m back in school now, and I have had a shitty sleeping schedule. On Sunday night, I slept at around 4am, knowing I had to be up at 8. Obviously, I slept through half of my Micro class.

“Oh Micro! Why art thou so revealing?” I ask myself in the class every time we learn something new. One thing I kept thinking to myself during class is, all the people who breed the booty like groceries better watch out. E. coli, a bacterium that is normally found in the digestive tract and is very helpful for us, is classified as an opportunistic pathogen if it enters the urinary tract, bloodstream or an open wound. Opportunistic pathogen means that it would lie in wait or be dormant until your immune system is weak. You see where I’m going with this? If a Top has a cut on his lip or tongue, and eats a relatively unclean booty like a starved lion eating its fresh prey, then E. coli from the area of the anus could be transferred into the bloodstream and lie in wait for when the Top’s body’s defenses are weakened. Chei. So also, if the Top fucks raw, the E. coli could move through the D and into the urinary tract, and possibly cause an infection later (don’t quote me on this o, lol. I’m merely speculating. I am no expert). My dearest brothers and sisters, be careful biko. I also learnt that we could unknowingly and innocently transfer some dormant asymptomatic viruses all the time. For example, cold sores (blisters on the lip). If you’ve had a cold sore before, then you know how fucking painful that shit is. You smile, laugh or even talk, and it’s ripping and sending annoying, painful sensations around the area of your mouth. So, if you kiss someone, you could transfer the strain to the person, whether you had the sore or not at the time of the kiss. It would then remain dormant in that person till there is a stress on his immune system or something. HELLO? Paranoia, anyone? But this is a safe one (referring to the cold sore strain). No need to worry too much about it. Unless you have herpes, then it might unfortunately serve as a stigma for you.

Anyway, enough with the biology lessons. I have this gorgeous roommate. Let’s call him Man-Boy, lol. This guy exudes so much sex appeal, and has a kind of a cute baby face. I met him on the first day we moved in, and yo, I have been a creep since. I even had a dream about him on Wednesday night, and boy, did we do some thangs. Lol. We’ve had limited interaction, mostly because I’m shy, and I don’t know how to approach him without grinning like an idiot, and also because I don’t have an extra chair in my room. Yes, you guessed it; my seduction skills were working before he came to ask for a “spare chair.” Imma keep trying tho. I REALLY WANT HIM. 😀 In a nutshell, if he asked or demanded to fuck me on the spot, I would ask him, “What have you been waiting for? And how long are you willing to fuck for?” Just imagine a mixture of all your favorite and most handsome guys together – Yes! Pretty intensely hot, right? #Sigh.

I will now be using this medium to further an agenda. I love the Wachowski brothers. They wrote and directed The Matrix trilogy, Cloud Atlas, and Jupiter Ascending, to name a few, and I watch anything they do. Which is why when I heard about Sense8 (a TV show about eight people who can access each other’s knowledge, skills, languages etc.), I knew I had to watch it. I could care less about negative reactions to the above movies or the Wachowskis, so save it please. Trust me, this show is worth it. If you love sci-fi, mystery or mind-blowing philosophies, then you will love it. If you have Netflix, then go and binge-watch it, and spread the word. If you don’t have it, then go check It would definitely be there. Also, you all should watch ‘The Whispers’, it’s a new TV show too, and it’s extremely cool. Okay, enough spouting. I didn’t have much to talk about today. Bear with me.

To the person that complained about my use of different languages: Daalụ maka bu site n’ịgbasa ịhụnanya. Muah

Paṛhanē kē li’ē bahuta -bahuta dhan’yavāda

Till next session!

Written by Carl

29 thoughts on “Carl’s Existentialism V

  1. I’m waiting for the whole season of Sense8 to hit torrent sites before I get downloading. I’ve had my eye on that one for some weeks now. By the way #GraceAndFrankie is quite good and was picked for a second season. Waiting on #OrangeIsTheNewBlack. Gosh I love Netflix. Ain’t nothing as annoying as waiting one week for a fresh episode. Lol

  2. Hmmn…… Lemme see…….

    Is that Igbo?

    I sincerely hope it is nd that what I see there is a typo!! I just can’t bear………. I reserve my comment. Just stick to English or asusu ozo gbasara gi!

    Editor Pinky Pants!
    What has thou to say about this? It went through ur desk!

  3. “and eats a relatively unclean booty like a starved lion eating its fresh prey”<< 😂😂😂😂😂

    Did you just say sci-fi..😍😍😍😍😍😍.. *Runs off to find torrent…

  4. My mother taught me that If i dont have anything nice to say, then I shouldnt say anything at all


  5. I’ll advice you pay more attention in your Microbiology class before you decide to lecture us, if you did, you’d know that E.coli is a gastrointestinal pathogen, so it getting into the bloodstream by a cut or a blister in one’s mouth wouldn’t lead to an illness. You should be more concerned about it getting into the gut, orally via consumption of contaminated food or water or as u have pointed out, through rimming. Now about that, what really determines an infection is the dosage/ amount of the pathagen one consumes, we all take in our fair share of pathogens everyday but our immune system keeps them in check because they’re relatively in small amounts. Someone who is down in E.coli will be in no position to be rimmed or fucked for that matter. And the chances of you getting a large dosage of E coli enough to cause an infection from rimming a healthy person ( or fucking them raw) are low.

    Ok, now to another lecture. The last time, I adviced u stopped incorporating foreign minority languages to the end of the post cause I felt it was so unnecessary. But that was me putting it mildly, not only is it unnecessary but it reeks of u trying too hard to appear abstract and different. I think it conveys exactly my sentiments about this journal, an unoriginal and unrelatable attempt to appear enlightened. I am not a fan to say the least!

    • Need I say more?

      The only difference is.. I used to be a fan. Your ‘whatever its called’ article is beginning to sound off. I couldn’t make sense of anything written in it.
      But I still have hope you would come back with a bang. Tiny little bits of hope.

    • I’m sitting in my room now, contemplating which road I should go down on: the high or the low, and frankly I’m really torn. I want sooo much to rip into you for this sheer display of superiority in the sciences, but whew…
      I’m really trying to refrain her.
      First of all, this is my first class in Micro. My first week even. I’m a novice. I wasn’t trying to prove any point. And I NEVER SAID that once it gets in through a cut, you will be ill. I said it is an OPPORTUNISTIC PATHOGEN. Meaning, it will attack when your immune system is DOWN OR WEAK!!! Secondly, a blister was not even associated with E. cold in this piece. That’s a different thing entirely, PLEASE DON’T READ TO RECIPROCATE BUT TO UNDERSTAND. Now, you might have more experience than me, but don’t come here trying to lecture me when all you wanted to do all along was tear this piece down.
      Thirdly, and this will be the last I have to clarify this. To ANYONE who has a major issue with the foreign footnote: it means: Thank you very much for reading. Okay? Happy now? I’m not ATTEMPTING to be abstract or different. That’s is the dumbest shit ever. Unoriginal, in relatable? Then why are you here ? To what end ? If you don’t like something, why plague yourself with the nuisance? This is utterly painful and disrespectful.
      Lastly, You are not scary, not even brave or intimidating, but you are not a coward. No. You are worse than one. This clearly shows that in real life you have no guts but use the keyboard as a source of empowerment. I feel oh so dearly for you.
      An advice for you, think long and hard before you do something stupid like this again. Because I will definitely be joining you on the low road. Now CHECK that!

  6. @Carl: Personally I don’t understand the reason for the different languages each week but hey it’s your thing man. Keep doing it if it’s your style and it makes you happy and just remember you can’t please everyone….. even the great QueenBey and MotherMonster can’t. 😉

    P.S: I hope the languages are well translated oh. Some translations na die.

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