About Korede Bello’s GodWin Music Video…

GodwinSo, after someone mentioned here about the release of Korede Bello’s GodWin video and the ridiculousness about how his dance was a gay dance, I went to watch the video and research on all that nonsense about his dance. The video was cute. Frankly though, I expected a lot more dance. And the Korede dance though… Lol. Here’s the video, in case you haven’t already seen it.

Anyway, upon my research, I saw some opinions and comments that amused me, which I had to share.

Like this post by Sisi Yemmie:

‘I’ve been waiting on this video since I heard the song …am I disappointed?

‘The video quality was great and was produced by Adasa Cookey for Squareball Media. The video was introduced by my guy Bovi – his face is too funny and I’m glad he reminded us why Godwin. AY, Dr SID and Yaw also make cameos.

‘Don Jazzy and Korede dancing together look like daddy and pikin dancing. LOL. It’s cute in my opinion. Ehen, there was one labalaba dance that Korede was doing which I’m assuming is the Godwin Dance…it made me laugh because my baby Tito always curves like that as if he’s still in the womb, so I loved it! Let me practice…

‘I was expecting to see more drama or action but most of what we were shown was Korede’s fine face and his curly hair….we need more action!’

And then the comments, screengrabs from different blogs:kore1kore2kore3kore4kore5kore6Nigerians though… *smh* Anyway, in all things, na Godwin. 😀


72 thoughts on “About Korede Bello’s GodWin Music Video…

  1. It’s a nice music video by a sweet looking and successful guy. whatever you do, people will still run their mouths….so Godwin.

    • Honestly i dont knw if its true nor do i care buh d gay rumour dat is swirling around his younger broda dprince done pass be careful and rumour also has it dat donjazzy is well aware of his kid brodas love for d “banana” well allegedly

  2. Nigerians & inability to form an independent opinion. Everybody latching on the gay theme. Ask them to define ‘gay dance’ & they’ll mope at you.

  3. Biko what is a gay dance na?

    And how do gay people dance?

    I want to know.

    So that when u go to bars and clubs, I can start looking for potential hook-ups.

    Crazy fellows!!!

    • Hahahaha… You know what? I’ll just be coming here to highlight my favorite comments. I need the gay dance tutorial too, make I follow dey buzz all the gay guys within my radar.

      • It is important for me oh.
        So that when I see guys dancing in groups, I can identify which one is my church member.

  4. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.. Some of the comments were damn right funny.. If I’m Korede, I’d do the dance on live stage performance so that bad mouth bishes can go and bury themselves… Ndi ala..
    Everything you do, you’ll automatically get a gay tag.. Well. He’s gay.. Can’t you see him smiling all through the video 😁😁😁

  5. The comment abt him dancing like hot water was poured on him is spot on, lol . But I don’t see how he and Donjazzy dancing together is suggestive in any way, its more a display of buffoonery than it is of homosexuality. It was like a father dancing with his 12 year old son. Nigerians need to chill on attributing the slightest of things to homosexuality abeg. I only just got to know who Korede Bello was recently, because the bf’ constantly plays this song.

  6. Gay dance = effeminate dance

    I was uncomfortable watching it cause all I could see was awon Lindaikeji warriors of chineke coming after the gays again. Those comments can be so brutal sometimes that if your mind no strong, Na bar beach bottom get you 😦

  7. It was a nice production, but then, the dude gats to sell his market via the dance steps..lol. Secondly, the video was very short and does not comissurate with the hype the video was given. My verdict…the video is just there.

  8. That arch gave me life! I nearly came in my pants watching this video! The things id do to this boy

    **smacks lips**

    • Yeah, kinda like the way you’d have him arch his back when you’re giving it to him… In your dream..
      🍸🍷🍷🍷<< here, quench your taste..
      Oh and- stick to one dude 🙂

  9. All them haters sef *smh*
    If e easy like that, why una N̶̲̥̅̊☺ enta studio record una own song n shoot una video make we see. #Godwin

  10. You know when you are sticking it in and the boy archs his back while you slide into warm wetness!

    Korede has finished me!

    Dammm boy

    • Someone hook this boy with korede bello pls! This fixation is going out of hand maka that Erotic asphyxiation. All you KD boys in entertainment hook DM up please.

  11. Aww well i guess all publicity is good publicity,its got people talking,his trending,and his market is selling.I still wann a fuck him dou.Just here thinking if i was to be caught up in an elevator wiv Korede and wizkid and light goes off who will i makeout it 1st?this two their cuteness,innocent looks and portable size just want to make me wrap my arms around dem and cuddle all night……in this kind of case na him i dey wish say Dangote or Atiku be my papa den i can afford to pay off dis my celebrity crushes after a hot dirty nasty night.Teflondon abi na Tefmushin borrow me some money na seems u are d richest in dis house *side eyes*

  12. I have been wanting to table this matter here. I had to drag DM to YouTube last night to get his Korede fix. What is that dance? Gay or not, I have to say that twink lovers are going to have a ball especially where that arched back is concerned.

    And Korede is fucking beautiful *in Trey Songz’s voice * you just have to acknowledge it, twink lover or not.

    • Lothario oh you have no idea. I nearly came in my pants on top that video! I cannot get over that arch! You know when the D hurts, but the guy still wants it? So they arch away and then come back and then…..

      I should stop talking😊

  13. That was the cutest dance ever. As for the comments.. “Haters are gonna hate” that’s what they do.

    Dance like no one is watching💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  14. I watched the video with a brow arched. Ok… Someone isn’t doing much to kill the gay rumours instead he is giving twink lovers one more thing to wank to at night. And y’all are just crazy! Now I can’t stop imagining Don Jazzy on top this guy making him return the favor of making him a star.

  15. Incindentally, I finally downloaded d video this morning…reluctantly (I just needed to see what all d hype was about…*eye-roll*)
    Well, I’ll give credit to the make-up artist sha; whoever it is,really tried to make Korede look…presentable *exagerrated eye-roll* don jazzy’s presence was d high point of the video.
    What was that dance tho?lol. He was dancing like a scalded house-elf! (For some reason,his moves kept giving me “Onyx Godwin’ tease,lol).And I’m so mad that he had Don jazzy doing that foolishness too,lol.
    (Hey Dennis, how u doin’! *evil grin*)

    • Lol pls o who mentioned my Onyx Godwin*😂😂😂 pls leave dat girl alone.Lmaooo aswer i jus dey wonder wetin dey worry dat girl she got no chill,when i see some of her outfit n pics i just gasp for breathe like how can sum1 luv to be humiliated so much?linda just uses her pics to generate traffic on her blog and she luvs it.Beats me how sum1 can luv such negativity n hatred dat dos libers pour out sick gurl.

    • lol @ scalded house elf. The wat he arched his back reminded me of those ‘abara’ that leaves u speechless and gaping like a fish my aunt used to give us while we were growing up.

  16. All these rumours about record label bosses and their artist sef.
    I tire.
    We heard about Banky and Wizkid.
    Ubi Franklin and Emma Nyra.
    Now it’s Don Jazzy and Korede.
    Very soon it will be Buhari and Osibanjo.

  17. Hmm… the dance. Peculiar. the dance fuelling rumours.
    Naija commentators are so riled up. So many negative
    comments about The Dance on Nairaland and SDK.

    I saw the video on thursday and i could see the avalanche
    of snide remarks that would follow the video, the dance.

  18. So Korede Bello is fine like this… *sips water for my thirst*

    The dance looked like something I’d do after I get alert when I’m broke cause I’m a terrible dancer and gay too. It’s cute in my opinion. The video is just cute. I just want to pick KB and put him in my handbag like those cute toy dogs.

  19. Nothing spectacular about the video. Just another artiste who wants a signature dance step. I really prefferred the “fan video” tho. Didn’t realise KB is dis fine…and working out. Someone is luving to please DM. From twink to Akpan

  20. I remember then 2010 or so.. I met Korede Bello through one swagga prince (young entertainment mogul of the year then, headies award) we Became an item. He was looking for someone to invest in him way back.
    Rememebered those long night calls and all. The ‘supposed’ love was real but short lived. Never envisage he would be this big. We still in contacts but not as often.
    I hope that confirms whatever rumors yall have been hearing.

    Nice video and lovely but a bit childish dance steps. Don jazzy really doesn’t want to grow old. Lol

  21. Loooooooool. I just saw the video and still cant stop laughing. Can Korede Bello be anymore gayer??? he is practically farting sugar, spice and everything gay!! Move over Tiwa, there is a new Queen in Mavin

  22. hahhhhaaaa. that comment about dancing after them fuck finish cracked me up. but that dance is a Fulani dance. korede got it from a contest he did on IG when he was about releasing his song then. it was done by a little child who also won d 10000 naira. I have always followed him on IG. even from the days of humble beginnings.

    • Lol yea a poor imitation of d dance or rada d gay version lmaooo.I knw this cos they are my people.He was dancing as if he was possesed by a gay demon lmaoooooo d body twisting,the hands i died and came back.

  23. I think this “Girl” issue is something that needs to be addressed. Just because a guy is effeminate or bottoms does not make him a “Girl” or a “Sister”.
    I find it uninteresting, these tags we fix on ourselves and unknowingly give names to the public to call us by. Yes, I am a guy. Yes, I am gay. No, I am not a girl. No, I do not want to be a girl. Calling yourself a ” Gurl or girl or sister” is indirectly shedding your true self and revealing that you want to have a vagina, boobs, fix weaves and do all that girls do. Which I think is wrong. The whole point of being gay is comfortability, I think. You are comfortable with bottoming, you are comfortable with yourself inside out. Please, let us totally ignore the gurl/girl issue. If you give the public a rope to pull you with, don’t be surprised when they drag you through muddy roads.
    Thank you.
    Posh66666 take note

  24. By the way guys, Korede’s dance is not original. This is probably where he picked it up from check this video:

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